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11-8-2020, 17:01 UTC
 13.6.2020   New coronavirus cases drop to six-day low
 12.6.2020   Markéta Davidová again named Czech biathlete of the year
 12.6.2020   Communists seek changes to minority coalition tolerance agreement
 12.6.2020   Czech population rises to 10.7 mn, marriages drop due to coronavirus
 12.6.2020   Weather
 12.6.2020   Over 1,100 Czech sites to take part in Night of Open Churches
 12.6.2020   Czech Army takes charge of EU training mission in Mali
 12.6.2020   David Pastrňák wins Golden Hockey Stick for fourth time in succession
 12.6.2020   Further easing of coronavirus restrictions on Monday
 11.6.2020   Visegrad Group: EU recovery funds must be distributed fairly
 11.6.2020   Senate approves bill that would put gun owners’ rights in the constitution
 11.6.2020   Weather forecast
 11.6.2020   V4 leaders seeking common position on EU recovery plan
 11.6.2020   OECD: Czech economy to see fifth steepest downturn in the world in 2020
 11.6.2020   Czech authorities acquiring additional vaccines against seasonal flu
 11.6.2020   Czech inventors develop Proximity monitor — device resembling wristwatch that helps maintain social distancing
 11.6.2020   Czech Republic ranks among most peaceful states in the world
 11.6.2020   Smartwings restores flights to Croatia, Ryanair to bring back 20 connections next month
 10.6.2020   Rulling coalition decides to lower rate of planned digital tax to 5 percent
 10.6.2020   Travel agencies: Czechs again interested in holidays abroad
 10.6.2020   Weather
 10.6.2020   May poll shows PM’s ANO party more than 20 points ahead of second placed Pirates
 10.6.2020   New movie about Czech philosopher and pedagogue Jan Amos Komenský being filmed in Zlin region
 10.6.2020   Coronavirus pandemic saw major rise in gold purchases
 10.6.2020   Finance minister named Czech Republic’s most influential woman by Forbes
 10.6.2020   European affairs secretary reveals areas of focus planned for Czech EU presidency
 10.6.2020   Lidice memorial closed to public for first time over coronavirus
 10.6.2020   Demonstrations against Babiš govt. held in Prague and elsewhere
 9.6.2020   Winner of competition to design Lety memorial announced
 9.6.2020   Record scorer Jan Koller inducted into Czech football Hall of Fame
 9.6.2020   Response to Vystrčil’s planned trip to Taiwan mixed
 9.6.2020   European Canoe Slalom Championships set for Prague in September
 9.6.2020   Weather forecast
 9.6.2020   Czech Senate speaker to visit Taiwan in late August
 9.6.2020   Anti-government protests to take place in 145 towns and cities
 9.6.2020   Government approves 500 billion crown deficit
 8.6.2020   Plane makes emergency landing in Prague due to health emergency
 8.6.2020   Further easing of coronavirus restrictions
 8.6.2020   World Press Photo exhibition on show in Prague
 8.6.2020   Weather forecast
 8.6.2020   Tribute to Milada Horáková on 70th anniversary of her death
 8.6.2020   Interior Ministry proposes amending National Security Act
 8.6.2020   Expelled Russian diplomats board flight to Moscow
 8.6.2020   One person drowned,another missing in flash floods in Olomouc region
 7.6.2020   Weather forcast
 7.6.2020   Finance minister against state-guaranteed loan for Smartwings
 7.6.2020   Senate chair announces planned business mission to Taiwan will take place
 7.6.2020   Finance minister proposing 500 billion crown deficit in 2020
 7.6.2020   Unemployment expected to peak in June
 7.6.2020   Domestic operators renewing rail and bus links abroad
 7.6.2020   Several hundred people join anti-racism protest in Prague
 7.6.2020   Tatra expedition released after short detention in Iran
 6.6.2020   Expelled Russian diplomats to leave the country on Sunday
 6.6.2020   Weather forecast
 6.6.2020   Majority of Czechs will holiday at home despite reopening of borders
 6.6.2020   Prague Spring Music Festival concerts streamed by 1.2 million people
 6.6.2020   Tatra expedition members arrested in Iran
 6.6.2020   Greenpeace files criminal complaint against OKD over coronavirus
 6.6.2020   Road check in Zlin region uncovers hazardous hospital waste from Italy
 6.6.2020   Labour Ministry pleased with OECD analysis of Czech pension system
 5.6.2020   Award-winning journalist, Charter 77 signatory Jiří Hanák dies
 5.6.2020   Czechs expel two Russian diplomats tied to bogus ‘assassination plot’
 5.6.2020   MPs approve new rules for 2021 national census, drop some questions
 5.6.2020   Aircraft from EU countries can again land at all Czech airports
 5.6.2020   Weather
 5.6.2020   Czech unemployment rate hit two-year high of 3.6 percent in May
 5.6.2020   NHL legend Jaromír Jágr may leave Rytíři Kladno for arch rival Sparta Prague
 5.6.2020   Czechia reopens its borders with Austria and Hungary
 5.6.2020   Israeli foreign minister accepts invitation to visit Czechia
 4.6.2020   Government to decide about opening borders with Germany, Austria and Hungary
 4.6.2020   Annual festival Tanec Praha kicks off on Thursday
 4.6.2020   Average wage up by five percent in Q1 at CZK 34,077
 4.6.2020   Weather
 4.6.2020   Replica of Marian column to be erected on Old Town Square
 4.6.2020   Number of newly registered Covid-19 cases continues to rise
 4.6.2020   Four localities selected as potential sites for nuclear waste storage facility
 4.6.2020   Smartwings airline asking for CZK 2 billion rescue loan
 4.6.2020   Defence Ministry to purchase new Ceasar howitzers for CZK 6 billion
 3.6.2020   Finance Minister: Budget deficit could reach CZK 500 billion
 3.6.2020   Babiš calls for united Visegrad Four position on EU rescue deal
 3.6.2020   NGOs call on politicians to change debtors’ legislation
 3.6.2020   Weather
 3.6.2020   Austria to remove border checks with neighbouring states starting Thursday
 3.6.2020   Free movement between Czech Republic and Slovakia to be restored from midnight Thursday
 3.6.2020   Deceased Czech singer Eva Pilarová honoured in commemorative mass
 3.6.2020   Tuesday saw biggest rise in coronavirus cases in nine days
 3.6.2020   Cases of anti-Semitic behaviour doubled in 2019
 3.6.2020   Czech TV: JFK visited occupied Prague in 1939
 3.6.2020   China’s Tencent makes CZK 6 billion investment in Czech firm Bohemia Interactive
 2.6.2020   ANO want further debate on food self-sufficiency bill
 2.6.2020   Commissioner Jourová backs Twitter in row with Trump
 2.6.2020   Czech Darida sets new Bundesliga running record
 2.6.2020   Sports clubs to get coronavirus measures compensation from July
 2.6.2020   Babiš denies bill on registration of beneficial owners would help him
 2.6.2020   Weather forecast
 2.6.2020   Further easing of coronavirus restrictions due on June 8
 2.6.2020   Government identifies “safe” destinations for holiday travel
 1.6.2020   Budget deficit sees record growth in May
 1.6.2020   Government expected to identify “safe destinations” for holiday travel
 1.6.2020   International Children’s Day celebrations low key due to coronavirus
 1.6.2020   Weather forecast
 1.6.2020   Ministries move to quash corona-conspiracies
 1.6.2020 Government downplaying EU assistance to entrepreneurs
 1.6.2020   PM promises state will make up for losses to municipal budgets
 1.6.2020   Darkov mine coronavirus outbreak slowing down according to hygienists
 1.6.2020   Final exams begin for Czech high schoolers
 31.5.2020   Coalition Social Democrats will not support government proposal to ease public tender legislation
 31.5.2020   Senate speaker to take decision on Taiwan trip by end of June
 31.5.2020   Weather
 31.5.2020   More than a half of Czech adult cyclists do not use helmets, study finds
 31.5.2020   Prague tourism councillor: Lack of tourists in capital will be felt by whole country
 31.5.2020   International Roma festival Khamoro to be divided into smaller events this year due to coronavirus
 31.5.2020   Saturday sees lowest rise in new coronavirus cases in over a week
 31.5.2020   Body of four-month-old baby found dead after police search
 30.5.2020   Prague Zoo forced to close new pavilion after wave of visitors
 30.5.2020   Czech Republic could increase its NATO budget contributions
 30.5.2020   Weather
 30.5.2020   Seznam: Medical cannabis prescriptions on the rise
 30.5.2020   Agrofert profits tripled last year
 30.5.2020   Chamber of Industry: Businesses will be forced to lay off workers due to insufficient relief measures
 30.5.2020   Regional Development Ministry sends official reply to Brussels regarding PM’s alleged conflict of interest
 30.5.2020   Body of four-month-old baby found dead after police search
 29.5.2020   Czechs charge Belarusian who fought in Ukraine with terrorism
 29.5.2020   Weather
 29.5.2020   Minister Petříček to present plan to help Czech firms export, secure contracts abroad
 29.5.2020   Coronavirus: Brno kindergartener tests positive, classmates quarantined
 29.5.2020   Prague Castle grounds waive entrance fees through June 1
 29.5.2020   ‘Million Moments’ plans Prague protest over govt coronavirus response
 29.5.2020   Tennis:  Kvitová wins all-Czech tournament
 29.5.2020   Czechs allowed to travel freely to Croatia
 28.5.2020   President approves electronic cash register system suspension until end of year
 28.5.2020   Number of smokers in Czechia continues to drop
 28.5.2020   Coronavirus: No deaths reported in Czechia in two days
 28.5.2020   Slovak PM to visit Prague next week
 28.5.2020 to help Facebook identify false information on social network
 28.5.2020   Weather
 28.5.2020   Head of main opposition party calls against wide-ranging business closure in case of coronavirus second-wave
 28.5.2020   Legiovlak mobile museum to return to tracks next week
 28.5.2020   Annual Reconciliation Pilgrimage to take place in September
 28.5.2020   Czechia to get nearly 20 million euros from EC recovery fund
 27.5.2020   PM discusses opening up of borders and immunity passport with counterparts
 27.5.2020   Court finds ex-PM guilty of false testimony
 27.5.2020   Weather
 27.5.2020   Czech scientists successfully test potential lyme disease vaccine
 27.5.2020   Czech Republic asks Poland to reopen further border crossings
 27.5.2020   David Pastrňák to receive Maurice Richard Trophy as this NHL season’s top goal scorer
 27.5.2020   Public commemorates sacrifice of paratroopers in WWII Operation Anthropoid
 27.5.2020   Christian Democrat MP wants spreading of Nazi symbols be criminally prosecuted
 27.5.2020   Czech scientists to take part in worldwide COVID-19 study
 27.5.2020   Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary partially open mutual borders
 26.5.2020   Petříček assures Israeli ambassador of interest in continued good relations
 26.5.2020   Work begins on replica of destroyed 16th century wooden church
 26.5.2020   Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to start free-travel zone Wednesday
 26.5.2020   Vendor of condemned Third Reich calendar “only seeking profit”
 26.5.2020   Govt. taking Commission to court over withholding of subsidies for Agrofert
 26.5.2020   New Construction Code should reach lower house in September
 26.5.2020   Weather forecast
 26.5.2020   Foreign ministry drops plans to buy building in Brussels
 26.5.2020   Leading epidemiologist approved as government’s commissioner for research in health sciences
 26.5.2020   Government loosens travel restrictions
 25.5.2020   Government loosens travel restrictions
 25.5.2020   Shopping hours reserved for senior citizens to be scrapped
 25.5.2020   Weather forecast
 25.5.2020   Mining halted at Darkov due to coronavirus outbreak
 25.5.2020   Prague Spring Music Festival to stream Plachetka concert on Monday
 25.5.2020   Supreme Audit Office criticizes Defence Ministry for mismanagement of finances
 25.5.2020   Writer and dissident Zdena Tominová dies at 79
 25.5.2020   Major loosening of Czech coronavirus restrictions takes effect Monday
 24.5.2020   Some restrictions to remain in place in Covid-19 hit Karviná
 24.5.2020   Govt. unwilling to compensate firms for losses over Covid-19 restrictions, says Benešová
 24.5.2020   Minister: New form of smart quarantine project to cost CZK 200 million in 2020
 24.5.2020   Teplice overcome Liberec as Czech football restarts after coronavirus pause
 24.5.2020   President and PM condemn present and former ministers’ criticism of Israel West Bank plan
 24.5.2020   Country gearing up for Monday’s final stage of roadmap to ease restrictions
 24.5.2020   Weather forecast
 23.5.2020   Cabinet to discuss legal move over EU freeze on subsidies for Agrofert
 23.5.2020   Hamáček questions departure of Prymula and retention of Vojtěch at ministry
 23.5.2020   Almost 170 cases of coronavirus linked to Karviná mine
 23.5.2020   Representative: Collapse of Smartwings could cost 60,000 jobs
 23.5.2020   Minister: Compulsory face masks may end completely in late June
 23.5.2020   Weather forecast
 23.5.2020   Czech soccer league resumes on Saturday
 22.5.2020   Petříček aims to renew joint foreign trips with Czech business leaders in autumn
 22.5.2020   Weather
 22.5.2020   Brno to hold postponed Green Beer fest for Maundy Thursday
 22.5.2020   Czechs officially join EU plan for climate neutrality by 2050
 22.5.2020   Police prosecuting man who appeared in Czech docufilm for child pornography
 22.5.2020   Turkey criticizes Czech Senate for condemning Armenian genocide
 22.5.2020   Wind gusts of up to 65 km/h due to hit Czechia on Saturday
 22.5.2020   Prague consulting with suppliers for automatic operation of metro lines C,D
 22.5.2020   Two historic cottages in Czech national park burn down
 22.5.2020   Number of new Covid-19 cases lowest in week on Thursday
 21.5.2020   Another 1,000 miners in Darkov to be tested for Covid-19
 21.5.2020   Deliveries of Škoda Octavia suspended due to software problem
 21.5.2020   Archaelogists announce find of Iron Age burial site in North-East Bohemia
 21.5.2020   Seznam claims to have found details on origin of hacking attacks on Czech hospitals
 21.5.2020   Study: 80 percent of Czech startups plan to expand abroad
 21.5.2020   Weather
 21.5.2020   People in Need launch ‘SOS World’ campaign to help those hit by coronavirus
 21.5.2020   Court upholds ten-year prison sentence for former Prague imam
 21.5.2020   Number of Covid-19 cases up on Wednesday
 21.5.2020   Prague Castle still number one tourist attraction in Czechia
 20.5.2020   Senate votes in support of speaker's visit to Taiwan, condemns foreign influence attempts
 20.5.2020   Senate votes to condemn Nazi human rights abuses and Armenian Genocide
 20.5.2020   PM: Former coronavirus crisis staff lead Roman Prymula offered government comissioner position
 20.5.2020   President names Petr Angyalossy new head of Supreme Court
 20.5.2020   Weather
 20.5.2020   Former Czech Railways director says “there was interest” in MAFRA to receive biggest ad deals
 20.5.2020   New website documents fate of Czechoslovak citizens interned in Soviet Gulag camps
 20.5.2020   Number of ransomware attacks rises by 40 percent since March
 20.5.2020   Number of infected in Darkov Mine coronavirus outbreak continues to rise
 20.5.2020   Scientists discover oldest cave drawing in Czech Republic
 20.5.2020   Czech Republic cannot be lackey of China, says Senate speaker
 20.5.2020   Metnar: Czech state unable to hand Konev statue over to Russia
 19.5.2020   Czech PM wants borders between CR, Slovakia, Germany and Hungary to open in June
 19.5.2020   Czech Republic to open vast majority of border crossings next Tuesday
 19.5.2020   Petříček: Free movement between Czech Republic and Austria from mid-June
 19.5.2020   Slavia player tests positive for Covid-19 days before league restart
 19.5.2020   Monday sees most new cases of Covid-19 since April
 19.5.2020   Dozens of miners in Karviná contract coronavirus
 19.5.2020   Weather forecast
 19.5.2020   Government eases regulation on face masks
 19.5.2020   Government to secure protective gear for potential second wave of pandemic
 18.5.2020   Government planning to ease border travel restrictions next week
 18.5.2020   Weather forecast
 18.5.2020   State of emergency over, some restrictions remain
 18.5.2020   Supreme Audit Office criticizes administration of museum artefacts
 18.5.2020   Zlín museum discovers 14th century parchments in its collection
 18.5.2020   Czechs preparing to take over EU mission in Mali
 18.5.2020   Czech Airlines resume flights to three destinations
 18.5.2020   Coronavirus: lowest number of new cases reported in over a week
 17.5.2020   Darkov mine in Moravia Silesia sees outbreak of Covid-19 cases
 17.5.2020   Austria reopens border crossings with Czechia
 17.5.2020   Weather
 17.5.2020   Survey: two thirds of Czechs ordered restaurant food during state of emergency
 17.5.2020   Buildings in Czech cities will turn red to mark International AIDS Candlelight Memorial
 17.5.2020   Daily increase in coronavirus cases below 100 since start of May
 16.5.2020   Weather
 16.5.2020   Average temperatures expect in coming weeks
 16.5.2020   Former political prisoner Jan Decker dies at 92
 16.5.2020   Industry and Trade Minister: state could buy up to 100% of shares in Smartwings
 16.5.2020   Daily increase in coronavirus cases under 100 for 15 days
 16.5.2020   President Zeman to resume work from Prague Castle
 16.5.2020   Czechs, Germans, Austrians and Poles meet at closed borders
 15.5.2020   Weather
 15.5.2020   Uherské Hradiště ‘Summer Film School’ shifted to August 7-12
 15.5.2020   Coronavirus: Health Minister outlines relaxed restrictions on indoor, outdoor venues
 15.5.2020   Tennis: spectatorless President’s Cup charity matches start in May
 15.5.2020   CRIF: 20,000 people started business this year, 46,000 stopped them
 15.5.2020   Czech GDP drops most since 2009 global financial crisis
 14.5.2020   Weather
 14.5.2020   Photon Energy to list on main Prague, Warsaw stock exchanges
 14.5.2020   Singer Miro Žbirka staging Prague concert to thank healthcare workers
 14.5.2020   Czech municipalities have cancelled investments totalling 8.4bn crowns
 14.5.2020   Czech summer camps allowed to open as of June 27
 14.5.2020   In memoriam: Czech travel writer, ethnologist Miloslav Stingl
 14.5.2020   Number of newly detected COVID-19 cases remains below 100 for two weeks, over 5,000 recoveries
 14.5.2020   Museum of Totalitarianism could be set up in Prague’s Strahov Stadium
 13.5.2020   Budget cuts to stay clear of defence spending
 13.5.2020   PM hopes diplomatic dialogue will normalise relations with Russia
 13.5.2020   Weather
 13.5.2020   Surge in working from home brought down productivity by 30 percent, analysis claims
 13.5.2020   Pensioner saved by ambulance staff after drinking mug of anti-coronavirus disinfectant
 13.5.2020   Deputy ombudswoman: Children with special needs should also be able to return to school this year
 13.5.2020   PM: Borders with Austria and Slovakia could re-open in June
 13.5.2020   Czech Film Fund to spend to support country’s coronavirus affected industry with CZK 92 million
 13.5.2020   Police investigating alleged threats against Russian diplomat
 13.5.2020   Finance minister envisages another huge budget deficit next year
 12.5.2020   Czech football season to resume on May 23
 12.5.2020   Vojtěch rejects deputy’s “small communities” suggestion
 12.5.2020   Bells ring out in tribute on International Nurses Day
 12.5.2020   Temperatures in Czech Republic tumble by up to 20 degrees Celsius
 12.5.2020   Seventy-fifth edition of Prague Spring starts – online
 12.5.2020   Weather forecast
 12.5.2020   Brabenec of Plastic People testifies in dissident harassment trial
 12.5.2020   Agricultural drought across entire country
 12.5.2020   Russian embassy requests police protection for one of its diplomats
 11.5.2020   Czech pianist Ivo Kahánek wins BBC Music Magazine Award
 11.5.2020   Face masks will not be obligatory outdoors after May 25
 11.5.2020   Major loosening of coronavirus restrictions takes effect on Monday
