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CTK's Czech Happenings pages
The Czech News Agency's latest news from the Czech Republic includes politics, sports (soccer, ice hockey) and a English summary of what's in the Czech newspapers.
Neviditelny Pes
"The Invisible Dog", a daily opinion column (only in Czech) very popular with Czech Internet users. Lots of links.
Prague Daily Monitor
Prague Daily Report
This page features an unintrusive java headline clicker and possibly the best collection of links in and about the Czech Republic. And we would say that even if we weren't on their front page...
English - Czech Dictionary
Good Czech-English and English-Czech dictionary, containing some 1,900 terms. Try the word for dog and see how this dictionary works.
Moravia Translations Dictionary
Also a very good site for translation - between English and Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian (!).
Currency Converter
This site offers online conversion computation, so you can convert your currency to Czech crown (or from it) at the current exchange rate. Very useful before you make a trip to or from the country.
Transition Online
The Prague's based an English online magazine. The best source for news and analysis from Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Central Asia.