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22-11-2019, 04:54 UTC
Ruth Fraňková

After finishing my studies here in Prague, I found myself wondering what my specialization in Anglo-America literature might be useful for; I tried two jobs but never stayed for more than six months. In the end I spent most of the time at home with only the company of my computer, translating anything from nose drops labels to film subtitles. Although it was quite amusing, after a while I couldn’t imagine talking to anybody but myself or distinguish between workdays and week-ends. So I took the opportunity to work at Radio Prague, where meeting people and talking to them is the essence of the job. As I have lived in this country for my entire life and nothing can really surprise me about my fellow citizens, I mostly enjoy perhaps curious stories, such as those about communist-era design or mushroom picking. And I do hope there are still plenty of them in store, waiting to be explored.

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