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18-11-2019, 10:21 UTC
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Czech Republic FAQ
The Original Internet Resource on the Republic - since 1994
is a webcam portal listing all online webcams in Czech Republic. No private webcams but major cities, streets and traffic junctions. Of course updated on regular bases.
Lonely Planet
Lots of general information on the Czech Republic: currency, culture, economic profile, history and even health risks. Clickable map of the country available with pictures.
Europe Regional Directory.
Local links from Czech Republic
Discover Czech Republic with local links and resources.
Prague Spring 1968
This ia a website put together for a global student competition called Thinkquest. It has a number of interesting features, such as multimedia archives and background information, documenting the 1968 Prague Spring and the Soviet-led invasion that ended it.
The Flemish Czech Society
In both Dutch and English, this site provides info for visitors to the Czech Republic and various curiosities. There are a number of nice pictures and links.