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19-12-2018, 16:32 UTC

Karel Klic

Karel Vaclav Klic was born on May 30, 1841 in Hostinne. He was a Czech painter, photographer and illustrator. He appears to be known as one of the inventors of photogravure.
He has such artistic talent that he was admitted into Art Academy in Prague at age of 14. For mocking up superiors he got soon expelled and finished the school only in 1862. Klic worked as photographer, caricaturist and illustrator in Brno, Budapest and Vienna, all the time trying to improve technology of picture reproduction. During last night of 1877 he discovered, by chance, process leading to photogravure. He further improved the process in 1890, when working in England. He died on November 16, 1926 in Vienna.
Photogravure is a photomechanical process. Printing plates are etched from photographic images. This process can produce high quality prints in large quantities. The process is derived from Talbot's photoglyphic engraving.
In 1879, Karl Klic modified the process by using copper cylinders instead of plates. This was known as rotary printing or rotogravure. However, Klic kept this process to himself, and it was not until 1910 that rotogravure started to be used in newspaper printing.