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21-8-2019, 02:36 UTC

Cuba condemns Czech-sponsored resolution

The Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister, Angelo Dalmau, has sharply condemned a Czech-sponsored proposal for a UN resolution criticising human rights violations in Cuba. On a visit to Slovakia, Dalmau said that Cuba takes the resolution as an act of revenge against Cuba. He also denied that Cuba has been opting for cooperation with Slovak rather than Czech companies in recent years for political reasons.
Czech - US relations not damaged by Cuba resolution
Meanwhile, the Czech Republic's Foreign Minister, Jan Kavan, has said that bilateral ties between Prague and Washington would not be damaged if the Czech government criticises economic sanctions against Cuba in the upcoming UN resolution. Czech and US diplomats held consultations on Monday regarding an addition to the resolution that describes economic sanctions against Cuba as counterproductive.
Czech politicians split over Cuba
The Czech Foreign Minister, Jan Kavan, has reiterated his doubts about the wisdom of economic sanctions against Cuba. In recent days the Foreign Ministry has come in for criticism from the US State Department for proposing a United Nations resolution that would call the US-led sanctions into question. On Wednesday the Czech Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee distanced itself from Mr Kavan, appealing to the Foreign Ministry to bear in mind the need for good relations with the Czech Republic's NATO allies and the European Union. Mr Kavan said that he had nothing against the committee's appeal, and stressed that the main aim of his proposed resolution was to condemn human rights violations in Cuba.

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