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22-10-2019, 18:37 UTC

"We Still Breathe their Air"
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There are millions of Romanies around Europe. For centuries their culture has been mainly oral, based on storytelling and song, but now a growing number of Romanies are turning to writing.
Their work is the subject of a special 45-minute documentary that we bring you in cooperation with BBC Radio 3 and Open Productions. In the programme we meet several Romanies from the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom who are writing today. These are writers with much in common, though they come from very different parts of Europe.
"We Still Breathe their Air" is presented by Simon Evans, and was written by Simon Evans and David Vaughan.
On Radio Prague we'll be broadcasting the programme in two halves, on Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd January 2005, instead of our usual weekend programmes. You will also be able to find the programme in both text and audio on Radio Prague's website.
If you live in the United Kingdom you can hear "We Still Breathe their Air" on BBC Radio Three at 10 pm on Sunday 16th January 2005.
You can also hear the programme from the BBC website on