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14-10-2019, 21:22 UTC
70 Years of Radio Prague

70 Years of Radio Prague - Your reports

Dear friends in Prague,

of course I haven't forgotten your anniversary. Herewith I want to send you my very best wishes to Radio Pragues 70th anniversary. Instead of flowers I send you an essay, which I wrote especially for you and for this event.That's my gift for you on this day. It's originally written in German - of course for the German section of Radio Prague. As I am also listener of your english programs, I translated the text into english for you. Hope, there aren't too many mistakes ;-)

I also hope, you can open the file and that you enjoy reading. here

Best whishes from Germany, Helmut Matt

I wish you all happiness! Happy birthday, Radio Praha.

Nadia Alkon, Prague

Hello from Georgia, suburbs of Atlanta. Happy 70th and thinking to the future. I am a loyal listener online and on satellite radio. Thanks for having such an interesting, witty, culturally relevant and fun news program.

Jay Ham, USA

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Radio Prague, I should like to express my heartfelt congratulations to you all working on your station. Fernando Ferreira - a Radio Prague listener since 1963.

Fernando Ferreira, Portugal

With very best wishes on your 70th anniversary! Looking forward to many, many more successful years ahead!

Christine Takaguchi-Coates, Japan

I have written three reception reports on Radio Prague transmissions, two on 30th August 2006 and one on 31st August 2006. In keeping with the occasion I will send them by letter post. The reports are written on a Radio Prague Monitor Club form, a photocopy of the original form. The photocopy must have been made before the end of the 1980s since looking closely at the copying process it was made with technology that was obsolete by 1990.

David Eldridge, England

Wishing you all at Prague Radio Happy 70th Birthday. Congratulations from the Isle of Man.

Mike Talbot, Isle of Man

Congratulations on your 70th birthday. I have been a Radio Prague listener since I found you on the Internet a couple of years ago. In April, I purchased a short wave radio, with the intent of tuning in your broadcast. I was unsuccessful. For whatever reason, I did not get strong reception. Perhaps it was the time of the year, my location in the Midwest of America, or more likely my lack of understanding short wave. So I remain a regular daily listener of your English Program via the Internet.

Joel Strafelda, USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful program. Mama is not well and she is just talking about the years prior to 1938. I sat her by the computer and she said it brought back the ache in the heart. So many lost a way of life twice, first when Hitler occupied [Czechoslovakia] and then the communists did. I hope the younger generations listen and try to understand their grandparents and all that they had to go through in their lives.

Eva Pilik, USA

I have spent the last half hour listening to your 1600 English-language live-streaming broadcast on-line in anticipation of traveling to Prague next week as a volunteer bone marrow courier, bringing marrow for a transplant late next week. I was especially inspired by the segment celebrating your 70th anniversary on-the-air with archival recordings, in particular those broadcast in August 1968.

When I was a teenager in 1967 and 1968 (and through much of the 70s), I listened to your shortwave broadcasts from my home in Kansas City, Missouri USA with exceptional interest. A vivid memory of mine was the excitement I felt searching for and listening to your broadcasts during the dark days of late August 1968, rushing to tell my parents that I had heard your signal, and attempting to record what I could of the transmission, even traveling to a local radio station to share the news of those days, direct from Prague.

And now, after many years as a husband, parent, and grandparent, I will finally visit Prague, albeit briefly, next week. Of course, listening to Radio Prague on-line is less of a challenge than it was during my high school and college days, but busy as I am, perhaps this is a good thing! All the best on this, your 70th anniversary!

Peter Fort, Maryland

Congratulations on your 70 years on short wave!

Borje Nilsson, Sweden

Congratulations on your 70th anniversary. I was lucky enough to hear your excellent Anniversary broadcast on the 31th, in which you also mentioned Olga, whom I do remember very well. She was always so kind - a very nice person!

Erik Koie, Denmark

I offer my heartfelt wishes to all of you their in Radio Prague & also all the dedicated listeners of Radio Prague around the world. Please stay alive on shortwave via analogue mode for a long time.

Gautam Kumar Sharma, India