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14-12-2019, 09:52 UTC
Photo Tour of Prague I. - From Wenceslas square to the Jewish Quarter

The Old-New Synagogue

At about the halfway point of Parizska ulice is the most condensed part of the city. Josefov, the Jewish Quarter or Ghetto, is another of the most popular tourist sites in Prague. One of its principal monuments is the Staronova synagoga (the Old-New Synagogue), one the oldest Gothic structures in the Czech capital. Its construction dates from the 1270's. Another of the more interesting places to see is the Jewish Town Hall with its tower, which has a clock with a hebrew face whose hands turn in the opposite direction. At the entrance to the Ghetto is the restaurant U radnice (At the town hall), with specialities from jewish cuisine.

Old-New Synagogue Spanish Synagogue Old-New Synagogue
Pinkas Synagogue Spanish Synagogue Maisel Synagogue