 11.5.2020   Weather forecast
 11.5.2020   Mandatory service for medical students over
 11.5.2020   Hotels and accommodation facilities report steep drop in profit in Q1
 11.5.2020   Epidemiologists say shopping malls and travel pose biggest risk
 11.5.2020   Increase in COVID 19 cases below 100 for ten days
 10.5.2020   Face masks outdoors may soon disappear
 10.5.2020   Weather forecast
 10.5.2020   Ruling ANO party would win general elections by large margin
 10.5.2020   High winds expected to batter parts of the country on Monday
 10.5.2020   Parents want lessons out in the open where possible
 10.5.2020   Mayor of Sokolov regrets removing US flag from war memorial during ceremony
 10.5.2020   Daily increase of 18 new cases of COVID 19 on Saturday
 9.5.2020   Weather forecast
 9.5.2020   Russia releases declassified documents on so-called “Prague Operation”
 9.5.2020   Prague and Moscow to enter into talks in bid to end diplomatic row over divisive Konev statue
 9.5.2020   Hairdressers and massage salons to reopen on Monday
 9.5.2020   Use of birth control pills down by a half
 9.5.2020   Daily increase in coronavirus cases under 100 for eight days
 9.5.2020   Elepahant calf born in Prague
 9.5.2020   Many Czechs facing financial difficulties
 8.5.2020   Weather forecast
 8.5.2020   Czechs worried about economic impacts of crisis
 8.5.2020   Pro-Russian sympathisers honour memory of Russian soldiers without Night Wolves
 8.5.2020   Czechs mark 75th anniversary of end of World War II in Europe
 8.5.2020   Hand-made wrought iron arch celebrates war heroes
 8.5.2020   Coronavirus cases now at over 8,000
 8.5.2020   NATO secretary general: Attempts to intimidate elected representatives unacceptable
 7.5.2020   RegioJet bus line to begin offering travel abroad from next week
 7.5.2020   Government approves legislation extending power of Health Ministry
 7.5.2020   Weather
 7.5.2020   Security measures at Czech Embassy in Moscow to be reinforced
 7.5.2020   Czech Republic to shift focus on local COVID-19 outbreaks instead of statewide measures
 7.5.2020   Health Minister: We are ready to end obligatory wearing of face masks in mid-June
 7.5.2020   Health Minister: Ban on hospital and care home visits to be lifted from May 25
 7.5.2020   Unemployment reached two year high in April
 7.5.2020   European Parliament comittee asks Czech PM to deal with his possible conflict of interest
 7.5.2020   Czech BIS files criminal complaint over ‘Russian poison plot’ leak
 7.5.2020   Babiš, Pompeo sign 5G declaration to find trustworthy suppliers
 6.5.2020   Press: Taxi driver taking Czech Foreign Minister home dies after crash
 6.5.2020   Weather
 6.5.2020   EC forecasts Czech economy will contract by 6.2 pct in 2020
 6.5.2020   MPs approve bill for maths not to be compulsory leaving exam subject
 6.5.2020   MPs due to postpone EET sales records system until end-2020
 6.5.2020   Replica of Prague’s 17th century Marian column to be completed early
 6.5.2020   Czech study shows few unreported Covid-19 cases nationwide
 6.5.2020   Zeman: Russian response excessive but Prague politicians’ actions stupid
 6.5.2020   Govt. prepares law to maintain measures after state of emergency
 5.5.2020   Petříček: Prague seeks talks with Moscow in bid to end statue dispute
 5.5.2020   Prague taxi driver once seriously ill with Covid-19 released from hospital
 5.5.2020   Police shelve ex-minister’s complaint against former National Gallery director
 5.5.2020   Some arts institutions to reopen later than May 11
 5.5.2020   Weather forecast
 5.5.2020   Wreathes laid at Czech Radio on anniversary of start of Prague Uprising
 5.5.2020   Commission approves Czech support for exporters
 5.5.2020   Government still seeking legal instrument to maintain coronavirus restrictions
 5.5.2020   International rail, road and water transport to be renewed next week
 4.5.2020   Moscow suggests dialogue with Prague to ease tension over Konev statue
 4.5.2020   Government puts a freeze on electronic cash register system
 4.5.2020   Weather forecast
 4.5.2020   Agriculture minister says drinking water should suffice, but drought losses will be huge
 4.5.2020   Czechs working on Covid-19 vaccine
 4.5.2020   Czech researchers looking for traces of the coronavirus in wastewater
 4.5.2020   Mobile app eRouska now available for iPhone users
 4.5.2020   Coronavirus figures stable
 4.5.2020   PM: Children’s summer camps could start in July
 3.5.2020   75th anniversary of Pilsen’s liberation celebrated mostly online
 3.5.2020   Czech Deputy PM: no plan to expel Russian diplomats for now
 3.5.2020   Weather
 3.5.2020   Analysts: Czech central bank set to cut interest rates, maybe to ‘technical zero’
 3.5.2020   Coronavirus: Czechs receive final Chinese delivery of protective gear
 3.5.2020   Coronavirus: Saturday's rise in cases lowest in nearly 8 weeks
 3.5.2020   Petříček: Czech borders should fully open to neighbouring countries in July
 3.5.2020   CNN Prima News, a 24-hour Czech channel, launches on Sunday
 2.5.2020   Coronavirus: Czech state may cover a third of rent for closed businesses
 2.5.2020   Weather
 2.5.2020   Czech satellite to launch via Elon Musk’s SpaceX
 2.5.2020   Eset: Czech android mobiles hit most by ‘trojan horse’ Agent.BPO
 2.5.2020   Pedagogues criticize Education Ministry plans to reopen schools
 2.5.2020   No new coronavirus deaths reported on Friday
 1.5.2020   Weather forecast
 1.5.2020   Association of Hotels and Restaurants says government’s reopening schedule is chaotic, aid inadequate
 1.5.2020   Political parties mark May Day online
 1.5.2020   Coronavirus cases rise for three days in a row
 1.5.2020   Change in VAT rates on beer as of May 1
 1.5.2020   Smart quarantine project launched nationwide
 1.5.2020   Chancellor Mynář denies “excessive” pressure on late senate speaker from Prague Castle
 30.4.2020   Large music festivals will not take place
 30.4.2020   Russian foreign minister: The idea of Russia assassinating Czech politicians “inconceivable”
 30.4.2020   MPs urge Office of the President to help explain suspicions around Senator Kubera’s death
 30.4.2020   NATO’s chief medical adviser: Europe must end its reliance on Asia for protective gear
 30.4.2020   Weather forecast
 30.4.2020   Parents who do not send their children to school will lose nursing care money
 30.4.2020   Number of coronavirus cases expected to reach 8,500 by end of May
 30.4.2020   First anti-government protest since the coronavirus outbreak
 30.4.2020   Czech firefighters to allow Čarodejnice ‘witch-burnings’
 30.4.2020   Eight to be tried in Prague for expressing support for terrorist attacks
 29.4.2020   Prague to buy Sts. Simon and Jude in Old Town from Vatican
 29.4.2020   Environment minister: drought is ‘catastrophic’, worst in 500 years
 29.4.2020   Weather
 29.4.2020   Archaeologists find secret passage at Milevsko monastery in southern Bohemia
 29.4.2020   Ombudsman: Czech state should help travel agency clients
 29.4.2020   Archbishop of Olomouc elected Czech Bishops’ Conference head
 29.4.2020   Prague Castle to reopen to public on May 25, presidential spokesman says
 29.4.2020   PM: government wants to enable restrictions without state of emergency
 29.4.2020   Czech Foreign Ministry tells Moscow not to interfere in country’s internal affairs
 28.4.2020   Lower house votes to extend state of emergency until May 17
 28.4.2020   Weather forecast
 28.4.2020   Number of Czechs abroad and foreigners in Czech Republic drops steeply
 28.4.2020   Constitutional Court rejects complaints against government imposed restrictions
 28.4.2020   Karlovy Vary International Film Festival cancelled due to pandemic
 28.4.2020   Czech security experts warn of growing Russian aggression
 28.4.2020   Government approves draft agreements on new unit at Dukovany power plant
 27.4.2020   Deficit in public finances to reach 5.1 percent of the GDP in 2020
 27.4.2020   Weather forecast
 27.4.2020   Senators petition Constitutional Court not to allow surface application of a poison against voles
 27.4.2020   Czech businesses say government aid “too little, too late”
 27.4.2020   Skoda Auto renews production in all three plants
 27.4.2020   Number of coronavirus cases decreasing nationwide, Cheb region having problems
 27.4.2020   More shops and services reopen around the country
 27.4.2020   Czech foreign minister: Prague ready to negotiate moving Marshal Konev statue to Russia
 26.4.2020   PM: Government lacks support in lower-house to prolong state of emergency
 26.4.2020   Health Insurance chief: Hospitals could return to normal by end of June
 26.4.2020   Weather
 26.4.2020   Coronavirus testing: Prague fills up volunteer quota in four days
 26.4.2020   In Czech Republic fear of drought trumps that of viral pandemic, survey shows
 26.4.2020   New study to measure coronavirus infections among drug addicts
 26.4.2020   Saturday sees some of the lowest growth of coronavirus cases in two weeks, number of hospitalised falls
 26.4.2020   Online stores could see 20 percent rise in profits thanks to coronavirus
 25.4.2020   Large numbers of Praguers visit reopened farmers markets
 25.4.2020   Weather
 25.4.2020   Škoda Auto: Production to restart in Czech Republic starting April 27
 25.4.2020   Drought registered across 94 percent of Czech territory
 25.4.2020   Sampling capacity among over 40s full in Prague and Brno, but more young volunteers needed for coronavirus study
 25.4.2020   Month of coronavirus lockdown saw 11 percent of Czechs lose their job, survey shows
 25.4.2020   Number of registered COVID-19 cases grew on Friday, but only slightly
 25.4.2020   Two men die in airplane crash in Milotice
 25.4.2020   Czech Railways to restart some connections on Sunday
 24.4.2020   Facemask obligation likely to remain in place at least until end of June
 24.4.2020   Central Military Hospital to begin treating COVID-19 patients with plasma of those who have recovered
 24.4.2020   Opposition wants to hear government arguments for extending state of emergency before upcoming vote
 24.4.2020   COVID Plus Guarantee programme providing support for exporters receives CZK 4 billion
 24.4.2020   Weather
 24.4.2020   Babiš: Free travel exists just in theory, not in practice
 24.4.2020   Parts of Charles University to to partially reopen May 4
 24.4.2020   Coronavirus measures cost CZK 5 billion worth of film production in Czech Republic
 24.4.2020   Travel Agencies: Government should help us negotiate agreements with low-risk countries
 24.4.2020   Trust in the economy slides in April
 24.4.2020   Government to ask lower house to extend state of emergency
 24.4.2020   Government speeds up plan for re-opening shops and other venues
 24.4.2020   Smallest daily increase of Covid cases recorded since mid-March
 24.4.2020   Czech government lifts ban on free movement and travel abroad
 23.4.2020   Prague court cancels anti-coronavirus restrictions on free movement, retail sales
 23.4.2020   Shooting begins on new documentary about Prague’s ecosystem
 23.4.2020   Czech biathlete Veronika Vítková announces end of career
 23.4.2020   Weather
 23.4.2020   CNN Prima News to be launched on May 3
 23.4.2020   Tourist resorts: winter season one of the worst in years
 23.4.2020   Predictive model forecasts 7,800 Covid-19 cases by end of April
 23.4.2020   Large-scale collective immunity study gets underway in Czechia
 23.4.2020   Social Democrats want state of emergency extended
 23.4.2020   PM: Reopening of shops and services could be speeded up
 22.4.2020   Social Democrats slam Klaus for inciting public rebellion against restrictions
 22.4.2020   Czechs raise millions to help save pubs
 22.4.2020   Quarantines can be terminated only after rapid test
 22.4.2020   Weather forecast
 22.4.2020   Czech scientists mapping wildlife in Congolese rainforests
 22.4.2020   Supreme Audit Office to inspect government purchases
 22.4.2020   Lidovky: Ministry of Interior also victim of hackers last week
 22.4.2020   State of emergency set to end next week after ANO decision
 21.4.2020   Zoos demand to be allowed to reopen outdoor parts sooner
 21.4.2020   Czech auto industry loses CZK 67 billion in month over Covid-19
 21.4.2020   Aktuálně.cz: Draft ministry report warns against Chinese propaganda surrounding Covid-19
 21.4.2020   Chamber of Commerce boss says easing of restrictions too slow
 21.4.2020   Results of cross-sectional collective immunity study due in early May
 21.4.2020   MPs unlikely to lift immunity of Okamura party MP over hate speech
 21.4.2020   Weather forecast
 20.4.2020   Government approves major increase in budget deficit
 20.4.2020   Russia hits back at accusations it was behind cyber attacks on Czech hospitals
 20.4.2020   Prague police investigate thousands of misdemeanors linked to Covid-19 measures
 20.4.2020   Hamáček: Failure to extend state of emergency would cause complications
 20.4.2020   Czech football players return to training
 20.4.2020   Weather forecast
 20.4.2020   Some coronavirus restrictions lifted in first step to reopening Czech economy
 20.4.2020   Remodeling of lower part of Wenceslas Sq. now underway
 20.4.2020   Zeman: Borders should be closed for year
 19.4.2020   Cabinet to discuss easing border restrictions, says Petříček
 19.4.2020   Schillerová for budget deficit of CZK 300 over coronavirus crisis
 19.4.2020   Minister: Blanket testing for Covid-19 to begin Wednesday
 19.4.2020   State planning to invest CZK 243 in transport projects in coming years
 19.4.2020   Pet sales up in Czech Republic since general quarantine imposed
 19.4.2020   Weather forecast
 19.4.2020   Sunday 75th anniversary of Nazi massacres at Moravian settlements
 19.4.2020   PM wants investigation after Zeman’s chancellor admits unauthorised pig killing
 18.4.2020   Professor Milan Fryščák dies in New York
 18.4.2020   Minister: No plan for state to take over companies systematically
 18.4.2020   China’s CITIC acquires majority stake in Soukup media group
 18.4.2020   Pompeo: US concerned about threat of cyber attack on Czech health sector
 18.4.2020   Weather forecast
 18.4.2020   Prymula: Tests to establish number infected with Covid-19 but symptom free to be done within week
 18.4.2020   Animator Gene Deitch, resident in Prague since early 1960s, dies at 95
 18.4.2020   Russian Embassy changes official address after renaming of location after Boris Nemstov
 17.4.2020   Coronavirus victims at 170
 17.4.2020   Teaching Hospital in Ostrava deflates cyberattack
 17.4.2020   Weather forecast
 17.4.2020   Police investigating suspected suicide at Motol Hospital
 17.4.2020   Government to gradually ease ban on public masses
 17.4.2020   CRIF: a third of Czech businesses hit by restrictions
 17.4.2020   Self-employed to receive government support in May
 17.4.2020   Central bank rebuffs PM’s advice
 16.4.2020   Japanese flu drug on its way to the Czech Republic
 16.4.2020   Prison service wants alternate punishment for banal crimes during coronavirus crisis
 16.4.2020   Weather forecast
 16.4.2020   Government may ease travel restrictions to a number of “safe” destinations
 16.4.2020   Amnesty International criticizes continued discrimination against Romany minority
 16.4.2020   Quarantine must be terminated with COVID 19 test
 16.4.2020   Czech Senate discussing wide range of coronavirus-related bills
 16.4.2020   Coronavirus: Czech hospitals report no Covid-19 deaths for first time since March 23
 15.4.2020   Big Czech banks receive almost 200,000 loan repayment deferral requests
 15.4.2020   Weather
 15.4.2020   Coronavirus: Czech govt outlines 5-stage plan to reopen businesses, schools
 15.4.2020   EC approves up to CZK 1 bn in support for Czech SMEs making medical, protective gear
 15.4.2020   Rare Czech-bred black rhino dies in Rwanda national park
 15.4.2020   Prague starts work on lower part of Wenceslas Square
 15.4.2020   Coronavirus: Czech cases projected to rise to 10,000 by end-April
 15.4.2020   EC lifts ban on subsidies to Agrofert, Czechs withdraw ECJ complaint
 15.4.2020   Association of Trade and Tourism says government’s reopening timetable “unreasonably slow”
 15.4.2020   Czechs schools to reopen partially ahead of summer holidays
 14.4.2020   Government to ease restrictions in five phases a fortnight apart
 14.4.2020   More than 5,000 Czechs repatriated in last three weeks
 14.4.2020   Weather forecast
 14.4.2020   Czechs may now travel abroad for “substantiated” reasons
 14.4.2020   Car manufacturer Hyundai resumes production
 14.4.2020   Number of confirmed COVID 19 cases at over 6,000
 14.4.2020   Schools unlikely to reopen for all before next school year
 14.4.2020   Blanket screening for coronavirus of selected groups due after Easter
 13.4.2020   Weather forecast
 13.4.2020   Meteorologists issue spring freeze warning
 13.4.2020   Czechs mark 70th anniversary of brutal Communist crack-down on religious orders
 13.4.2020   Czech media mark 80th anniversary of Katyn Forest Massacre
 13.4.2020   Three-fifths of Czechs feeling the bite of coronavirus restrictions
 13.4.2020   Repatriation flight from Australia and New Zealand
 13.4.2020   Lowest increase in COVID cases in over three weeks
 12.4.2020   Weather forecast
 12.4.2020   Prymula: an upsurge in infected persons will bring back strict restrictions
 12.4.2020   Parent’s Forum petitions education minister not to re-open schools in May
 12.4.2020   President calls for mutual support and solidarity in Easter speech
 12.4.2020   NGO warns of growing danger of domestic violence
 12.4.2020   Number of confirmed COVID 19 cases close to 6,000
 12.4.2020   Central Crisis Staff members warn Czechs danger not over yet
 11.4.2020   Weather forecast
 11.4.2020   eRouška app now available on Google Play
 11.4.2020   Private theatres call attention to their plight
 11.4.2020   Czech Foreign Ministry: Russia’s decision to file criminal charges over Konev statue inadmissible
 11.4.2020   Thousands of believers watching masses online
 11.4.2020   Smallest increase in COVID 19 cases in past week
 11.4.2020   Health minister says face masks could go in June
 10.4.2020   Weather forecast
 10.4.2020   EP’s Budgetary Committee says Czech PM has conflict of interest
 10.4.2020   Russia filing criminal charges over removal of Konev statue
 10.4.2020   Shops will gradually reopen after Easter
 10.4.2020   Number of coronavirus cases at 5589, number of deaths at 113
 10.4.2020   Care home workers to receive regular COVID-19 testing
 10.4.2020   PM urges Czechs to stay home during Easter
 9.4.2020   Numbers of unemployment registrations nearly double since quarantine measures were put in place
 9.4.2020   Culture sector to receive CZK 1 billion in coronavirus relief
 9.4.2020   Weather
 9.4.2020   Government extends state of emergency to April 30
 9.4.2020   Czech Republic to send CZK 25 million in humanitarian aid to selected coronavirus affected states
 9.4.2020   Foreign Ministry: Removal of Prague's Konev statue does not violate bilateral treaties with Russia
 9.4.2020   Favipiravir drug from Japan to become available in Czechia
 9.4.2020   Coronavirus damage to tourism industry expected to reach CZK 50 billion by end of April
 9.4.2020   Number of coronavirus deaths in Czech Republic crosses 100 mark
 9.4.2020   Czech Republic relaxes forced closure of non-essential shops
 8.4.2020   Bill to extend Czech National Bank’s trading rights passes through lower-house
 8.4.2020   Škoda extends halt on car manufacturing to end of April
 8.4.2020   Weather
 8.4.2020   Foreign Ministry repatriates Czechs from Indonesia
 8.4.2020   Many parishes to hold online services during Easter
 8.4.2020   Slavia Prague to help fellow coronavirus affected football teams
 8.4.2020   Nearly three-quarters of businesses see government coronavirus support measures as insufficient, survey shows
 8.4.2020   Health Minister: Uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 down, country can start returning to normal
