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11-8-2020, 10:44 UTC
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Photo: At the end of World War II when Stalin's ambitions to wield power and influence beyond the western borders of the Soviet Union were already very evident, the states in a devastated Western Europe responded by deciding to create a common defense system. The initial idea behind the creation and establishment of the NATO Alliance was to draw strength from established ties so as to resist outside political, ideological and military encroachment from the East. This led to the Brussels Treaty, which was signed in March 1948, by Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. (The Brussels Treaty is the precursor to the Treaty of Washington). Negotiations then ensued with the United States and Canada in hopes of establishing a united North Atlantic Alliance founded on the basis of common security guarantees and mutual commitments between Europe and North America. Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway and Portugal were subsequently invited to join the Brussels Treaty Powers and finally all of these debates and negotiations resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Washington in April 1949. The NATO Alliance was born.

The Alliance has undergone many changes since its inception. In 1952 Greece and Turkey joined NATO, in 1955 the Federal Republic of Germany acquired membership, Spain acceded in 1982, and finally, in 1999 the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland took their place among member states. It should also be noted that in 1990, with German unification, the former GDR became part of the Alliance.

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