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14-11-2019, 06:13 UTC
Czech Links
  Computers & Internet
  • The hip SEZNAM started off very well. They now include a people finder and full-text searching.

  • The latest addition to the search engines in the Czech Republic, ATLAS, also allows people and full-text searching.

  • NAZDAR was the beta version of "the Czech Republic's newest search engine" and offered the option to search (and receive results!) in English. 'Temporarily closed.'

  • CUSI - allows you to search the web using any search engine you can imagine!

  • The Mirror of WinSite at the University of West Bohemia

  • MA Media - Online is one of the most visited servers in the country. Check out their chat rooms, you'll know why. Everything is in Czech, but they've recently moved to a new server, so maybe they will have English information again.