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21-10-2019, 19:54 UTC
Easter Quiz

Rules for the Easter Quiz:

The picture conceals 16 questions with a Czech Easter theme and a choice of 3 possible answers. By each answer, a group of letters appears. If you choose the right answer the letters form part of a sentence that will be fully revealed if you get all 24 answers right. You can then enter our competition by sending the sentence to

20 correct entries will be drawn for attractive prizes!


1.When do Czechs traditionally eat "Judas cakes" (Jidase)?

a) on Easter Monday
b) on Holy Thursday
c) at Christmas

2. Which Sunday is known as "White Sunday" in Czech?

a) the last Sunday when snow falls before Easter
b) the second Sunday of Easter - the last date when newly baptized children would wear their white christening robe.
c) the last Sunday before Easter. It is called white because buildings would traditionally be whitewashed on this day.

Result: A HA...

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