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Czech classical music
International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music with Petr Eben Prize
Biggest international choral competition - held every year on 1st Advent weekend.
Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
This site gives a nice overview of the orchestra and its repertory. It appears they have now updated the site considerably, and offer (huge) audio downloads in the MPEG2 Layer III format.
Prague Music News
This website is full of information about jazz concerts, classical music, and new CDs. You can read about the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, Arta Records or about Czech music on the Internet.
Tanec Praha
This contemporary dance festival takes place every year in the latter half of June. The pages' look is well done (by one of the top web designers in the country) but most of the information provided is in Czech :( And it's supposed to be an international festival?
Czech Museum of Fine Art
Don't be discouraged by the lack of English on their front page. Just click on the link at the top of the page for the English index. Their use of English, however, is not consistent throughout the site and the amount of pictures is not really overwelming for an art museum.
Academy of Fine Arts
Want to study art in Prague? This site gives you an overview of what's available. If you wish to see what exhibition is currently shown at the academy, forget it. It hasn't been updated since 1996. A bit typical for the Czech art scene...
The real Prague manhole covers are more than just an interesting design.
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