 8.4.2020   Historian Jan Křen dies at 89 after contracting coronavirus
 8.4.2020   Number of Covid-19 cases in Czech Republic passes 5,000
 7.4.2020   Man of 42 with Covid-19 dies in Prague
 7.4.2020   MPs vote to extend state of emergency to end of April
 7.4.2020   Police recommend ex-PM Nečas face false testimony charges
 7.4.2020   Ex-Social Democrat MP Foldyna joins Okamura party deputies group
 7.4.2020   Weather forecast
 7.4.2020   Prague European Judo Championships rearranged for second time
 7.4.2020   Closures and restrictions on free movement now tied to state of emergency
 7.4.2020   Individual sports now permitted outdoors, distancing rule for shops due
 6.4.2020   France grateful for offer of places for coronavirus patients
 6.4.2020   Babiš comes out against “very risky” herd immunity suggestion
 6.4.2020   Czech Embassy in Moscow attacked after removal of Prague statue
 6.4.2020   Weather forecast
 6.4.2020   Hamáček proposes lifting of ban on travel in justified cases
 6.4.2020   Top Czech official proposes herd immunity approach
 6.4.2020   Prague Spring International Music Festival to be held on-line
 6.4.2020   Czech Republic to treat six COVID 19 patients from France
 5.4.2020   Weather forecast
 5.4.2020   Social affairs minister: strong focus on seniors needed
 5.4.2020   Opposition not willing to extend state of emergency by whole month
 5.4.2020   March unemplyment at 3 percent
 5.4.2020   Epidemiology expert Roman Prymula to be awarded Order of the White Lion
 5.4.2020   Patient who received Remdesivir recovering
 5.4.2020   Coronavirus cases at 4,475 on Sunday morning
 4.4.2020   Smart quarantine project to be extended to Prague next week
 4.4.2020   Bishops call on believers to spend Easter at home
 4.4.2020   President Zeman meets with advisors over coronavirus crisis
 4.4.2020   Weather forecast
 4.4.2020   Education Ministry: Teachers should forget about grades during coronavirus crisis
 4.4.2020   Health workers to test degree of coronavirus infestation in population
 4.4.2020   Authorities report record increase in coronavirus cases in 24 hours
 3.4.2020   Regions to receive 50,000 coronavirus testing kits this weekend
 3.4.2020   Russian Embassy sharply criticises Konev statue removal, promises retaliation
 3.4.2020   Industry representatives call on government to announce plan for lifting restriction measures by Easter.
 3.4.2020   Weather
 3.4.2020   Czechs donate millions through coronavirus crowdfunding
 3.4.2020   Large supermarkets could open up for Easter
 3.4.2020   Czech trust in military and police forces at its highest since 1997, survey shows
 3.4.2020   Foreign Ministry organises convoy repatriating Czechs from Austira, further transports to take place
 3.4.2020   Prague 6 removes controversial statue of Soviet Marshal Konev
 3.4.2020   Czech Foreign Ministry: EU’s core values must be respected
 3.4.2020   People in Need launches SOS Czech Republic
 2.4.2020   Weather forecast
 2.4.2020   PM: Life could be back to normal in June
 2.4.2020   Fuel prices dropping steeply
 2.4.2020   Number of coronavirus deaths at 40
 2.4.2020   EU’s top court: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary broke EU law over refugee quotas
 2.4.2020   Shops with household goods re-open on Thursday
 2.4.2020   Government wants to prolong state of emergency until May 11
 1.4.2020   State of emergency could be extended by another 30 days
 1.4.2020   Poll: ANO would win elections with 30.8 percent of vote
 1.4.2020   Repatriation flight from Chicago due in Prague on Wednesday
 1.4.2020   Weather
 1.4.2020   Study: Over 10,000 tradesmen in Czechia suspended their business since March
 1.4.2020   Predictive models forecast 8,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases in mid-April
 1.4.2020   Blanket screening to take place on sample of Czech population
 1.4.2020   Epidemiology expert questions WHO’ s advice regarding face masks
 1.4.2020   Three Czech sites added to European Heritage Label
 31.3.2020   Czech Centres go online during coronavirus crisis
 31.3.2020   Government unveils economic aid package
 31.3.2020   PM denies alleged plans to weaken Parliament in times of crisis
 31.3.2020   Weather forecast
 31.3.2020   Freezing temperatures breaking records
 31.3.2020   Czech singers release video clips for front-line heroes
 31.3.2020   Number of coronavirus cases over 3,000
 31.3.2020   All persons returning from abroad to be placed in quarantine
 30.3.2020   Government extends restrictions on movement, business until April 11
 30.3.2020   Weather forecast
 30.3.2020   Media expert: Coronavirus crisis highlights importance of public media
 30.3.2020   Chamber of Commerce head: Entrepreneurs need help fast
 30.3.2020   Lockdown on 21 villages in Olomouc region lifted
 30.3.2020   “Smart quarantine” plan launched in southern Moravia
 30.3.2020   Coronavirus: Prague hospital nurse first casualty among medical workers
 29.3.2020   Prague Archbishop in quarantine since Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus got Covid-19
 29.3.2020   Weather
 29.3.2020   Finance Minister to propose moratorium on mortgage, other loan repayments
 29.3.2020   Czechs send Italy and Spain 20,000 protective suits, plus 3D-printed masks
 29.3.2020   Coronavirus: ministers call for extending state of emergency, quarantine for arrivals
 29.3.2020   Rohlík launches online ‘safe commerce’ platform for businesses without one
 29.3.2020   Coronavirus: 20 dementia patients infected in Havlíčkův Brod area facility, 1 dead
 28.3.2020   Travelling Czech circus stuck in Latvia ‘overwhelmed’ by helps from strangers
 28.3.2020   Weather
 28.3.2020   Daylight saving time: Clocks go forward in Czech Republic on Sunday
 28.3.2020   Czechs to join in annual ‘Earth Hour’ campaign on Saturday night
 28.3.2020   Prague crime rate drops due to state of emergency, penalties rise
 28.3.2020   Coronavirus: President Zeman rejects call to grant amnesty to prisoners
 28.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech cases rose by 373 on Friday, up 10-20 pct daily last week
 27.3.2020   Public transport usage in Prague down by 80 percent since restrictions on movement came into effect
 27.3.2020   Famous Czech authors start reading from their books on YouTube
 27.3.2020   Without special crisis funding large hospitals will go bankrupt, warns hospital director
 27.3.2020   Weather
 27.3.2020   Increase in COVID-19 infections goes down by third in Czech Republic
 27.3.2020   COVID-19 patient in Prague began recovering before he took redemsivir drug, hopsital clarifies
 27.3.2020   Prague's Letná pendulum returns, bearing special thank you for solidarity during COVID-19 pandemic
 27.3.2020   "Book your return flights now", US Embassy advises Czechs
 27.3.2020   Škoda extends halt on manufacturing until mid-April
 27.3.2020   Czech teachers’ salaries rose by 14.9 pct last year
 27.3.2020   Baby elephant born at Prague Zoo
 26.3.2020   Czech central bank cuts key interest rate by further 0.75 pp to 1 percent
 26.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech state to offer Italy and Spain 10,000 protective suits
 26.3.2020   Supreme Court rejects ex-MP Jaroslav Staník’s appeal on hate speech verdict
 26.3.2020   Weather
 26.3.2020   Sports: Prague Half Marathon, Ostrava Golden Spike postponed
 26.3.2020   Survey: 1 in 3 Czechs can work from home, 1 in 4 more productively
 26.3.2020   Attempted murder suspect Lukáš Nečesaný awarded CZK 1.2mn, apology
 26.3.2020   New rules apply for Czechs commuting for work in Austria, Germany
 26.3.2020   More Czechs with Covid-19 die, 10 have recovered
 26.3.2020   Government hardens quarantine measures - maximum of two can be outside together
 25.3.2020   Opposition parties nominate candidates for Central Crisis Staff
 25.3.2020   Health Ministry: Czechs returning from abroad will not be subject to mass quarantine
 25.3.2020   Weather
 25.3.2020   Public trust in government rises after facemask deliveries
 25.3.2020   Fifth of Czechs would not be able to last for a month with their savings, survey shows
 25.3.2020   Plane from China arrives in Mošnov carrying 24 tons of medical equipment
 25.3.2020   President's council to discuss coronavirus situation on Saturday
 25.3.2020   Book sellers tell PM their businesses are collapsing
 25.3.2020   Czech Army temporarily withdraws troops from Iraq
 24.3.2020   Škoda Auto starts 3D printing of high-grade respirators using ČTU model
 24.3.2020   Weather
 24.3.2020   Czech PM: fast-track bill aims to untie central bank’s hands in bond market
 24.3.2020   Czech cancer patient in mid-40s infected with Covid-19 dies
 24.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech in critical state receiving experimental Ebola drug Remdesivir
 24.3.2020   Prague to debate further relief measures for small business tenants
 24.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech PM praises solidarity in time of crisis, admits govt missteps
 23.3.2020   Weather
 23.3.2020   Education Minister outlines plans if schools remain closed past mid-May
 23.3.2020   Czech Hussite Museum launches ‘Tábor 1420/2020’ outdoor exhibition
 23.3.2020   Prague approves Malostranské Square reconstruction project
 23.3.2020   Coronavirus: first death reported in Czechia, confirmed cases reach 1165
 23.3.2020   Czech TV launches temporary ČT3 station for seniors
 23.3.2020   Czechs sending 40 Italians home along with 100,000 face masks mistakenly seized
 23.3.2020   Government to extend restrictions on movement until April 1st
 23.3.2020   Health Ministry restricts prescription of drug which could help treat COVID 19
 22.3.2020   Czech Republic has first coronavirus-related death
 22.3.2020   Weather forecast
 22.3.2020   Czech Foreign Ministry sending out evacuation planes for Czechs abroad
 22.3.2020   Czech Foreign Ministry says masks for Chinese community in Italy will be delivered
 22.3.2020   Health minister tells Czechs to prepare for “lonely” Easter
 22.3.2020   Central bank expected to cut interest rates further
 22.3.2020   Two planeloads of protective gear arrive from China
 21.3.2020   Coronavirus cases at 995
 21.3.2020   PM rejects call for dismissal of health minister
 21.3.2020   Weather forecast
 21.3.2020   Majority of Czechs happy with government’s handling of coronavirus crisis
 21.3.2020   Bank card data show many quarantined Czechs behaving irresponsibly
 21.3.2020   Stricter measures in place for cross-border workers
 21.3.2020   More protective gear to arrive on Saturday
 21.3.2020   Government expecting state deficit to reach 200 billion crowns
 20.3.2020   Czech patient in critical condition to be given Remdesivir
 20.3.2020   Czech Republic getting regular deliveries of medical supplies from China
 20.3.2020   Weather forecast
 20.3.2020   General Karel Řehka to head National Office for Cyber and Information Security
 20.3.2020   Confidence in economy slides in face of pandemic
 20.3.2020   Czech hockey legend Vladimir Zábrodský dies at 97
 20.3.2020   Prymula: Coronavirus cases could reach 15,000 by mid-April if measures not taken
 20.3.2020   Czech shops now open to seniors only from 7 to 9 am
 20.3.2020   Zeman calls on Czechs to neither make light of coronavirus nor succumb to fear
 19.3.2020   Book World Prague planned for May postponed till October
 19.3.2020   Man arrested for threatening Prague mayor over coronavirus measures
 19.3.2020   Prague airport flight numbers continuing to decline
 19.3.2020   Zeman pardons two prisoners to reach 14 in seven years
 19.3.2020   Weather forecast
 19.3.2020   Authorities ask Czechs not to hoard medicines containing paracetamol
 19.3.2020   Czech TV starts station for seniors stuck at home due to crisis
 19.3.2020   Fresh coronavirus measures enter force as number infected passes 600
 18.3.2020   Government could support businesses hit by coronavirus crisis with up to CZK 1 trillion
 18.3.2020   Government bans going out without covered mouth and nose
 18.3.2020   Hundreds seek official help as they bid to get home to Czech Republic
 18.3.2020   Football chief: Postponement of Euro boosts chances of completing league
 18.3.2020   Brno scientists develop coronavirus test kit
 18.3.2020   150,000 coronavirus rapid test kits arrive in Prague
 18.3.2020   Weather forecast
 18.3.2020   Number of coronavirus cases at 464
 18.3.2020   Long lines forming at border crossings with Poland and Slovakia
 18.3.2020   President Zeman to address nation on coronavirus pandemic
 17.3.2020   Number of coronavirus cases 434, three patients in grave condition
 17.3.2020   PM rejects criticism over coronavirus crisis management
 17.3.2020   Weather forecast
 17.3.2020   Government-imposed restrictions to cost 2 billion crowns a day
 17.3.2020   Tripartite agrees on coronavirus crisis compensation
 17.3.2020   Violin virtuoso Šporcl boosts nation’s spirits with online concerts
 17.3.2020   Czech tourism head: Impact of coronavirus pandemic will be staggering
 16.3.2020   First three Czech patients recover from coronavirus
 16.3.2020   Central bank adopts stabilizing measures amid coronavirus pandemic
 16.3.2020   Interior Ministry urges people to use whatever protective gear they have against coronavirus
 16.3.2020   Coronavirus cases reach 298 on Monday morning
 16.3.2020   21 villages in Olomouc region under lockdown
 16.3.2020   Fifty Czechs quarantined in Egypt
 16.3.2020   Czech Post closes outlets without glass partitions
 16.3.2020   Association of Czech GPs: GPs should not see patients without protective gear
 16.3.2020   Czech Republic goes into quarantine to slow down coronavirus spread
 16.3.2020   Czech Republic to designate two specialised hospitals for treatment of patients with COVID-19
 16.3.2020   Sunday sees 33 percent increase in confirmed COVID-19 infections
 15.3.2020   Government approves interest free loans for businesses begining Monday
 15.3.2020   Czechs turn to excercise and country trips folowing government measures to tackle coronavirus
 15.3.2020   PPF Group to donate 1.7 million respirators and other medical equipment
 15.3.2020   Government criticised by members of health sector for lack of equipment
 15.3.2020   New volunteer groups set up to help those most at risk from coronavirus
 15.3.2020   Weather
 15.3.2020   Foreign Ministry organises special busses for Czechs stuck aborad
 15.3.2020   Doctor in Olomouc hospital diagnosed with coronavirus, dozens quarantined as consequence
 15.3.2020   PM admits posibility of countrywide quarantine
 15.3.2020   More than 200 confirmed coronavirus cases to date
 14.3.2020   Czech Post will offer state its capacities to deliver food
 14.3.2020   Minister: Up to 1 million respirators missing in health sector, delivery to come next week
 14.3.2020   Government could transfer up to CZK 4 billion of EU funds to help business affected by coronavirus
 14.3.2020   European Commission President questions effectivness of closing borders
 14.3.2020   Government: Public transport to keep on running in country
 14.3.2020   Singer Eva Pilarová dies aged 80
 14.3.2020   Czech government closes shops, restaurants, casinos
 13.3.2020   Epidemiologist: shopping centres likely to be closed soon
 13.3.2020   Brno University Hospital still testing for coronavirus despite cyber-attack
 13.3.2020   Number of coronavirus cases at 141, number of quarantined 4,800
 13.3.2020   Air carriers suspend flights,no international train and bus links
 13.3.2020   Weather forecast
 13.3.2020   V4 and German foreign ministers to hold video-conference
 13.3.2020   Intentional spreading of virus classified as crime
 13.3.2020   Czech government orders borders closed
 13.3.2020   Legend of Czech athletics Dana Zátopková dies at 97
 13.3.2020   PM urges Czechs to stop panic buying
 12.3.2020   Number of coronavirus cases crosses 100, two patients in serious condition
 12.3.2020   E-shops no longer taking cash payments
 12.3.2020   Schools communicating with pupils online
 12.3.2020   Chief hygiene officer dismissed
 12.3.2020   State of emergency declared, border restrictions from Friday night
 12.3.2020   Weather forecast
 12.3.2020   Smartwings and Czech Airlines benevolent in rebooking flights
 12.3.2020   Health unions say coronavirus epidemic will worsen personnel crisis in hospitals
 12.3.2020   Foreign Ministry advises Czechs visiting US to return home
 12.3.2020   Senior constitutional officials condemn Chinese pressure
 11.3.2020   Number of coronavirus cases climbs to 81, two patients seriously ill
 11.3.2020   Football and ice hockey leagues take differing approaches to gatherings ban
 11.3.2020   Civic Democrats want head of ANO MP over TV council recommendations
 11.3.2020   Prague mayor wants freeze on Airbnb-type services in bid to halt virus
 11.3.2020   Weather forecast
 11.3.2020   Prague Castle closes all parts normally open to public
 11.3.2020   Deputy minister: School closures and ban on gatherings to last at least month
 11.3.2020   Coronavirus: 2-year-old child in Prague among latest cases
 11.3.2020   Czech Radio airing unique Riedlbauch music archive
 10.3.2020   Coronavirus: Prague Uber driver, Japanese national among confirmed cases
 10.3.2020   Prague, regional city housing prices up 6.9 pct on average in 3Q19
 10.3.2020   ČSÚ: Number of Czechs at risk of income poverty rises to 10.1 pct
 10.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech castles, heritage sites closing, season openings postponed
 10.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech schools close, large events banned
 10.3.2020   Weather
 10.3.2020   Slovak President in Brno to mark 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak Constitution
 10.3.2020   Czech PM: China’s ambassador should be recalled over threatening letter
 10.3.2020   Czech public offices, towns to fly Tibet flag to mark 1959 uprising
 9.3.2020   Weather
 9.3.2020   Little Mole creator’s granddaughter drops licensing appeal
 9.3.2020   Prague’s Charles Bridge again vandalised with graffiti
 9.3.2020   Coronavirus: visits to general hospital wards, senior homes banned indefinitely
 9.3.2020   Prague’s Petřín funicular closed until March 28
 9.3.2020   Czech foreign trade surplus drops to CZK 15.1 billion in January
 9.3.2020   Czech unemployment rate drops to 3 percent in February
 9.3.2020   Bouzková defeated in first WTA final
 9.3.2020   New coronavirus measures now in place in Czech Republic
 8.3.2020   Five Czechs killed by avalanche in Austria
 8.3.2020   Czech PM calls on Italy to bar citizens from travel over coronavirus
 8.3.2020   Mild weather set to continue for one more week
 8.3.2020   Weather forecast
 8.3.2020   Zeman celebrating seven years as Czech head of state
 8.3.2020   Painted Bird big winner at Czech Lion film awards
 8.3.2020   Thirty-one cases of coronavirus now confirmed in Czech Republic
 7.3.2020   Number of known coronavirus cases in Czech Republic climbs to 21
 7.3.2020   Events mark 170th anniversary of birth of T.G. Masaryk
 7.3.2020   Jágr’s Kladno relegated from Extraliga
 7.3.2020   Dental Chamber issues special guidelines over coronavirus
 7.3.2020   Weather forecast
 7.3.2020   Czech Lion awards ceremony to take place Saturday evening
 7.3.2020   Second warmest winter in Prague in nearly 250 years
 6.3.2020   Slovak president Čaputová to visit Brno
 6.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czechs returning from Italy to stay in two-week quarantine
 6.3.2020   Moscow criticizes renaming of Prague square
 6.3.2020   Weather
 6.3.2020   First "community transmission" of coronavirus confirmed in Czech Republic
 6.3.2020   PM advises Czechs against travel to Italy
 6.3.2020   Average wage up by 6.7 percent in Q4 of 2019
 6.3.2020   Ban on disinfectants comes into effect on Friday
 6.3.2020   Markéta Davidová takes bronze in biathlon World Cup
 6.3.2020   One World festival underway in Prague
 6.3.2020   Jiří Šedivý appointed new EDA Chief Executive
 5.3.2020   ‘Caught in the Net’ Czech Republic’s biggest box-office documentary ever
 5.3.2020   Czech humanitarian aid supplies to Greece to be transported by firefighters on Friday
 5.3.2020   GRECO: Czechia’s compliance record “globally unsatisfactory”
 5.3.2020   Renovation of Karlštejn castle gets underway
 5.3.2020   Weather
 5.3.2020   Olga Tokarczuk cancels her appearance at Book World Prague
 5.3.2020   Coronavirus: testing no longer limited to people returning from high-risk areas
 5.3.2020   Ban on flights to Northern Italy and South Korea goes into effect
 5.3.2020   Rapper Hugo Toxx wins Czech critics award for Album of the year
