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  Breweries in the Czech Republic

Due to the number of breweries in the Czech Republic, we had to split this list up by region, Prague being in Central Bohemia, Plzen in West Bohemia, and Ceske Budejovice in South Bohemia. Where groups of breweries are owned by one company, we've included the breweries of that group in the region where the headquarters is based, and if the individual breweries are actually located in another region, they'll also be listed there.

Central Bohemia
West Bohemia
South Bohemia
East Bohemia
North Bohemia
North Moravia
South Moravia

Other addresses that may be of interest:

Cesky svaz pivovaru a sladoven (Czech Federation of Breweries and Malt-Houses)
Lipova 15
120 00 Praha 2
Phone: +420 (2) 290072 fax: +420 (2) 24914542

Pivovarske muzeum (Brewery Museum)
Veleslavinova 6
301 00 Plzen
tel.: +420 37723 55 74, 37722 49 55

Beer Importers

Prvni Danska Pivni, a.s. - imports Tuborg and Carlsberg
Chlumecka 765
Praha 9
Phone:+420 281 91 72 16-7, 281 91 69 00, 281 91 81 09

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