 4.3.2020   Health Minister: More than fifth of Czech children in early teens are overweight or obese
 4.3.2020   More cases of coronavirus in Czech Republic found on Wednesday
 4.3.2020   Slim majority of Czechs unhappy with Prime Minister Babiš, survey shows
 4.3.2020   Weather
 4.3.2020   Bamboo Airways’ Prague-Hanoi connection launch delayed due to coronavirus
 4.3.2020   Woody Harrelson to attend this month’s Prague International Film Festival
 4.3.2020   Czech humanitarian aid to Greece could be sent by end of week, says interior minister
 4.3.2020   National Museum discovers previously unknown recording of first Czechoslovak President T. G. Masaryk
 4.3.2020   Founder of flight bookings website wins Czech Entrepreneur of the Year award
 4.3.2020   No ban on large events over coronavirus situation
 4.3.2020   Zeman to attend China 17+1 summit despite previous statement
 3.3.2020   Babiš apologises for dubbing MEPs traitors
 3.3.2020   Regional Pirates angry after candidate removed over "swastika" attack on Israel
 3.3.2020   Over 40 awaiting coronavirus test results with five cases detected to date
 3.3.2020   Weather forecast
 3.3.2020   Pollsters: Drought making Czechs more concerned about climate change
 3.3.2020   Press: Prague Castle computers hacked from abroad for months
 3.3.2020   Prague agrees proposals to regulate Airbnb-type services
 3.3.2020   Coronavirus: American student, Ecuadoran traveller among five cases in Czech Republic
 2.3.2020   Indictments filed over alleged abuse of Czech sports subsidies
 2.3.2020   Weather
 2.3.2020   Prague 5 to erect statute of ‘father of Czech journalism’ Ferdinand Peroutka
 2.3.2020   Jazz guitarist Rudy Linka named Czech goodwill ambassador
 2.3.2020   Coronavirus: 25,400 ‘Czechs’ spent weekend in high-risk areas, mobile operators say
 2.3.2020   Plans to build Police headquarters in Prague’s Zbraslav district move ahead
 2.3.2020   Coronavirus: Czech Security Council announces new travel restrictions, measures
 2.3.2020   Czech country music pioneer, Greenhorns co-founder Jan Vyčítal dies
 2.3.2020   Coronavirus-infected patients reported to have mild symptoms
 1.3.2020   Hundreds take part in protest against “force undermining democracy”
 1.3.2020   First three cases of coronavirus infection reported in Czech Republic
 1.3.2020   Weather forecast
 1.3.2020   Avalanche alert in Krkonoše Mountains
 1.3.2020   PM: 2020 to be critical for traffic on D1 highway
 1.3.2020   Spiritual Kvintet launches Goodbye Tour
 1.3.2020   Military plane with humanitarian aid on its way to China
 1.3.2020   Czech political leaders congratulate election winner in Slovakia
 29.2.2020   Weather forecast
 29.2.2020   Desert dust brings “yellow snow” to Central Europe
 29.2.2020   Czech and Slovak ski resorts cash in on coronavirus scare
 29.2.2020   V4 prime ministers to meet over coronavirus
 29.2.2020   Czechs in high-risk coronavirus areas given instructions
 29.2.2020   PM Babiš lashes out at Czech MEP’s over investigation
 29.2.2020   Group of MEPs concludes conflict of interest law being applied poorly
 28.2.2020   Jazz Guitarist Rudy Linka to represent Czech Republic as goodwill ambassador
 28.2.2020   Coronavirus: no cases confirmed in Czech Republic so far
 28.2.2020   State receives around CZK 30 million on taxing lottery winnings
 28.2.2020   Former Prague imam sentenced to ten years in prison on terrorism charges
 28.2.2020   US rapper Macklemore to play Prague’s Metronome festival
 28.2.2020   Weather
 28.2.2020   Kvitová through to semi-finals in Doha
 28.2.2020   Czech-Bavarian-Austrian lynx population estimated at over 100
 28.2.2020   Protest against new ombudsman in Brno
 28.2.2020   Six Czech tourists will be allowed to leave Tenerife
 27.2.2020   Prague square named after slain Russian opposition leader Nemtsov
 27.2.2020   Epidemiological Commission discusses crisis measures for coronavirus
 27.2.2020   Weather forecast
 27.2.2020   Coronavirus scare cuts number of flights at Václav Havel Airport
 27.2.2020   Respilon says facemasks against coronavirus to be available soon
 27.2.2020   US senator asks Trump administration to review planned CME sale to PPF Group
 27.2.2020   Culture minister to shut down “megalomaniac” online heritage project Czechiana
 27.2.2020   Václav Havel posthumously honoured as resistance fighter by Defence Ministry
 26.2.2020   Prague’s hair thief finally caught, hands over hair collection to police
 26.2.2020   Petříček: “The Czech Republic will do its outmost to begin talks on EU expansion in Balkans”
 26.2.2020   European Commission: Long term outlook for Czech public finances getting worse
 26.2.2020   Weather
 26.2.2020   Archaeologists unearth three medieval skeletons who could have been victims of ritual killing
 26.2.2020   Police releases two civil servants arrested during anti-corruption raid at Labour Ministry
 26.2.2020   PM: Czech hospitals ordered to create four month supply of facemasks in light of COVID-19 threat
 26.2.2020   European Parliament delegation arrives in Prague to investigate Czech PMs alleged conflict of interest
 26.2.2020   Foreign minister calls for united stance on China’s letter warning of Senate trip to Taiwan
 26.2.2020   Anti-Babiš group launches series of new events
 26.2.2020   Czechs advised to avoid Italian regions hit by coronavirus
 25.2.2020   Returnees from Italy placed in quarantine over Covid-19 fears
 25.2.2020   Czechs flying from Iran taken to hospital for preventative tests
 25.2.2020   Army lagging behind and needs investment, says chief of General Staff
 25.2.2020   Maláčová: Arrests at ministry no reason for resignation
 25.2.2020   Police recommend two more face trial for supporting Christchurch attack
 25.2.2020   Weather forecast
 25.2.2020   Poll: Percentage of Czechs “satisfied with lives” growing
 25.2.2020   Czechs in quarantine after Covid-19 case found in Tenerife hotel
 25.2.2020   Coronavirus: Prague Airport designates special gates for arrivals from Italy
 25.2.2020   Liechtenstein royal loses appeal for return of Czech forest land
 24.2.2020   Military historian Eduard Stehlík to head Lidice memorial
 24.2.2020   Police raid Labour Ministry, accuse officials of corruption over IT tender
 24.2.2020   Weather
 24.2.2020   WWII-era bomb found in Moravian town Kuřim, hundreds evacuated
 24.2.2020   Prague approves renaming Russian Embassy address after Boris Nemtsov
 24.2.2020   Czech gov’t supports bill to facilitate class action lawsuits
 24.2.2020   CzechTrade, CzechTourism agencies to move into CzechInvest headquarters
 24.2.2020   Coronavirus: Czechs to convene commission following spread to Italy
 24.2.2020   Mene Tekel festival gets underway on Monday
 24.2.2020   Thousands of homes remain without electricity after windstorm
 23.2.2020   Ledecká comes third in World Cup combined event in Crans-Montana
 23.2.2020   Czech boy falls to death in Austrian Alps
 23.2.2020   Weather
 23.2.2020   Plane with Czech humanitarian aid for China sent from Vienna
 23.2.2020   Unseasonably mild weather set to continue in coming weeks
 23.2.2020   Strýcová reclaims Dubai doubles title
 22.2.2020   Ledecká comes fifth in Crans-Montana downhill
 22.2.2020   Weather
 22.2.2020   Victims of communism commemorated in Želiv
 22.2.2020   Meteorologists issue high wind warning
 22.2.2020   Czech PM blames failure of EU budget summit on wealthier states
 22.2.2020   Tatra Around the World expedition sets off from Prague
 22.2.2020   Matějská pouť funfair opens in Prague
 21.2.2020   Czech PM sceptical regarding EU agreement on finances
 21.2.2020   Weather forecast
 21.2.2020   Health minister: time to gain greater control of pharmaceutical production
 21.2.2020   Communist Party boss released from hospital after suffering heart attack
 21.2.2020   Former transport minister promises to “tell all” in new book on shady side of politics
 21.2.2020   PM will not have to apologize to TI for calling it “corrupt”
 21.2.2020   Kubera Taiwan trip warning was irregular, Prague tells Chinese ambassador
 21.2.2020   Babiš: EU leaders as yet no closer to reaching agreement on budget
 20.2.2020   Constitutional Court now complete after appointment of Pavel Šámal
 20.2.2020   Germany’s Merkel reported to be visiting Prague in coming months
 20.2.2020   Three charged with fraud totalling over CZK 1 billion
 20.2.2020   Babiš and Schillerová most popular ministers, suggests poll
 20.2.2020   Two charged over collapse of Prague footbridge
 20.2.2020   Weather forecast
 20.2.2020   Injuries force footballer Václav Kadlec to retire at 27
 20.2.2020   Opponents try to prevent ombudsman entering office for first time
 20.2.2020   Press: City Hall calls on Praguers to report Airbnb flats to municipal police
 20.2.2020   GFG Alliance plans to invest EUR 750 million into Ostrava steel mill
 19.2.2020   Czech PM: Agreement on new EU budget unlikely at upcoming summit
 19.2.2020   Communist Party chairman remains in intensive care after suffering suspected heart attack
 19.2.2020   Climate change to be focus of this year’s One World Festival
 19.2.2020   City of Prague Museum could build special building for archaeology exhibits
 19.2.2020   Senate chair Vystrčil says he is not opposed to Taiwan visit
 19.2.2020   Weather
 19.2.2020   Czech PM says he will leave politics if his party does not win next election
 19.2.2020   Defence minister reaffirms vow to reach 2 percent NATO GDP spending cap by 2024
 19.2.2020   Civic Democrats’ Miloš Vystrčil becomes new Senate chair
 19.2.2020   Reuters: China threatened to harm Škoda Auto, other big Czech firms over Taiwan visit of late senator
 19.2.2020   Seznam: Russian paedophile web uploads thousands of photos of Czech children
 18.2.2020   Constitutional Court rejects proposal to annul ‘Lex Babiš’ conflict of interest law
 18.2.2020   Weather
 18.2.2020   Prague Airport handles record 1.05 million passengers in January
 18.2.2020   Czech Senate to elect new speaker on Wednesday by secret ballot
 18.2.2020   Median poll: Civic Dems now polling ahead of Pirates
 18.2.2020   Prague police search for tram “hairdresser” who cut women’s locks
 18.2.2020   Football: Sparta Prague replace coach Václav Jílek
 18.2.2020   Insurers: Czech prescriptions for antidepressants triple since 2012
 18.2.2020   Czech PM in Estonia to discuss post-Brexit EU cohesion fund budget, bilateral issues
 18.2.2020   House martin named Czech ‘Bird of the Year’
 18.2.2020   Vets start clean-up operation on farm with bird flu
 18.2.2020   Work to erect replica of Marian column underway on Old Town Square
 17.2.2020   US ambassador to Prague warns lawmakers against introducing digital tax
 17.2.2020   CVVM: Czechs increasingly critical of President Zeman
 17.2.2020   Weather forecast
 17.2.2020   Government votes to raise poverty benefits
 17.2.2020   Czech Republic to send more humanitarian aid to China
 17.2.2020   Five Czechs out of Wuhan released from quarantine
 17.2.2020   Second bird flu outbreak recorded in Pardubice district
 17.2.2020   Czech official Šedivý on shortlist to head European Defence Agency
 16.2.2020   Marked rise seen in electric car users’ consumption of power
 16.2.2020   Masopust season now underway in Czech Republic
 16.2.2020   Draft ministry bill allows facial recognition at sports stadiums
 16.2.2020   Weather
 16.2.2020   Unseasonably mild weather set to continue this month
 16.2.2020   Sáblíková breaks own 5000m world record but still comes second
 16.2.2020   Replacement for StB founded 30 years ago Sunday
 15.2.2020   Pompeo may attend 75th anniversary of liberation of Plzeň
 15.2.2020   Minister says vignette sales system will cost third of original price
 15.2.2020   Press: Regions to get power to impose hose-pipe bans
 15.2.2020   Sensational sprint bronze for Charvátová at biathlon worlds
 15.2.2020   Work to start Monday on new Marian column on Prague’s Old Town Sq.
 15.2.2020   Civic group hold anti-Airbnb protest in Prague Airbnb flat
 15.2.2020   Doctors save patient's life with artificial extracorporeal lung
 15.2.2020   Weather forecast
 14.2.2020   Interior Ministry registers increase in hate speech
 14.2.2020   Weather forecast
 14.2.2020   Česká Lípa launching integration project for foreigners
 14.2.2020   Czech Republic offers to speak out on Israel’s behalf at the ICC
 14.2.2020   January brings record-high inflation
 14.2.2020   Five Czechs out of Wuhan to be released from quarantine on Monday
 14.2.2020   Sáblíková wins 3,000 meters race at World Championship
 14.2.2020   Czech mixed relay team takes bronze in biathlon
 13.2.2020   President appoints 35 new judges
 13.2.2020   State owned forestry firm counts costs of damage caused by Sabine
 13.2.2020   French Impressionists at National Gallery most visited exhibition in 2019
 13.2.2020   Czech Republic to send 4.5 tonnes of humanitarian aid to China
 13.2.2020   Prague city councillors approve draft partnership agreement with Vienna
 13.2.2020   Weather
 13.2.2020   Writer Václav Jamek to receive PEN Club’s Karel Čapek Award
 13.2.2020   EC sees Czech 2020 economic growth at 2.1 percent
 13.2.2020   MPs elect Stanislav Křeček as next ombudsman
 12.2.2020   Prague tops list of new housing construction projects, according to statisticians
 12.2.2020   MPs to elect new ombudsman
 12.2.2020   Škoda unveils Enyaq - its first electricity powered SUV
 12.2.2020   Generali to buy Prague’s Kotva shopping centre for CZK 3.5 billion
 12.2.2020   Czech and Slovak music stars to honour deceased singer Karel Gott with special December concert
 12.2.2020   Weather
 12.2.2020   Czech geneticists breed chicken immune to avian retrovirus
 12.2.2020   Court rules state will have to apologise for Czech president’s false comment
 12.2.2020   Around 50,000 trees in Šumava damaged by windstorm Sabine
 12.2.2020   Emergency lines now better able to pinpoint location of callers
 11.2.2020   Govt and CEZ to publish deal on new Dukovany unit in weeks
 11.2.2020   Strong winds to continue until Wednesday evening
 11.2.2020   Social Democrats to discuss VAT rates on beer with ANO
 11.2.2020   Blesk still most popular Czech daily but readership falling
 11.2.2020   Prognosis: Bark beetle damage likely to double again next year
 11.2.2020   Weather forecast
 11.2.2020   Prosecutor recommends 10 years for ex-Prague imam facing terror charges
 11.2.2020   Czech Republic applies for conciliation procedure over EU sanctions
 11.2.2020   Clean-up operation in wake of wind storm Sabine
 10.2.2020   Unique Celtic head sculpture to be highlight of Olomouc exhibition
 10.2.2020   Sabine inflicts considerable damage to country’s forests
 10.2.2020   Weather forecast
 10.2.2020   Cybercrime on the rise
 10.2.2020   Growing interest in Czech visas
 10.2.2020   January unemployment at 3.1 percent
 10.2.2020   Wind storm Sabine hits Czech Republic
 10.2.2020   Travel agencies cancelling trips to China
 10.2.2020   Philosopher Erazim Kohák dies at 86
 9.2.2020   Weather forecast
 9.2.2020   Norway’s Andreas Nygaard wins Jizerská padesátka
 9.2.2020   Czech Republic has two nominations in the Oscars
 9.2.2020   Lawmakers planning fifth firearms amnesty
 9.2.2020   Czech Republic bracing for wind storm Sabine
 9.2.2020   Mardi Gras celebrations kick off in Prague
 9.2.2020   Ban on direct flights to China now in force
 8.2.2020   Weather forecast
 8.2.2020   Investigators tell Czech Radio: Jan Masaryk could not have been pushed
 8.2.2020   EC vice president Jourová: Poland and Hungary are fragile democracies
 8.2.2020   Sáblíková wins 3,000 meters race at Calgary World Cup
 8.2.2020   First Czech Comic-Con underway in Prague
 8.2.2020   Thousands respond to call for humanitarian aid to China
 8.2.2020   Prague square to be renamed after slain Russian opposition leader
 7.2.2020   Czech foreign minister in Manchester to discuss Brexit concerns with expats
 7.2.2020   Gale-force wind warning
 7.2.2020   Weather forecast
 7.2.2020   Labour ministry planning to target “problem” citizens
 7.2.2020   Social affairs committee not in favour of five week leave for all employees
 7.2.2020   Police investigating case that caused public outcry
 7.2.2020   Czech accommodation facilities report record number of tourists in 2019
 7.2.2020   Graphic novel about killing of ‘Butcher of Prague’
 6.2.2020   Czech PM Babiš in Brussels to discuss EU budget proposal
 6.2.2020   National Museum now accessible via Google Street View
 6.2.2020   2019 Ferdinand Peroutka Prize goes to Ondřej Štindl
 6.2.2020   Weather
 6.2.2020   Industrial production down in December
 6.2.2020   Third-degree avalanche alert declared in Jeseníky Mountains
 6.2.2020   Electronic cash registers to bring over CZK 15 billion to state coffers in 2020
 6.2.2020   Czech utility to build car battery 'gigafactory' bordering Germany, lithium deposits
 6.2.2020   Vatican bans Czech priest over alleged sexual abuse of women
 5.2.2020   Prague Symphony Orchestra staging ‘Tribute to Beethoven’ to mark 250 years since his birth
 5.2.2020   Weather
 5.2.2020   ČNB revokes licences of three Prague “zero commission” currency exchange offices
 5.2.2020   Ukraine foreign minister urges Czech parliament to recognise Holodomor as “genocide”
 5.2.2020   Czech photojournalist Roman Vondrouš wins AIPS award for horse-racing series
 5.2.2020   Czech Senate set to elect new chairman in wake of Kubera’s death
 5.2.2020   Czech Republic taking European Commission to court over halting of subsidies for Agrofert
 5.2.2020   Czech government to help China combat coronavirus with material aid and money
 4.2.2020   Criminal complaints fly in case surrounding ex-transport minister
 4.2.2020   Study: Majority of Prague Marathon participants suffered heart damage
 4.2.2020   Prosecution of PM’s son over EU subsidies case halted
 4.2.2020   Weather forecast
 4.2.2020   Tennis ace Kvitová receives Věra Čáslavská Award
 4.2.2020   Minister: MPs should discuss new construction law after July
 4.2.2020   Well found in East Bohemia confirmed as oldest known prehistoric wooden structure
 4.2.2020   All coronavirus tests in Czech Republic so far negative, says health minister
 4.2.2020   Benny Cristo to represent Czech Republic at this year's Eurovision Song Contest
 3.2.2020   Seznam: Former transport minister was offered bribe for vignette tender
 3.2.2020   Eurostat: Czech income poverty rates second lowest best in EU
 3.2.2020   Finance Ministry: January saw first budget deficit since 2003
 3.2.2020   Seznam: Cancelled CZK 400 million electronic vignette system included surveillance data gathering
 3.2.2020   Police to charge three men of inciting hatred after New Zealand terror attack
 3.2.2020   Hundreds pay last respects at coffin of Senate Speaker Jaroslav Kubera as country officially mourns his death
 3.2.2020   Weather: Flood warning and strong winds
 3.2.2020   Coronavirus: Czech Republic to send CZK 10 million in financial aid to China
 3.2.2020   Tennis: Plíšková and Kvitová fall in WTA rankings following Australian Open
 3.2.2020   Czech government approves cancelation of direct flights with China starting from Sunday
 3.2.2020   Coronavirus: Czechs evacuated from China asymptomatic, 100 more seek return
 3.2.2020   Czech rock guitar legend Ivan Král dies, aged 71
 2.2.2020   Weather
 2.2.2020   Trigema: Prague rents down 1.5 pct last year, up 2.6 pct in Czech regions
 2.2.2020   Coronavirus: Five Czechs evacuated from China to be quarantined in Prague
 2.2.2020   Poll: most Czechs agree on sending troops on foreign missions, if UN-approved
 2.2.2020   ‘Million Moments’ sues Communists for public apology over hospital cyberattack claim
 2.2.2020   Old-Timers wins Czech Film Critics’ best film, director awards
 1.2.2020   Weather
 1.2.2020   Hockey: Sparta Prague name Miloslav Hořava to replace sacked coach Uwe Krupp
 1.2.2020   Czechs begin eighth annual alcohol-free ‘Dry February’
 1.2.2020   Czech authorities declare influenza epidemic, 12 deaths reported
 1.2.2020   Petříček to visit Britain to discuss post-Brexit reality for Czechs abroad
 1.2.2020   Floorball: Czechs beat Dutch to qualify for 2020 World Cup in Helsinki
 1.2.2020   Czech photographer Staša Fleischmannová dies aged 100
 31.1.2020   Flu epidemic in Prague
 31.1.2020   Weather forecast
 31.1.2020   Health minister: All 34 coronavirus tests negative
 31.1.2020   Czech foreign minister: Britain will remain important ally and business partner even post-Brexit
 31.1.2020   Fourth annual Czech ‘Hotel Night’ offers discounts to locals
 31.1.2020   Police charge man who threatened Parliament guards with knife
 31.1.2020   Czech Republic no longer granting visas to Chinese nationals
 31.1.2020   Senate urges Czech gov't not to further restrict legal gun ownership
 30.1.2020   Charter 77 signatory, post-1989 diplomat Luboš Dobrovský dies aged 87
 30.1.2020   Czech police note over 10 pct rise in illegal stays by foreigners
 30.1.2020   Czech ‘Three Kings’ drive raises record CZK 130 mn for charity
 30.1.2020   Knife-wielding man arrested outside Czech parliament
 30.1.2020   Coronavirus: Czechs suspend visas for Chinese citizens, flight ban considered
 30.1.2020   Czech Jewish community receives confirmed tombstone fragments paving Prague pedestrian zone
 30.1.2020   Weather
 30.1.2020   Press: Czech stray cat population has skyrocketed, posing health risk
 30.1.2020   SZÚ: Czechia on verge of flu epidemic, most cases among schoolchildren in Bohemia
 30.1.2020   Eurostat: Nearly 15 pct of Czech land organically farmed, twice EU average
 30.1.2020   British Ambassador: Brexit will not affect lives of Czech citizens living in Britain
 30.1.2020   Třebíč to donate medical equipment to Chinese sister city Yichang
 29.1.2020   Czech company Respilon claims to have developed facemask that can catch and destroy coronavirus particles
 29.1.2020   SAIF: PM's conflict of interest cannot yet be confirmed or denied
 29.1.2020   Weather
 29.1.2020   West Ham to buy Slavia midfielder Tomáš Souček for GBP 13 million
 29.1.2020   Daria Kascheeva’s Daugther awarded animation award at Sundance Film Festival
 29.1.2020   Czech Republic’s net benefits from EU increased in 2019 amounting to CZK 68.5 billion
 29.1.2020   Shares of Czech anti-virus provider Avast fall after allegations of data harvesting
 29.1.2020   Woman being tested for coronavirus infection at Prague hospital
 29.1.2020   Válková files defamation charges over piece linking her to notorious prosecutor
 29.1.2020   Probe to find remains of Zdena Mašínová in communist-era mass grave
 28.1.2020   Minister: France to evacuate two Czechs from Wuhan
 28.1.2020   Ministry of Education against plan to cut benefits over children’s truancy
 28.1.2020   Killers added to Colours of Ostrava bill
 28.1.2020   CEZ chief: State will hold talks next month with firms seeking nuclear unit contract
 28.1.2020   Weather forecast
 28.1.2020   Czech Republic has highest incidence of kidney cancer in world
 28.1.2020   Health services updating information on coronavirus in response to public queries
 28.1.2020   Three people in Czechia under observation for coronavirus
 28.1.2020   Petra Kvitová knocked out of Australian Open
 27.1.2020   Organ transplants from deceased donors at record high in 2019
 27.1.2020   Weather
 27.1.2020   Czech Senate marks Holocaust Memorial Day
 27.1.2020   Telecommunications chief resigns over 5G network auction delay
 27.1.2020   Government declares day of mourning for Senate speaker Jaroslav Kubera
 27.1.2020   PM Babiš to attend ceremony marking Auschwitz liberation
 27.1.2020   Two suspected case of Wuhan coronavirus reported in Moravia
 27.1.2020   Cabinet approves deployment of Czech soldiers in Mali, Chad and Niger
 27.1.2020   IT specialists complete new online motorway vignette sales system
 26.1.2020   Weather
 26.1.2020   National Security Council to discuss spread of new coronavirus on Monday
 26.1.2020   Prague Zoo raises over CZK 13.5 million to help Australia
 26.1.2020   Czech citizen in Vietnam under observation for new coronavirus
 26.1.2020   Hackathon to produce electronic vignettes online sales system underway in Prague
 26.1.2020   Main Trilobit Award goes to actors Jiří Schmitzer and Vladimír Mrkvička
 26.1.2020   Kvitová through to Australian Open quarter-finals
 25.1.2020   24th annual Šediváčkův Long dog sled race ends
 25.1.2020   V4 and Egyptian foreign ministers to meet in Prague next week
 25.1.2020   Czech police officers return to Iraq after 16-day break
 25.1.2020   Marian Jurečka elected leader of Christian Democrats
 25.1.2020   Weather
 25.1.2020   Prague crime rate up in 2019
 25.1.2020   Karolína Plíšková knocked out of Australian Open
 24.1.2020   IT specialists organize hackathon to produce online sales system for electronic vignettes
 24.1.2020   Weather forecast
 24.1.2020   Three Czechs trapped in Wuhan due to coronavirus
 24.1.2020   Skoda production in Czech plants up by 2.2 percent year-on-year
 24.1.2020   Kvitova in Open Round of 16 at Australian Open
 24.1.2020   Central Bank may be given right to dictate mortgage loan conditions
 24.1.2020   Trade and industry minister takes over transport ministry portfolio
 23.1.2020   Prague: Marian Column replica may be installed on Old Town Square
 23.1.2020   Poll: Czech support for legalising same-sex marriage up slightly at 67 pct
 23.1.2020   Weather
 23.1.2020   Czech farmers can again apply to use Stutox II poison against voles
 23.1.2020   E-motorway vignette order officially cancelled, Czech trade minister dismissed
 23.1.2020   Škoda Auto unions fear Fabia production may partly move to Seat
 23.1.2020   China’s Hainan Airlines stops Beijing-Prague direct flights
 23.1.2020   Fire at Prague’s Barrandov Studio warehouse under investigation
 23.1.2020   Czech developer PPF to build 1,500 flats in Moscow
 23.1.2020   Kvitová, Plíšková through to third round at Australian Open
 23.1.2020   Czechia drops to 44th spot on TI’s corruption perception rankings
 22.1.2020   Zeman grants twelfth presidential pardon
 22.1.2020   Transport Minister Kremlík dismissed
 22.1.2020   Memorial service for Jaroslav Kubera to take place on February 3
 22.1.2020   Dark net drug sales uncovered by Czech police
 22.1.2020   Vladimír Mišík receives six nominations for Anděl Music Awards
 22.1.2020   City of Prague seeks partnership with Munich and Dresden
 22.1.2020   Number of new companies at three-year low
 22.1.2020   Czech Academy of Science marks 130th anniversary
 22.1.2020   MPs pass law to sanction multiple voting in EP elections
 22.1.2020   Weather
 22.1.2020   Czech cinemas record increase in audience figures
 22.1.2020   Average mortgage rate falls for 11th month in succession
 22.1.2020   Czech PM begins two-day visit to Israel
 21.1.2020   Weather forecast
 21.1.2020   Czech couple to donate CZK 200 million to students
 21.1.2020   Speech defects among Czech children rise sharply
 21.1.2020   Daughter and second FAMU student film set for Sundance
 21.1.2020   Industry minister Havlíček to officially take transport portfolio Friday
 21.1.2020   Social Democrats opposed to Havlíček getting second ministerial position
 21.1.2020   Mayor calls for new legislation after fire kills eight at psychiatric home
 21.1.2020   Mixed reactions to planned merger of transport and trade ministries
 21.1.2020   Plíšková advances to second round of Australian Open
 20.1.2020   PM dismisses transport minister for overpriced tender
 20.1.2020   Speaker of the Senate, Jaroslav Kubera, dies at 72
 20.1.2020   Weather forecast
 20.1.2020   IKEM performs record number of transplants
 20.1.2020   Man injured in Vejprty fire still in serious condition
 20.1.2020   PM makes call for financial donations to help orphans in Syria
 20.1.2020   Austrian police detain 40 migrants on border with Czech Republic
 20.1.2020   Christian Democrats' Jurečka dismisses idea of centre-right electoral alliance
 20.1.2020   Ministry preparing to introduce online medical appointment applications
 19.1.2020   Petříček says he understands Zeman’s hesitation over China summit
 19.1.2020   Minister: Czech Republic won’t take in 40 child refugees from Greek camps
 19.1.2020   Prague students criticise invitation of Orban to State Opera reopening
 19.1.2020   Five Czech women to appear on opening day of Australian Open
 19.1.2020   Weather forecast
 19.1.2020   CT: Catholic Church may create country’s first church bank
 19.1.2020   Highs of up to 3 degrees Celsius expected in Czech Republic over next month
 19.1.2020   Eight dead after tragic fire at Czech care home
 18.1.2020   Fiala re-elected leader of Civic Democrats
 18.1.2020   Bird flu detected in Czech Republic after three-year absence
 18.1.2020   Hamáček proposes major change to parliamentary election system
 18.1.2020   Weather forecast
 18.1.2020   Babiš respects retention of embattled Válková as human rights commissioner
 18.1.2020   Minister rejects PM’s call for scrapping of motorway vignette tender
 18.1.2020   Czech Republic edging closer to flu epidemic
 17.1.2020   Customs officers detain Hungarian car carrying three Syrian migrants
 17.1.2020   Die Welt: EC led by von der Leyen to change approach to V4 countries
 17.1.2020   EPP group calls for European anti-oligarch law over Czech PM Babiš
 17.1.2020   Weather
 17.1.2020   Moravia-Silesia affected by air-pollution
 17.1.2020   Digitally restored version of Ecstasy to be screened at Lucerna
 17.1.2020   Masaryk University researches set out on Antarctica expedition
 17.1.2020   Válková to remain government commissioner for human rights
 17.1.2020   PM Babiš: Czech-Austrian relations sound despite energy dispute
 16.1.2020   V4, Austrian premiers discuss energy, EU funding and migration in Prague
 16.1.2020   Czechs commemorate student martyr Jan Palach’s self-immolation
 16.1.2020   Weather forecast
 16.1.2020   Czech Republic will not introduce blanket deposit system on PET bottles
 16.1.2020   Czech Army establishing unmanned systems battalion
 16.1.2020   Václav Havel Airport handles record number of passengers, nears capacity ceiling
 16.1.2020   Czech economy increasingly dependent on foreign labour
 15.1.2020   Kafka expert, literary historian Josef Čermák dies aged 91
 15.1.2020   Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways set to launch direct Czech route in April
 15.1.2020   15 Ústí nad Orlicí buildings defaced with neo-Nazi symbols
 15.1.2020   Crown at 7-year high, ČNB’s Vojtěch Benda sees further firming
 15.1.2020   Weather outlook
 15.1.2020   Film: Owners, Painted Bird and Old-Timers dominate Czech Lion award nominations
 15.1.2020   Hockey: Hradec Králové in Champions League finals after 3-0 win over Djurgården
 15.1.2020   Pavel Čižinský replaced as Prague 1 mayor by deputy Petr Hejma
 15.1.2020   Pirate MP to push for legalising therapeutic use of LSD, ecstasy, magic mushrooms
 15.1.2020   Czech Olympic champ Ester Ledecká takes Snowboard World Cup silver
 15.1.2020   Czech star operatic soprano Naděžda Kniplová dies aged 87
 15.1.2020   Official: Czechs could launch military satellite in coming years
 15.1.2020   Poll: ANO way out in front, Tricolour on just 0.5 percent
 14.1.2020   Zeman to propose Křeček for ombudsman after withdrawing nomination of Válková
 14.1.2020   Valachová rules herself out of discussion on next ombudsman
 14.1.2020   Mayor: Cooperation with Shanghai brought Prague little benefit
 14.1.2020   One-time political prisoner Josef Svoboda receives major honour in Canada
 14.1.2020   Prague transport authority now offering real-time info on departures
 14.1.2020   Frosts cause fruit yield to fall by over one-quarter in 2019
 14.1.2020   Weather forecast
 14.1.2020   Regular Zeman TV show evidently finished
 14.1.2020   Virus used in cyber-attack on Czech hospital was probably Russian
 14.1.2020   Shanghai cuts all official ties with Prague following Taipei partner agreement
 13.1.2020   Prague and Taipei sign sister city agreement
 13.1.2020   Česko v Datech: Czechs among top ten smokers in the world
 13.1.2020   FAMU student receives Oscar nomination in best animated short category
 13.1.2020   Czech foreign minister begins visit to India – boost in economic relations top priority
 13.1.2020   Regional Development Ministry announces it will amend proposed Building Act
 13.1.2020   Weather
 13.1.2020   Statisticians: Nearly 20 percent of companies in Czechia faced cyberattack in 2018
 13.1.2020   Prague taxi prices to go up after City Hall approves new rates
 13.1.2020   Hamáček backs Valachová for ombudswoman following president’s suggestion
 13.1.2020   Last year saw consumer price inflation at highest rates since 2012
 13.1.2020   Czech Army set to go on largest spending spree yet in 2020
 13.1.2020   Czech ski resorts packed despite mild weather
 13.1.2020   Slovak truckers effect border blockade at Czech crossings
 12.1.2020   British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton has died at 75
 12.1.2020   Weather forecast
 12.1.2020   Empress Maria Theresa to have statue in Prague
 12.1.2020   President welcomes Válková’s decision to refuse nomination for ombudswoman
 12.1.2020   PM: Growth of pensions will continue regardless of economic situation
 12.1.2020   Ledecká wins sixth place in World Cup combined event in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee
 12.1.2020   President Zeman snubs China over lack of promised investments
 12.1.2020   Karolína Plíšková wins second consecutive Brisbane title
 11.1.2020   Amateur treasure hunter finds precious 16th century coins
 11.1.2020   Weather forecast
 11.1.2020   Plíšková beats Osaka staying on course for third title at Brisbane
 11.1.2020   Ivan Bartoš re-elected head of Pirate Party
 11.1.2020   Presidential couple host charity ball at Prague Castle
 11.1.2020   Válková to refuse nomination for ombudswoman amid scandal over her past
 11.1.2020   Great Czech film director Ivan Passer dies at 86
 10.1.2020   Majority of Czechs do not want referendum on Czexit
 10.1.2020   Weather forecast
 10.1.2020   Pirate Party to hold election conference
 10.1.2020   Taxi fare rates to go up in Prague
 10.1.2020   Czech and Saudi foreign ministers debate ways of diffusing tension in Middle East
 10.1.2020   Válkova says she will sue news site for slander
 10.1.2020   Second public bird census gets underway on Friday
 10.1.2020   Czech industrial growth down in November
 9.1.2020   Czechia to donate two million crowns to help Australia’s wildfire victims
 9.1.2020   Czech farmers’ profit exceeds CZK 19.4 billion
 9.1.2020 former justice minister Válková defended dissident persecution
 9.1.2020   National Security Council met over US-Iran conflict
 9.1.2020   Five Czech police officers to temporarily return from Iraq mission
 9.1.2020   Weather
 9.1.2020   Unemployment up at 2.9 percent in December
 9.1.2020   Sales oh hybrid cars up by 73 percent in 2018
 9.1.2020   Thursday 130th anniversary of writer Karel Čapek’s birth
 9.1.2020   iRozhlas: Brussels demands return of CZK 1.6 billion in farm subsidies
 8.1.2020   Špotáková changes coach ahead of final Olympics
 8.1.2020   2019 saw third fewest road deaths since 1963
 8.1.2020   Last year second warmest in Czech Republic since 1961
 8.1.2020   Weather forecast
 8.1.2020   Attacker of tennis star Kvitová gets increased jail term
 8.1.2020   Czechoslovak Hussite Church reaches centenary
 8.1.2020   Babiš: Prague not currently considering withdrawing troops from Iraq
 8.1.2020   Prague police detain suspect in Christmas Day rape of tourist
 7.1.2020   ‘Million Moments’ plans protest/debates in all 13 Czech regions
 7.1.2020   Czech senator calls on Germany, Austria to examine Agrofert loans
 7.1.2020   Weather outlook
 7.1.2020   Czech soldiers to remain in Iraq despite rising tensions, MoD says
 7.1.2020   Vamberk lace, Uherské Hradiště feasts make Czech intangible folk cultural heritage list
 7.1.2020   Prague pays last respects to WWII Lidice massacre survivor
 7.1.2020   Czech ex-football international Tomáš Řepka released from prison early
 7.1.2020   CRIF: Bankruptcies up again after six-year drop
 7.1.2020   Head of Office of President under scrutiny by financial inspectors for business dealings
 7.1.2020   Former Prague imam rejects terrorist label, legitimacy of Czech courts
 6.1.2020   Slavia Prague striker Milan Škoda to play for Turkey’s Gençlerbirligi
 6.1.2020   Finance Ministry: Higher tax on industrial zones could raise more money for municipalities
 6.1.2020   Aktuálně.cz: Mattoni and Koší begin testing reusable plastic bottles in Czechia
 6.1.2020   Weather
 6.1.2020   Second EU audit confirms PM Babiš’s conflict of interest according to press, responsible ministry dismisses claims
 6.1.2020   Defence ministry proposes sending Czech soldiers to serve in counter-terrorism operation in Sahel
 6.1.2020   Arms manufacturer CZG considering share sales to fund expansion into United States
 6.1.2020   iHNed: Czechs spent CZK 155 billion on online shopping last year
 6.1.2020   Regional development minister urged to withdraw controversial new Building Act
 6.1.2020   Poll: 58 pct of Czechs want single-day elections
 5.1.2020   Traditional ‘Three Kings’ procession crosses through historical Prague
 5.1.2020   ECJ judge Passer nominated to succeed retiring CJEU judge Malenovský
 5.1.2020   Nuclear waste repository preparatory work to cost CZK 1.7 bn
 5.1.2020   Weather outlook
 5.1.2020   Tax revenue up 5.4 pct last year, MoF says
 5.1.2020   Trade unions to demand 6-7 pct rise in average salaries
 5.1.2020   Prague State Opera reopening after 3-year reconstruction
 5.1.2020   New-born found in South Moravia babybox is nation’s 200th
 4.1.2020   Brno’s only mosque again defaced, police investigating death threat
 4.1.2020   Weather outlook
 4.1.2020   2019 second hottest year in Prague since 1775
 4.1.2020   British daily names Czech activist Mikuláš Minář a ‘Rising Star’ of 2020
 4.1.2020   Czech officials warn Polish bird flu epidemic may spread
 4.1.2020   Strong wind warning in effect Saturday for Prague, other regions
 4.1.2020   SŽDC: Railway accident deaths rose 8 percent in 2019
 3.1.2020   Czech foreign minister: Killing of Iran’s military leader puts at risk progress in fighting terrorism
 3.1.2020   Fiscal year 2019 ends with 28.5 billion crown deficit
 3.1.2020   Weather forecast
 3.1.2020   Cabinet to debate bill on regulating invasive species
 3.1.2020   Judge Rychetský to head Constitutional Court for full term
 3.1.2020   Czech Health Ministry to appeal Belgium verdict on Diag Human case
 3.1.2020   Czechs being warned against travelling to Iraq
 3.1.2020   Poll: Majority of Czechs feel country’s modern history being distorted
 3.1.2020   Orban to attend reopening of Prague’s State Opera as other leaders decline invitation
 2.1.2020   Old-Timers and Owners get most nominations in Film Critics’ Awards
 2.1.2020   Czech Army deploys 1,000 soldiers to NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force
 2.1.2020   Thursday 55th anniversary of first Večerníček
 2.1.2020   New electronic sick note system working well, says labour minister
 2.1.2020   Weather forecast
 2.1.2020   Road deaths in 2019 down on previous year
 2.1.2020   Video mapping show ushers in New Year in Prague
 2.1.2020   Czechs enjoying must successful period in modern history, says PM in New Year’s address
 31.12.2019   Weather forecast
 31.12.2019   US beats Czech team 3:4 in World Junior Hockey Championship
 31.12.2019   Three Kings Collection to start on January 1st
 31.12.2019   Hundred guests evacuated, no one hurt in hotel fire
 31.12.2019   Arriva to be fined for problems in Liberec region
 31.12.2019   Police out in force for New Year celebrations, video-mapping
 31.12.2019   President Putin wants to see Zeman at V-Day celebrations
 30.12.2019   Lidice massacre survivor Miloslava Kalibová dies at 96
 30.12.2019   Weather forecast
 30.12.2019   Czechia seventh biggest fireworks exporter in the world
 30.12.2019   Pace of road construction to slow next year
 30.12.2019   Czechia no longer offering grants to students from developing countries
 30.12.2019   Benešov hospital fully operational after cyber attack
 30.12.2019   Pensions to increase in 2020
 30.12.2019   Czechs will have to pay more for spirits and tobacco in 2020
 29.12.2019   Weather forecast
 29.12.2019   Over 1,100 perpetrators of domestic violence barred from their homes
 29.12.2019   Inspectors focussing on fireworks sales
 29.12.2019   Household expenditures growing
 29.12.2019   Police investigating robbery of jewels, watches worth millions
 29.12.2019   Fresh controversy at Konev statue
 29.12.2019   Havel elected president 30 years ago today
 28.12.2019   Weather forecast
 28.12.2019   Cabinet to debate bill on cyber security
 28.12.2019   Most Czechs will celebrate arrival of 2020 at home
 28.12.2019   Police arrest cocaine kingpin
 28.12.2019   After-Christmas and New Year sales are in full swing
 28.12.2019   Finance minister expecting 30 billion crown deficit in 2019
 28.12.2019   President Zeman considering cancelling visit to Russia over “insolent” statement from Moscow
 27.12.2019   Weather forecast
 27.12.2019   Trust in Czech economy sees slight increase in December
 27.12.2019   CzechGlobe director says president’s words on climate “irresponsible”
 27.12.2019   Tributes pour in on death of actress Táňa Fischerová
 27.12.2019   OKD company renews mining after cyber-attack
 27.12.2019   Record number of people join in annual Polar bear dip
 27.12.2019   President praises state of the economy, sceptic on climate change
 23.12.2019   Prague mayor serves Christmas soup to public
 23.12.2019   Hundreds turn out for Jakub Jan Ryba’s Christmas Mass at Prague’s main railway station
 23.12.2019   Czech and Bavarian ministers recall fall of Iron Curtain at Rozvadov -Waidhaus
 23.12.2019   Weather forecast
 23.12.2019   Czechs increasingly concerned regarding state of environment
 23.12.2019   Benešov hospital returning to normal after cyber attack
 23.12.2019   President to address to the nation on December 26
 23.12.2019   Christmas in Czechia will not be white
 23.12.2019   Carillon concert off Charles Bridge
 23.12.2019   Czech national arrested for cocaine smuggling near Gran Canaria
 22.12.2019   Weather
 22.12.2019   David Pastrňák to captain Atlantic Division in NHL All-Stars Game
 22.12.2019   Pioneer of international audio-visual art Bohuslav Vašulka dies aged 82
 22.12.2019   Czech National Bank: Gap in economic development reason behind not yet adopting euro
 22.12.2019   Courts register decrease in unfinished cases
 22.12.2019   Two men arrested in connection to Brno street shooting
 21.12.2019   Weather
 21.12.2019   Contestants for Pirate Party chairman announced ahead of January conference
 21.12.2019   Police arrest man suspected of attacking people with an axe
 21.12.2019   Judoka Lukáš Krpálek named Czech sportsman of the year
 21.12.2019   Singer Karel Gott's grave in Prague's Malvaziny Cemetery complete
 21.12.2019   Interior ministry offers regions CZK 52 million in funding for defence of "soft targets"
 20.12.2019   Weather forecast
 20.12.2019   Czech Post raising cost of some services
 20.12.2019   Czech Republic unable to implement VAT reverse charge mechanism immediately
 20.12.2019   Public officials getting more threats in wake of Ostrava shooting
 20.12.2019   Temelín nuclear power plant to scale down production due to maintenance
 20.12.2019   Event commemorates 13 miners killed in explosion last year
 20.12.2019   Hundreds attend regional protests against PM Babiš
 19.12.2019   Five Czech companies to be involved in US military helicopter deal
 19.12.2019   Price of used cars up by 20% percent over past four years
 19.12.2019   Church representatives speak against proposal to legalise euthanasia
 19.12.2019   Poll: Slovak president most trusted international politician
 19.12.2019   President selects Pavel Šámal as Constitutional Court nominee
 19.12.2019   Weather
 19.12.2019   President approves increase of parental leave benefit
 19.12.2019   Beck to headline Prague’s Metronome festival
 19.12.2019   Petříček: Russian attempts to relativize the events of 1968 damage mutual relations
 18.12.2019   Czech National Bank decides to keep interest rate at 2 percent
 18.12.2019   26 senators say Czech embassy in Israel should move to Jerusalem
 18.12.2019   Czechs decide to name their own exoplanet “Makropulos”
 18.12.2019   Weather
 18.12.2019   Convicted terrorist Jaromír Balda fails with appeal to Supreme Court
 18.12.2019   Christian Democrats will seek a repeal of new parental allowance bill at Constitutional Court
 18.12.2019   Largest Czech online supermarket expands to Hungary
 18.12.2019   Lower house approves legislation allowing courts to sanction breeders guilty of animal cruelty
 18.12.2019   Czechs remember anniversary of Václav Havel’s death with special events across country
 18.12.2019   Czech mortgage rates fall for 10th month in succession
 18.12.2019   Thousands take part in latest anti-Babiš demonstration
 17.12.2019   Ombudswoman: Vast majority of Czech train stations not wheelchair accessible
 17.12.2019   Weather forecast
 17.12.2019   Lower house committee demands EU audit concerning Babiš from ministries
 17.12.2019   Organiser of Battle of Austerlitz reconstructions gets top French honour
 17.12.2019   City Hall to cease funding for Prague Writers’ Festival
 17.12.2019   Senator Fischer to file criminal complaint over PR agency’s promotion of China
 17.12.2019   Czech film The Painted Bird makes Oscars shortlist
 17.12.2019   Sirens sound nationwide Tuesday for Ostrava hospital shooting victims
 16.12.2019   NÚKIB cyber security service head Dušan Navrátil sacked
 16.12.2019   V4 mayors sign “Free Cities Pact” to combat populism, promote transparency, tackle climate crisis
 16.12.2019   Weather outlook
 16.12.2019   Unmarked Berlin grave of Nazi “Butcher of Prague” Reinhard Heydrich opened
 16.12.2019   “Million Moments” plans 200 anti-Babiš protests nationwide on Monday
 16.12.2019   Italy’s Leonardo files complaint with Czech watchdog ÚOHS over military helicopter deal
 16.12.2019   Press: Police accuse ex-PM Petr Nečas of perjury in BIS leak case
 16.12.2019   Czech Army to buy two CASA tactical transport aircraft
 16.12.2019   Babiš: National Investment Plan envisages 20,000 projects over three decades
 16.12.2019   Vrba’s time as coach of Viktoria Plzeň evidently over
 15.12.2019   People in Číhošť recall village church “miracle” and death of priest Toufar
 15.12.2019   Bookies make Babiš favourite for next Czech president
 15.12.2019   New timetable signals changes on Czech railways
 15.12.2019   WWII vet Boček presents first Moral Authority prize
 15.12.2019   Weather forecast
 15.12.2019   CEZ: Brexit will weaken EU states producing nuclear power
 15.12.2019   Warm weather for period due before Christmas
 15.12.2019   State Opera handed over before reopening in January
 14.12.2019   Huge Czech demolition digger arrives at scene of Slovak gas explosion
 14.12.2019   Police charge 58 over smuggling CZK 2 billion in drugs
 14.12.2019   Weather forecast
 14.12.2019   Home Credit denies hiring agency to improve image of Communist China
 14.12.2019   Both people injured in fatal Ostrava hospital shooting now released
 14.12.2019   Zeman proposes ex-minister Válková for ombudsman post
 14.12.2019   Prague airport sets passenger record with 17 million for year
 13.12.2019   Hoax caller threatening another hospital massacre detained
 13.12.2019   Weather forecast
 13.12.2019   Meteorologists issue high wind warning
 13.12.2019   Czech foreign minister: Prague working to improve V4 image in EU
 13.12.2019   Czech PM says definitive Brexit “pity for Europe”
 13.12.2019   Czech Republic joins EU agreement on carbon neutrality
 13.12.2019   Czech foreign minister expects strenuous post-Brexit negotiations
 12.12.2019   Newborn boy found in babybox in České Budějovice
 12.12.2019   General Opata: purchase of US helicopters move forward for Czech army
 12.12.2019   Weather
 12.12.2019   Minimum respectable salary in Czechia is CZK 31,463
 12.12.2019   Prague councillors approve signing of sister-city pact with Taipei
 12.12.2019   Czechs to spend more on Christmas this year
 12.12.2019   PM to defend nuclear energy at EU summit in Brussels
 12.12.2019   Czech population reaches 10.69 million in third quarter of 2019
 11.12.2019   200 attend memorial for Ostrava hospital shooting victims
 11.12.2019   EUSPA: Prague to host expanded EU space agency as of 2021
 11.12.2019   PM Babiš: Czech carbon neutrality would cost CZK 675 billion
 11.12.2019   1-in-5 Czech hospitals, clinics hit by ransomware attacks this year
 11.12.2019   Weather outlook
 11.12.2019   Miloš Forman’s Amadeus added to US Library of Congress Film Registry
 11.12.2019   US Embassy honours People in Need’s Šimon Pánek with Alice Masaryk Prize
 11.12.2019   Court dismisses suit by ex-Prague National Gallery head over ouster
 11.12.2019   ‘Million Moments’ hold anti-Babiš rally on Prague’s Wenceslas Square
 11.12.2019   Slavia loses 1:2 to Dortmund in its last Champions’ League game this season
 11.12.2019   Řeporyje to build memorial to Vlasov troops who helped liberate Prague
 10.12.2019   85 percent of Czechs would support social housing law, survey shows
 10.12.2019   PM: Sound of sirens across country will honour the memory of Ostrava hospital shooting victims next Tuesday
 10.12.2019   Environment Minister: Third of country suffering from drought
 10.12.2019   Constitutional Court rules in favour of eight Taiwanese citizens threatened with extradition to China
 10.12.2019   Prime Minister’s ANO party 14 points ahead in the polls, according to STEMs November survey
 10.12.2019   Weather
 10.12.2019   Police and interior minister deny “asking” Prague to test facial recognition technology in surveillance cameras
 10.12.2019   Aktuálně: Home Credit allegedly paid for pro-China campaign
 10.12.2019   State to collect CZK 1.6 billion dividend from Prague Airport after an increase in profits
 10.12.2019   Shooting in Ostrava hospital leaves six dead and three injured, suspect also dead
 10.12.2019   Slavia loses 1:2 to Dortmund in its last Champions’ League game this season
 9.12.2019   Transparency Int’l: trust funds no solution to PM Babiš’s conflict of interest
 9.12.2019   Czechs to sign CZK 14.6 bn deal to buy Bell military helicopters on Thursday
 9.12.2019   Weather outlook
 9.12.2019   Czech diplomats to host annual ‘Mitterrand’ breakfasts with human rights activists
 9.12.2019   V4: Prague to sign “Free Cities Pact” with Budapest, Bratislava, Warsaw
 9.12.2019   HKČR: Record percentage of Czech companies paying “13th salary” bonus
 9.12.2019   20,000 flock to see Venus of Věstonice dating back to Old Stone Age
 9.12.2019   NKÚ: Czechia lacks sufficient “green” financial, tax incentives
 9.12.2019   Unemployment remains at 2.6 percent in November
 9.12.2019   Oldest Czech dies at 108
 8.12.2019   Number of non-EU doctors working in Czech Republic keeps increasing
 8.12.2019   Weather
 8.12.2019   Sáblíková wins 1500 meter race in Nur Sultan
 8.12.2019   Poll: Tricolour party would cross five-precent threshold in elections
 8.12.2019   Politician’s salaries to increase by 10 percent next year
 8.12.2019   Ledecká comes fourth in second downhill at Lake Louise
 8.12.2019   Prague to sign sister city agreement with Vienna
 7.12.2019   Senate wants tighter membership rules for government council for EU funds
 7.12.2019   Weather
 7.12.2019   Dozens attend mass in honour of late Josef Hasil
 7.12.2019   Andreas Gajdošík awarded 2019 Chalupecký Prize
 7.12.2019   Fridays for Future representatives say meeting with Babiš unproductive
 7.12.2019   Ski season launched in Czechia
 7.12.2019   Ester Ledecká wins her first World Cup downhill
 6.12.2019   Date of Soviet-led invasion in 1989 set to become Czech state holiday
 6.12.2019   Weather outlook
 6.12.2019   Smartwings, Czech Airlines to cancel flights to UK over Boeing 737 MAX issue
 6.12.2019   MPs approve fining retailers up to CZK 50 mn for selling ‘dual quality’ food, products
 6.12.2019   ‘Fridays for Future’: Czech PM Andrej Babiš to meet student environmentalists
 6.12.2019   French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to meet Charter 77 signatories in Prague
 6.12.2019   Czech foreign minister praises Ukraine for advancing peace efforts under Minsk treaty
 6.12.2019   Czech Supreme Court rules in favour of Somali schoolgirl over headscarf ban
 6.12.2019   President stands up for embattled PM
 6.12.2019   Police investigating attack in Prague shopping mall
 5.12.2019   Weather forecast
 5.12.2019   Czech Army to purchase 3D radars from Israel
 5.12.2019   Opposition parties say Agrofert must return any EU funds Brussels requests
 5.12.2019   August 21 to be Remembrance Day for victims of 1968 invasion
 5.12.2019   PM’s ANO party still strongly in the lead in public support ratings
 5.12.2019   Prague City Hall will not make EC audit on Czech PM public
 5.12.2019   MPs approve state budget for 2020 with CZK 40 bn deficit
 5.12.2019   Million Moments for Democracy call another demonstration against PM Babiš
 4.12.2019   Opposition party leaders call on PM Babiš to step down
 4.12.2019   Historical T3 tram to commemorate first free elections
 4.12.2019   Supreme State Attorney rejects decision to halt prosecution of PM Babiš over subsidy fraud
 4.12.2019   South Bohemian pathway awarded Leading Quality Trail certificate
 4.12.2019   Weather
 4.12.2019   Average wage up by 6.9 percent in Q3
 4.12.2019   The Painted Bird nominated for Satellite Award
 4.12.2019   European Commission audit requires Czechia pay back CZK 284 million of funding for Agrofert
 4.12.2019   Books most popular present among Czechs, according to survey
 3.12.2019   Ombudswoman: Czech Republic should consider prohibiting physical punishment of children
 3.12.2019   Weather
 3.12.2019   European Commission audit to be discussed in Chamber of Deputies on Thursday
 3.12.2019   Deník N: Pirate Party asks European Commission to reconsider classified status of audit on PM’s conflict of interest
 3.12.2019   Czech pupils improve in reading, mathematics and science, PISA ranking shows
 3.12.2019   CJEU dismisses Czech Republic’s case against EU firearms directive
 3.12.2019   Special exhibit on Czech Olympian Věra Čáslavská opens up in Tokyo
 3.12.2019   Writer Milan Kundera gets back Czech citizenship 40 years after it was revoked
 3.12.2019   Regional Development Minister says no reason why Czechia "should not fight to last breath" over audit
 3.12.2019   Social Democrats sitting on fence on EC audit
 3.12.2019   Finance minister: EC audit could lead to court battle
 2.12.2019   EC audit on Czech PM final
 2.12.2019   V4 foreign ministers support EU expansion to Western Balkans
 2.12.2019   Prague to conclude sister-city agreement with Tchaj-pej
 2.12.2019   Weather forecast
 2.12.2019   Czech foreign minister: taking in child migrants would not endanger society
 2.12.2019   Transition to new tolling system smooth
 2.12.2019   Pirate Party calling for coordinated response to EC audit
 2.12.2019   Foreign Minister Petříček expects government to be briefed on audit result
 2.12.2019   Toyen’s oil-on-canvas Black Paradise sells for 31.6 million crowns
 1.12.2019   Weather forecast
 1.12.2019   Health Ministry moves to combat drug incompatibility
 1.12.2019   Majority of parents claim state support inadequate
 1.12.2019   Government council urges PM to open way for Romany compensation
 1.12.2019   PM insists he has fully adhered to Czech conflict of interest law
 1.12.2019   Central bank: price of flats in Czechia overinflated
 1.12.2019   New tolling system in force in Czech Republic
 30.11.2019   Tree-lighting ceremonies taking place around Czechia this weekend
 30.11.2019   Weather forecast
 30.11.2019   Czechia will increase its contribution to NATO budget
 30.11.2019   Russia blames Czech side for travel dispute citing administrative problems
 30.11.2019   Boží Dar post office processing Christmas mail from around Czechia
 30.11.2019   Prague gets first Art-o-mat vending machine
 30.11.2019   Final EC audit into Czech PM’s alleged conflict of interest in Prague
 29.11.2019   Environment minister: Czechia unable to finance shift to a low-emissions economy
 29.11.2019   EU negotiator for Brexit holds talks in Prague
 29.11.2019   Czech and Austrian foreign ministers mark fall of Iron Curtain in border ceremony
 29.11.2019   Weather forecast
 29.11.2019   Czech soldier killed in Afghanistan receives US Bronze Star Medal in memoriam
 29.11.2019   Vast majority of people diagnosed HIV positive getting treatment
 29.11.2019   GDP figures for 3Q confirm slow-down in economic growth
 29.11.2019   Charles IV voted most significant figure in Czech history
 29.11.2019   Senate chair dismisses criticism from President Zeman regarding planned trip to Taiwan
 29.11.2019   Number of ATM machines increases to nearly 5500
 28.11.2019   Czechs expected to spend CZK 800 million on Black Friday
 28.11.2019   South Bohemia still affected by drought, despite humid weather
 28.11.2019   Opposition MPs: Government should appeal to China to end human rights violations
 28.11.2019   Fourth-generation Škoda Octavia to be sold at base price of CZK 456,000
 28.11.2019   Weather
 28.11.2019   Czech agriculture minister prematurely ends trip to Russia
 28.11.2019   Czech police arrest drug smuggling gang
 28.11.2019   OKD shuts down another coal mine
 28.11.2019   Slavia doomed to last place in group after losing 1:3 to Inter Milan in close home game
 27.11.2019   “Any discussion on quota unacceptable”, says Hamáček amid suspicions of debate restart
 27.11.2019   Řeporyje mayor refuses to negotiate with Russian Embassy on Vlasov Army memorial, delivers reply by cleaning truck while holding district flag
 27.11.2019   Weather
 27.11.2019   Health minister proposes ban on “living beings” in alcohol ads
 27.11.2019   Ruling coalition leaders agree to raise minimum wage up to CZK 14,600
 27.11.2019   European Parliament approves von der Leyen’s new commission with Jourová as vice-president
 27.11.2019   Auditors: Digitisation of public administration below EU average, progressing too slowly
 27.11.2019   Lower house approves simplification of taxi service rules which could favour alternate carriers
 27.11.2019   Wednesday 30th anniversary of general strike during Velvet Revolution
 27.11.2019   Petříček: Country achieved post-1989 aims fast but now faces question of what now
 26.11.2019   Opposition praises BIS while Zeman spokesperson slams “attack on free speech”
 26.11.2019   Šebrle offers reward for help finding lost Olympic medal
 26.11.2019   Weather forecast
 26.11.2019   Police launch prosecution of pre-1989 Communists over border shootings
 26.11.2019   BIS: Disinformation from pro-Russian activists most serious threat
 26.11.2019   Russia slams planned Prague monument to collaborationist ‘Vlasov Army’
 26.11.2019   Coal Commission to prepare scenarios for ceasing Czech mining
 25.11.2019   State takes over operation of tolling systems from CzechToll
 25.11.2019   Czech linguist: Half of ‘Henry VIII’ not written by Shakespeare
 25.11.2019   Czech scientists, firms to join Chinese space mission eXTP
 25.11.2019   Oil slick appears on Vltava River near Prague-Smíchov
 25.11.2019   Weather outlook
 25.11.2019   Confidence in Czech economy at lowest level since summer 2014
 25.11.2019   Environmentalists storm Czech coal producer’s headquarters
 25.11.2019   Christmas tree destined for Prague’s Old Town market felled in Liberec
 25.11.2019   Pardubice University staging photo exhibit dedicated to Olga Havlová
 25.11.2019   Czech soldier killed in Afghanistan to receive Bronze Star in memoriam
 25.11.2019   District hospitals want government to ease process of hiring Ukrainians
 25.11.2019   Auditors find errors in ministry’s 2018 financial statement
 24.11.2019   Bishops file criminal complaint over possible sex abuse in church
 24.11.2019   Sunday 30th anniversary of resignation of Jakeš, key moment of revolution
 24.11.2019   Pekarová Adamová elected leader of TOP 09
 24.11.2019   CT: Chambers may do deal over “sliding mandate” system
 24.11.2019   Remnants of Celtic settlement found near Jičín
 24.11.2019   Weather forecast
 24.11.2019   Warm weather for time of year to continue in coming weeks
 23.11.2019   Pospíšil makes final address to TOP 09 as chairman
 23.11.2019   Czech Republic to donate CZK 50 million in aid by end of year
 23.11.2019   Václav Marhoul joins Hollywood talent agency CAA
 23.11.2019   Weather forecast
 23.11.2019   Czech Army to stop guarding Bagram air base next year
 23.11.2019   Poll: Four parties in lower house hovering around 5 percent trap door
 23.11.2019   Czech Press Photo award goes to image of flag over anti-Babiš protest
 22.11.2019   Finance minister shocked by investigative report revealing abuse of seniors in old age home
 22.11.2019   Prague places 13th among 113 world cities in terms of economic and social inclusivity
 22.11.2019   Weather forecast
 22.11.2019   Poll:Václav Havel best president in modern Czech history
 22.11.2019   Government to make public long-term investment plan by Christmas
 22.11.2019   European scientists petition Czech environment minister to improve nature protection
 22.11.2019   Prague City Hall councillors dismiss idea of facial recognition cameras in Prague
 22.11.2019   Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes hands out annual awards for contribution to freedom and democracy
 21.11.2019   Češi pomáhají initiative says Czech families ready to take in child migrants
 21.11.2019   CzechToll/SkyToll extends number of registration places for new tolling system
 21.11.2019   Weather forecast
 21.11.2019   Fish caught in the Vltava found to contain less mercury than those sold in stores
 21.11.2019   People can experience homelessness within annual awareness campaign
 21.11.2019   Interior ministers from Central Europe meeting in Prague
 21.11.2019   Senator Hilšer to run for president in 2023 elections
 21.11.2019   Experts estimate that 40 percent of 16-year-olds have tried e-cigarettes
 21.11.2019   Home Credit withdraws decision to enter Hong Kong Stock Exchange
 20.11.2019   Cases of dementia on the rise, but patients lack adequate support
 20.11.2019   Zeman: NATO should focus primarily on combating international terrorism
 20.11.2019   Czech army to adopt new command and control system from 2020
 20.11.2019   Statisticians: Czechs die at an older age, but main causes of death remain the same
 20.11.2019   Weather
 20.11.2019   Czech army to take charge of EU training mission in Mali
 20.11.2019   Petříček: “Shocking violence in Hong Kong is no solution!”
 20.11.2019   Police crackdown results in nine charges of tax cuts and money laundering worth CZK 131 million
 20.11.2019   EHM conditionally agrees deal with ČEZ on mining Czech lithium
 20.11.2019   Doubravka wooden lookout tower in Prague damaged by fire
 20.11.2019   Police want to test facial recognition technology in Prague
 19.11.2019   Výborný standing down as Christian Democrats after family tragedy
 19.11.2019   Farmers expect rise in commodities sales this year
 19.11.2019   Strýcová parts company with coach after best season of career
 19.11.2019   Eight injured in explosion at waste disposal facility
 19.11.2019   Czech PM Babiš pledges support for territorial integrity on Ukraine visit
 19.11.2019   Weather forecast
 19.11.2019   Major renovations of Karlovy Vary’s Thermal hotel begin
 19.11.2019   Nedomanský becomes second Czech inducted into hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto
 19.11.2019   Student protest ends as Charles U. agrees to address climate change
 18.11.2019   Over 136,000 sign on to Million Moments for Democracy ‘challenge’
 18.11.2019   Czechs approve digital tax on internet firms like Facebook, Google, Amazon
 18.11.2019   Hundreds bid final farewell to Jan Stráský, Czechoslovak’s last PM
 18.11.2019   Prague to remove Jewish tombstone fragments now paving pedestrian zone
 18.11.2019   Tripartite fails to agree on 2020 minimum wage level
 18.11.2019   Weather outlook
 18.11.2019   Christian Democrat leader may resign in wake of wife’s death
 18.11.2019   Czech PM, trade minister, business delegation to visit Ukraine
 18.11.2019   Czech Medals of Merit for Diplomacy awarded to 12 people
 18.11.2019   Ex-lobbyist Marek Dalík granted conditional release from prison
 18.11.2019   Czechs lose to Bulgaria 0-1 in last match of EURO 2020 qualifiers
 18.11.2019   Memory of Nations awards honour those who showed courage towards Eastern Bloc regimes
 17.11.2019   PM honours victims of communism with fellow Visegrad Four leaders in Slovakia
 17.11.2019   Church bells ring across the country as revoltionary anthem fills the airwaves
 17.11.2019   Up to 10,000 people take part in march recreating route taken by protestors in 1989
 17.11.2019   Opposition party leaders gather to commemorate Václav Havel at his grave
 17.11.2019   Nazi shutdown of universities on November 17, 1939 commemorated in Prague's Albertov
 17.11.2019   Weather
 17.11.2019   Prague City Hall to extend parking zones
 17.11.2019   PM: “Velvet Revolution was most important event in modern Czech history”
 17.11.2019   "King of Šumava" Josef Hasil dies aged 95
 17.11.2019   Czechs mark 30 years since the onset of the Velvet Revolution
 17.11.2019   PM lays flowers at Velvet Revolution memorial amid loud disagreement from onlookers
 16.11.2019   Weather
 16.11.2019   Czech and Slovak presidents open Czech House in Bratislava
 16.11.2019   Environment Ministry against coal mining in Czech-Polish border region
 16.11.2019   Up to 300,000 people attend anti-Babiš demonstration on Prague's Letná plain
 16.11.2019   Hundreds of Czechs living abroad join in anti-Babiš protests
 16.11.2019   Plane crashes into Labe river
 16.11.2019   Students vow to continue occupying main building of Charles University until end of weekend
 16.11.2019   Tomáš Berdych expected to announce end of tennis career
 16.11.2019   Czechoslovak New Wave film maker Vojtěch Jasný dies aged 93
 15.11.2019   Alleged Russian hacker Nikulin demands compensation from Czech Justice Ministry
 15.11.2019   Poll: increasing number of Czechs satisfied with quality of life after 1989
 15.11.2019   Czech motorway network to be extended by 34 kilometres in 2019
 15.11.2019   Weather
 15.11.2019   Slovak national charged with terrorism sentenced for public safety threat
 15.11.2019   Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to visit Ukraine next week
 15.11.2019   Football: Czechs beat Kosovo to secure spot in Euro 2020
 15.11.2019   Russian ambassador summoned to explain Czech NGO ban
 15.11.2019   British philosopher Roger Scruton to receive Senate’s Silver Medal award
 14.11.2019   TOP 09 calls on Moscow to respect human rights
 14.11.2019   Weather forecast
 14.11.2019   State attorney files charges in connection with leaks of police wiretappings in 2009
 14.11.2019   Government to debate proposal to increase age ceiling for IVF
 14.11.2019   Senate marks 30 years of freedom
 14.11.2019   Panel exhibition on Velvet Revolution opens in seat of European Parliament
 14.11.2019   Prague City Transport company gearing up for freedom celebrations
 14.11.2019   Students hold occupational strike at Karolinum demanding rector’s resignation
 13.11.2019   Weather forecast
 13.11.2019   Czech-Chinese Centre at Charles University to be closed down
 13.11.2019   Czech embassy officials to visit refugee camps in Greece
 13.11.2019   Czech pilgrims attend public audience with Pope Francis
 13.11.2019   Václav Havel Airport planning expansion
 13.11.2019   Tennis star Berdych expected to announce retirement this weekend
 13.11.2019   Russian authorities effectively ban Czech NGO People in Need
 12.11.2019   Ministry approves multi-billion crown acquisition of US helicopters
 12.11.2019   Charles University students launch occupational strike over climate
 12.11.2019   Czech delegation takes part in Vatican mass on 30th anniversary of canonisation of St. Agnes
 12.11.2019   Zeman to attend Velvet Revolution celebrations in Bratislava but not Prague
 12.11.2019   Berlin Philharmonic to open 75th Prague Spring with special concert
 12.11.2019   Weather forecast
 12.11.2019   New breakwaters now in place at Prague’s Charles Bridge
 12.11.2019   iRozhlas: PM Babiš misses more lower house sessions than predecessors
 12.11.2019   Press: Czech minimum wage lowest in Central Europe
 12.11.2019   Czech police seize 142 kg of khat inbound from Israel
 11.11.2019   ‘Million Moments’ issues ultimatum to PM Babiš ahead of Nov. 16 protest
 11.11.2019   Czechia ranked fourth among OECD countries in pure alcohol consumption
 11.11.2019   Ex-PM’s wife, top lobbyist, acquitted of abusing BIS classified info
 11.11.2019   NKÚ audit: Trade Ministry improperly used EU funds to pay for social events
 11.11.2019   Weather outlook
 11.11.2019   Temelín nuclear power plant Unit 1 disconnected due to ‘vibrating’ turbine
 11.11.2019   Press: Czech billionaire’s consumer lender Home Credit delaying Hong Kong IPO
 11.11.2019   Czech Republic celebrates Veterans’ Day
 11.11.2019   Czech anti-monopoly office confirms CZK 8.3 mn fine on
 11.11.2019   Pilsen court begins fraud proceedings against doctors, insurance agents
 11.11.2019   Thirty years since Teplice environmental protests that just preceded November 17
 11.11.2019   Czech footballers gather in Prague ahead of final Euro qualifiers
 10.11.2019   Commissioner Jourová rejects Macron assertion NATO is brain dead
 10.11.2019   Czechs win Karjala Tournament for only second time ever
 10.11.2019   Poll puts Social Democrats and Okamura party exiting lower house
 10.11.2019   Cinematographer Smutný: I shot footage of Palach in hospital bed
 10.11.2019   Czechs beat Finland for second victory in Karjala Tournament
 10.11.2019   Weather forecast
 10.11.2019   Hejnová named Czech Athlete of Year for third time
 10.11.2019   Prague 3 offers students cheap rents for spending time with seniors
 10.11.2019   Minister proposes considerable rise in benefits for poor
 9.11.2019   Thousands of Catholics heading to Rome for St. Agnes canonisation anniversary
 9.11.2019   Zeman attends events marking 30th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall
 9.11.2019   First snow of winter reported in Šumava
 9.11.2019   GPs out of flu vaccines at best time for inoculation
 9.11.2019   Subcarpathian Ruthenians apologise to Zeman over Crimea statement claim
 9.11.2019   Closure of Prague embankment extended as city weighs long-term change
 9.11.2019   Weather forecast
 8.11.2019   Czech Republic can introduce reverse charge mechanism on VAT
 8.11.2019   Weather forecast
 8.11.2019   Majority of Czech households say income covers their needs
 8.11.2019   Police trace man who drove Formula 1 car on Czech highway
 8.11.2019   Lower house approves bill on digital services
 8.11.2019   Communist MP found guilty of plagiarism
 8.11.2019   Czechs to honour war veterans by series of events
 8.11.2019   Hockey: Czechs get season off to winning start against Sweden in Karjala Cup
 7.11.2019   Eurostat : Czechs more satisfied with life than average EU citizens
 7.11.2019   Bronze Age sword unearthed in north-east Bohemia
 7.11.2019   European Commission lowers Czech GDP growth outlook to 2.5 percent
 7.11.2019   Weather
 7.11.2019   Czech deputies approve mutual protection of Czech and Slovak airspace
 7.11.2019   Czech president and foreign minister to mark the fall of Berlin Wall
 7.11.2019   Annual Mezipatra Queer Film festival gets underway
 7.11.2019   Renovated Lennon Wall to be unveiled in Prague
 7.11.2019   Last prime minister of Czechoslovakia Jan Stráský dies aged 78
 7.11.2019   Karolína Plíšková parts ways with trainer Conchita Martínez
 6.11.2019   Budweiser Budvar and Žatec hops to be protected brands in China
 6.11.2019   “Czechoslovak Mona Lisa” on display at Prague’s Municipal House
 6.11.2019   Head of Constitutional Court most trusted state official according to STEM poll
 6.11.2019   Former Prague Imam to face court case after being charged with supporting terrorism
 6.11.2019   Weather
 6.11.2019   iHNed: Domestic banks among best in Europe in terms of dividends
 6.11.2019   Year-on-year industrial production slowing down, analysts fear impact of German recession
 6.11.2019   End of Hitler mask sales as Prague authorities terminate lease agreement with vendor
 6.11.2019   Police in South Moravia uncover group that exported drugs to USA
 6.11.2019   Schools closed as unions hold one-day strike over pay
 6.11.2019   Slavia draw with Barcelona at Camp Nou in Champions League
 5.11.2019   Sixteen states call in Prague for no reduction in cohesion spending under next EU budget
 5.11.2019   General Petr Pavel raises possibility of standing for president
 5.11.2019   Poll puts ANO far in front and Tricolour close to reaching threshold
 5.11.2019   Injured Schick left out of Euro 2020 qualifiers squad
 5.11.2019   Weather forecast
 5.11.2019   Pirates MEP quits party leadership after vote fails to oust Michálek
 5.11.2019   Communist MP Grospič apologises over 1968 invasion comments
 5.11.2019   Pirate Party vice chair Jakub Michálek retains position after inconclusive ‘bullying’ vote
 5.11.2019   EU countries meeting in Prague to discuss post-Brexit cohesion policy
 4.11.2019   Criminal Code may be amended to allow evidence gathered by intelligence services
 4.11.2019   NKU report: Czechia lacks legislation to fight drought
 4.11.2019   Weather outlook
 4.11.2019   Respekt: Syrians reject Czech PM’s proposal to build centre for war orphans
 4.11.2019   Ice hockey: Jakub Vrána scores first NHL hat trick, as Caps beat Flames 4-2
 4.11.2019   PM Babiš: govt won’t change salary proposal in face of teachers’ strike
 4.11.2019   Pirates voting on possible dismissal of deputy chair Jakub Michálek over ‘bullying’
 4.11.2019   Putin awards Russian ‘Order of Friendship’ to Czech composer Petrov of ‘Krtek’ fame
 4.11.2019   Czech soldiers train for tight border security scenario
 3.11.2019   Record furniture makers expect record sales in 2019
 3.11.2019   BIS: China attempts to recruit Czech intelligence agents
 3.11.2019   Weather
 3.11.2019   Strýcová loses in WTA Finals doubles final
 3.11.2019   CRIF: 2019 to see record number of businesses close
 3.11.2019   Hundreds attend procession to Prague’s Vyšehrad cemetery
 3.11.2019   One of the men injured by explosion at Semtex plant has died
 2.11.2019   Tennis: Plíšková knocked out of WTA Finals
 2.11.2019   Meteorologists warn of high winds
 2.11.2019   Kupka painting auctioned for 16 million crowns
 2.11.2019   Weather
 2.11.2019   Foreign Minister Petříček to visit Vatican in November
 2.11.2019   Three people injured by explosion at Semtex plant remain in critical condition
 1.11.2019   Weather outlook
 1.11.2019   Teachers plan nationwide all-day strike on 6 November over salaries
 1.11.2019   Czech Post head offers sites for PM Babiš’s planned government quarter
 1.11.2019   CVVM poll: Support rises for Babiš’s ANO, drops below 5 pct threshold for Okamura’s SPD
 1.11.2019   One in five Czechs plan cemetery visits on Dušičky (All Souls’ Day)
 1.11.2019   Czechs develop AI system to cover Prague Stock Exchange news
 1.11.2019   Kyiv calls in Czech ambassador over Prague Castle invite to pro-Russian Crimean Tatars
 1.11.2019   Czech scientists grow plants for cultivation on Mars using aeroponics
 1.11.2019   Ex-Energy Regulatory Office head Vitásková gets suspended sentence for abuse of power
 1.11.2019   Czech manufacturing PMI edges up 45.0 in October, weakest since mid-2009
 1.11.2019   Four people injured by explosion at Semtex plant
 1.11.2019   Sixth annual Aussie and Kiwi film fest gets underway in Prague
 31.10.2019   Tennis: Kvitová knocked out of WTA Championships
 31.10.2019   USAID: Czech NGO sector’s public image deteriorates
 31.10.2019   Freezing temperatures recorded in many parts of Czechia
 31.10.2019   EU legal adviser says Czech stance on refugee quotas violated EU law
 31.10.2019   Legendary U.S. saxophonist Charles Lloyd to perform in Prague
 31.10.2019   Weather
 31.10.2019   Activists continue to protest against sale of Počerady power plant
 31.10.2019   Kelarová and Roma children’s choir to play UK show on Thursday
 31.10.2019   Criticism after pro-Russian activists invited to Zeman event
 30.10.2019   Court rehabilitates late Milan Píka over unjustified jailing by Communists
 30.10.2019   Fifty years since death of Bohumil Peroutka after self-immolation
 30.10.2019   Dangerous pathway to Prague’s Main Station widened
 30.10.2019   Czechoslovaks executed in USSR honoured in Prague
 30.10.2019   Local dollar millionaires expect crisis inside two years
 30.10.2019   Case of death of Jan Masaryk reopened after recording find
 30.10.2019   Weather forecast
 30.10.2019   Tokyo Olympics set to be most costly ever for Czech team
 30.10.2019   Environment protest at brown coal mine enters second day
 29.10.2019   Communist Party leadership fails to reprimand Grospič for shocking 1968 claims
 29.10.2019   Weather forecast
 29.10.2019   Ruling ANO party would win landslide victory in general elections
 29.10.2019   Czech Republic 41st on World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking for 2019
 29.10.2019   Czech senator files complaint with European court over PM’s suspected conflict of interest
 29.10.2019   Environmental activists protesting against sale of Počerady electric power plant to Tykac
 29.10.2019   Interior Ministry moves to quell security concerns in wake of al-Baghdadi killing
 29.10.2019   Czech Catholic priest being investigated for paedophilia in Poland
 28.10.2019   President hands out state awards on Czechoslovak Independence Day
 28.10.2019   Weather forecast
 28.10.2019   Slovak president highlights significance of October 28 anniversary
 28.10.2019   Union of Freedom Fighters warns of rebirth of neo-Nazism and antisemitism
 28.10.2019   President appoints new army and police generals
 28.10.2019   Congratulations pour in from foreign statesmen on Czechoslovak Independence Day
 28.10.2019   Ceremony at Vítkov launches day of commemorative events
 28.10.2019   Czechs celebrating Czechoslovak Independence Day
 27.10.2019   Traditional ceremonies take place ahead of Czechoslovak Independence Day
 27.10.2019   Weather forecast
 27.10.2019   Police shooting investigated
 27.10.2019   Two-seater aircraft crashes near Mikulovice
 27.10.2019   Tragic accident makes headline news as teenager speaks out
 27.10.2019   Kvitová loses to Osaka at WTA Finals
 27.10.2019   Czech Radio announces winners of Best Actor/Actress on the Airwaves poll
 26.10.2019   Weather forecast
 26.10.2019   Czech Republic has fifth largest increase in HIV cases in eight-year-period
 26.10.2019   Study: A fifth of Czech groceries rip off unsuspecting foreigners
 26.10.2019   Deer Moat opens to public
 26.10.2019   Traffic restrictions in Prague due to repair work
 26.10.2019   Growing number of rapes being reported
 26.10.2019   Cabinet to approve new national cultural monuments
 25.10.2019   Karel Gott to be buried in Prague’s Malvazinky Cemetery
 25.10.2019   Tennis: Five Czechs competing at WTA Finals in China
 25.10.2019   David Rath corruption case going to Supreme Court
 25.10.2019   ‘Friends of Czech Culture’ prizes awarded
 25.10.2019   Weather outlook
 25.10.2019   Deloitte: Prague rental rates have risen nearly 50 pct since mid-2014
 25.10.2019   Zeman slams BIS chief over ‘fictitious’ hunt for Russian, Chinese spies
 25.10.2019   Celebrated Czech abstract artist Karel Malich dies aged 95
 25.10.2019   MPs to debate proposal raising taxes on alcohol, cigarettes
 25.10.2019   Survey: Half of Czech households set no family budget
 25.10.2019   Russian Embassy condemns vandalizing of statues commemorating Red Army
 25.10.2019   Jihlava Documentary Film Festival underway
 24.10.2019   Doctors: President suffering from nutritional disorder resulting in muscle loss
 24.10.2019   Weather forecast
 24.10.2019   August 21st to be day in memory of victims of Soviet-led invasion
 24.10.2019   Historical Prague centre could be put on list of World Heritage in Danger
 24.10.2019   Slavia beaten 2:1 by Barcelona in Group F Champions League match
 24.10.2019   Senate commission invites PM for questioning
 24.10.2019   Pirate Party deputy chair under fire for bullying subordinates
 24.10.2019   Leading opposition politicians to be absent from award-giving ceremony at Prague Castle
 24.10.2019   2020 state budget draft approved in first reading
 23.10.2019   President’s medical records to be released on Thursday
 23.10.2019   Weather forecast
 23.10.2019   Lower house debating 2020 budget in first reading
 23.10.2019   Energy experts say construction of new electric power plants is vital
 23.10.2019   Czech president, PM to visit Slovakia on anniversary of Velvet Revolution
 23.10.2019   Lower house rejects proposal for introduction of euthanasia
 23.10.2019   Foreign Minister Petříček: Tureky’s membership in EU “inconceivable“
 23.10.2019   Temperature records broken around country
 22.10.2019   Petříček for tougher sanctions against Turkey over military action
 22.10.2019   PM Babiš to miss budget debate due to Japan visit
 22.10.2019   MPs agree to late session for keenly observed vote on Czech TV reports
 22.10.2019   Czech apartment prices jump 10 percent in second quarter
 22.10.2019   Weather forecast
 22.10.2019   French author Michon receives Franz Kafka Prize
 22.10.2019   Forty percent of Czech households include dogs
 22.10.2019   President to award record number of honours during Statehood Day celebrations
 22.10.2019   Survey finds that nearly a quarter of Czechs do not know when Velvet Revolution began
 21.10.2019   Four Social Democrat MPs suggest public media scrutiny be moved from Parliament to independent auditors
 21.10.2019   Russian Embassy denies existence of intelligence operation referred to by BIS
 21.10.2019   City Hall to cancel memorandum of understanding with electric scooter company
 21.10.2019   Groundwater levels on the rise
 21.10.2019   Auditors find misconduct in party’s management of election finances
 21.10.2019   Weather
 21.10.2019   Prague Airport to increase capacity up to 23 million annual travellers by 2035
 21.10.2019   BIS: Czech intelligence broke Russian intelligence network in 2018
 21.10.2019   Havlíček: Country will lack electricity if new power plants not built soon
 21.10.2019   PM under fire over preparations for EU presidency
 21.10.2019   Kokoscka’s View from the Monastery of the Knights of the Cross with a Red Star sells for record 78.5 million crowns
 20.10.2019   President Zeman leaves hospital
 20.10.2019   Weather forecast
 20.10.2019   Czech PM to attend enthronement ceremony of new Japanese emperor
 20.10.2019   Czech singers give birthday concert for chanson queen Hana Hegerová
 20.10.2019   Former Czech president Václav Klaus to receive high state distinction
 20.10.2019   Over 30,000 join campaign to save Czech forests
 20.10.2019   Czech PM regrets postponement of vote on Brexit
 19.10.2019   Weather forecast
 19.10.2019   Commemorative mass at St. Vitus for victims of Heydrich Terror
 19.10.2019   Unique collection of Bronze Age objects on display at Roztoky chateau near Prague
 19.10.2019   Priest Tomáš Halík to receive Order of Merit from German president
 19.10.2019   Culture minister says state attorney should assess committee’s conclusions in OKD sale
 19.10.2019   Fate of traditional New Year fireworks display unclear
 19.10.2019   Museum to Czech RAF pilots opens in Ivančice
 18.10.2019   Czech officer elected Interpol vice president
 18.10.2019   Weather forecast
 18.10.2019   Czech MPs welcome ceasefire in Syria, but stress need to find long-term solution
 18.10.2019   Chinese national committed misdemeanour in skirmish with pro-Tibetan demonstrators in Prague
 18.10.2019   Czech PM regrets EU failed to launch accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia
 18.10.2019   Last Czech RAF pilot General Emil Boček hospitalized
 18.10.2019   Prague City Council raises waste collection fees 30 percent
 18.10.2019   FAMU student Daria Kascheeva receives student Oscar in Los Angeles
 17.10.2019   President Zeman calls on China to continue mutual cooperation
 17.10.2019   President Zeman checks into hospital for several days
 17.10.2019   Production of passenger cars up by 0.7 percent in Q3
 17.10.2019   Government report: 230,830 people homeless in Czechia
 17.10.2019   Survey: 37 percent of Prague car drivers prefer to use public transport
 17.10.2019   Weather
 17.10.2019   German tourist pleads guilty to spray painting graffiti on Charles Bridge
 17.10.2019   Petition calls on Charles University rector to resign over Home Credit agreement
 17.10.2019   Court rehabilitates Pavel Wonka, last dissident to die in Communist prison
 16.10.2019   PM Babiš: Czechs must expand nuclear power regardless of EU law
 16.10.2019   Weather outlook
 16.10.2019   MPs agree to stricter rules for breeders, ‘puppy farms’
 16.10.2019   Romani Museum invites designs for Lety concentration camp memorial
 16.10.2019   Czech MoD considering initial bids in CZK 50 bn fighting vehicle tender
 16.10.2019   Czech ‘bone church’ to ban selfies, citing disrespectful tourists
 16.10.2019   ADR: Most orphanages fall short of key staff levels set by law
 16.10.2019   MPs propose legalising euthanasia for Czech citizens, permanent residents
 16.10.2019   Poll: Half of Czechs would not mind an authoritarian ruler
 16.10.2019   Mortgage rates fall for eighth month in row
 16.10.2019   Czech lower house condemns Turkish incursions into Syria
 15.10.2019   Czech Republic 21st among EU states in gender equality
 15.10.2019   Constitutional Court rejects bill taxing financial restitution to faith groups
 15.10.2019   PM backs massive army spending at centenary event
 15.10.2019   Dutch brothers to serve 5.5 and 5 years over attack on Prague waiter
 15.10.2019   Weather forecast
 15.10.2019   Football: Czechs lose 2:3 to Northern Ireland in friendly
 15.10.2019   Government passes record low budget for Czechia's EU presidency in 2022
 15.10.2019   Government halts armaments exports to Turkey
 14.10.2019   Kurds protest in Prague against Turkish military operations in Syria
 14.10.2019   EU’s future regional funding budget for Czechia to be 20 percent lower
 14.10.2019   Minister tells Turkish ambassador country should stop military operations in northern Syria
 14.10.2019   Weather
 14.10.2019   Siniaková and Krejčíková qualify for doubles WTA Finals
 14.10.2019   Public pay last respects to deceased actress and Charter 77 signatory Vlasta Chramostová
 14.10.2019   Moody’s downgrades outlook for Czech banking sector
 14.10.2019   Court: State apology not necessary for Zeman’s statement about Peroutka
 14.10.2019   D1 motorway accident leaves one dead, 10 injured, 4 cars aflame
 13.10.2019   190-km Czech pilgrimage path links mythical mountains of Říp, Blaník
 13.10.2019   Poll: PM’s ANO party at 30 pct support, partner Soc Dems at 5 pct threshold
 13.10.2019   Government to discuss Czech EU Presidency draft budget
 13.10.2019   Slovak president cancels Forum 2000 address in Prague due to illness
 13.10.2019   Weather outlook
 13.10.2019   Czech Radio’s ‘Project 68’ reconstructing Soviet invasion wins Prix Europa
 13.10.2019   ČNB: One-third fewer counterfeit banknotes, coins detected in Q3
 13.10.2019   Rents in Brno, Pilsen grew faster in Q3 than in Prague
 12.10.2019   Czech Genealogical Society Int'l Conference starts Tuesday in Nebraska
 12.10.2019   TOP 09 leader Jiří Pospíšil elected Prague chairman
 12.10.2019   MPs to discuss state budget, taxes, parental allowance starting Tuesday
 12.10.2019   Weather outlook
 12.10.2019   Prague Castle mass held for iconic singer Karel Gott
 12.10.2019   Beijing complains of Czech senate leader’s relations with Taiwan
 12.10.2019   1 in 5 seniors infected with pneumococcus succumbed to the disease
 12.10.2019   Euro 2020: Czech Republic beat England 2:1 in qualifier at home
 11.10.2019   Teachers unions threaten to go on strike over pay demands
 11.10.2019   Mayors call on government to halt Danube-Oder-Elbe waterway project
 11.10.2019   Thousands of people pay last respects to Karel Gott
 11.10.2019   Czech police on high alert ahead of Friday’s Euro 2020 qualifier
 11.10.2019   Netflix officially launches Czech-language user interface
 11.10.2019   Weather
 11.10.2019   Traditional fish harvest underway at Rožmberk
 11.10.2019   Extinction rebellion activists block traffic in Prague
 11.10.2019   Czech president’s proposal to revoke Kosovo recognition rejected
 10.10.2019   PM Babiš: Czechs back EU in condemning Turkish offensive in Syria
 10.10.2019   Home Credit withdraws from controversial Charles University partnership
 10.10.2019   O2 Czech Republic to remove most public phone booths by end-2019
 10.10.2019   PPF’s Škoda Transportation to deliver up to 45 metro trains to Warsaw
 10.10.2019   ČVUT’s Peter Zamarovský wins Littera Astronomica award
 10.10.2019   Weather outlook
 10.10.2019   Slovak students win competition to design Czech Embassy in Ethiopia
 10.10.2019   Czech kindergarten directors say quality of education at risk
 10.10.2019   September CPI drops 0.6 pct, biggest m/m drop since 2006
 10.10.2019   China terminates Prague-Beijing sister city agreement
 10.10.2019   Petr Čech to become ice hockey goaltender in English league
 9.10.2019   Petříček: Turkish offensive will only worsen situation for civilians and refugees
 9.10.2019   Czech university heads urge Xi Jinping not to execute professor accused of supporting separatism
 9.10.2019   Transport authorities to increase transport capacity during Karel Gott remembrance events
 9.10.2019   Lech Wałęsa to speak at this year’s Forum 2000 conference
 9.10.2019   Vietnamese shops make up largest informal retail chain in Czechia
 9.10.2019   Jan Palach Memorial opens in Všetaty
 9.10.2019   Weather
 9.10.2019   Foreign minister condemns China’s reaction to City Hall’s revocation of Prague-Beijing agreement
 9.10.2019   Communist MP under fire for allegations he plagiarised parts of his doctoral thesis
 9.10.2019   Chinese ambassador tells Prague to change approach or own interests will suffer
 9.10.2019   PM urges people to not attend Gott memorial event amid fears of overcrowding
 8.10.2019   Petříček airs concerns over possible Turkish action against Kurds
 8.10.2019   Babiš: V4 considering inviting Trump to Warsaw
 8.10.2019   Large percentage of felons with ankle tags breach rules
 8.10.2019   Bohemians 1905 fire coach Martin Hašek
 8.10.2019   Weather forecast
 8.10.2019   Committee to take criminal case against ex-ministers over OKD selloff
 8.10.2019   First Sokol Memorial Day being observed around Czech Republic
 8.10.2019   Czechs forests suffering increasing damage due to bark beetle infestation
 8.10.2019   Preparations underway for massive turnout for late Czech pop idol
 7.10.2019   61st International Brno Engineering Fair opens
 7.10.2019   Czech nominee approved for European values and transparency portfolio
 7.10.2019   Former Central Bohemian governor David Rath back in jail
 7.10.2019   Slav Epic to be shown in Moravský Krumlov for five years
 7.10.2019   Weather forecast
 7.10.2019   Prague City Hall to terminate sister-city agreement with Beijing
 7.10.2019   EU commissioner for culture to discuss protection of cultural heritage in Prague
 7.10.2019   Kvitová joins Plíšková in reaching WTA Finals
 7.10.2019   Zeman to bestow highest state honour on late Karel Gott next year
 6.10.2019   Schillerová: Social Democrats’ bank tax proposal could end coalition
 6.10.2019   Acting great and Charter 77 signatory Vlasta Chramostová dies at 92
 6.10.2019   Mrkvička, Beňačková and Svěrák honoured at Thálie awards
 6.10.2019   Unique wooden church to be built outside Brno
 6.10.2019   Electronic sick-notes trialled ahead of introduction in January
 6.10.2019   Weather forecast
 6.10.2019   Relatively warm weather expected later in month
 5.10.2019   Cabinet to next week discuss CZK 300 million in aid to African states
 5.10.2019   Moody’s raises Czech rating for first time in 17 years
 5.10.2019   Flyers beat Blackhawks in Prague NHL curtain-raiser
 5.10.2019   Weather forecast
 5.10.2019   Various suggestions for tributes to later singer Gott advanced in Prague
 5.10.2019   Chernobyl director to film Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař
 5.10.2019   Poll suggests Klaus Jr. is most trusted Czech politician
 4.10.2019   3Kino Film Festival to screen 60 films in Prague under Freedom theme
 4.10.2019   Czech Post to get CZK 3.3 bn payment, subject to EC approval
 4.10.2019   Vojtěch Filip: Communist MPs ready to back 2020 state budget
 4.10.2019   ČEZ to sell Počerady plant, shut down coal resources by 2040
 4.10.2019   Supreme Court rejects Grandi Stazioni appeal over loss of Prague rail station lease
 4.10.2019   Weather outlook
 4.10.2019   NHL: Blackhawks and Flyers face off in Prague for 2019-20 season opener
 4.10.2019   Hřib: Council may cancel Prague-Beijing sister city agreement over ‘One China’ clause
 4.10.2019   Czech gov’t to declare day of mourning for singer Karel Gott
 4.10.2019   Prague placed 19th in global ranking of smart cities
 4.10.2019   Public can pay last respects to Karel Gott at Žofín Palace next Friday
 3.10.2019   V4 heads of state support Western Balkans EU accession
 3.10.2019   Czech car sales down by eight percent in first three quarters
 3.10.2019   Archaeologists unveil new findings about Lety concentration camp
 3.10.2019   Government cancels its decision to hold state funeral for Karel Gott
 3.10.2019   Czech population grows to over 10.6 million
 3.10.2019   Weather
 3.10.2019   First snow in Krkonoše Mountains
 3.10.2019   Mayor proposes naming Prague street after late Karel Gott
 3.10.2019   Slavia suffer home defeat to Dortmund in Champions League
 2.10.2019   Babiš rejects call for tax on banking sector
 2.10.2019   Babiš and Schillerová to discuss 2020 budget in visit to Communists
 2.10.2019   Weather forecast
 2.10.2019   V4 heads of state discussing cooperation at summit at Czech presidential residence
 2.10.2019   Day of mourning to be declared when singer Karel Gott receives state funeral
 2.10.2019   Czech leaders pay tribute to late Karel Gott
 2.10.2019   Czech pop music legend Karel Gott dies at the age of 80
 2.10.2019   British ambassador to Prague: Czech-British relations must remain strong
 1.10.2019   Weather forecast
 1.10.2019   Czechs patrolling Baltic airspace report five airspace violations
 1.10.2019   Mortimer fells 300,000 cubic metres of forests
 1.10.2019   Transparency turns to Justice Ministry over decision concerning PM
 1.10.2019   Transport minister says extension of tolling system should not hurt nearby villages
 1.10.2019   PM still pushing for government quarter in Letnany district
 1.10.2019   Cardinal Duka accused of covering up sexual abuse in Dominican Order years ago
 30.9.2019   Czech and German foreign ministers sign joint statement on strategy in Prague
 30.9.2019   Věra Jourová to be grilled by European Parliament on ability to be impartial on Czech matters
 30.9.2019   Helsinki Committee: Children’s rights in Czechia have improved little since 2011
 30.9.2019   Teachers want meeting with prime minister to resolve salary strike alert
 30.9.2019   Weather
 30.9.2019   More than a quarter of Czechs worked on improving their computer skills in 2018
 30.9.2019   Czech households' debt rose by more than CZK 9 billion in August
 30.9.2019   Poll: ANO strengthens lead, Pirates still ahead of Civic Democrats
 30.9.2019   Ten people charged with corruption in government agency CzechTourism
 30.9.2019   Over 20,000 homes without power as high winds batter Czech Republic
 30.9.2019   Regional council of Central Bohemia halts infringement procedure against PM
 29.9.2019   Weather forecast
 29.9.2019   Majority of Czechs who remember communism no longer willing to stand in line
 29.9.2019   Film director Jan Schmidt dies at 85
 29.9.2019   Prskavec wins canoe slalom World Cup title
 29.9.2019   President Zeman presented with new Skoda Superb on his birthday
 29.9.2019   Labour Ministry to ask OECD for help in pension reform
 29.9.2019   Hundreds protest against PM Babiš in Brno
 28.9.2019   Series of events commemorate East German exodus via Prague in 1989
 28.9.2019   Weather forecast
 28.9.2019   Václav Klaus Jr. elected head of his new party
 28.9.2019   Thousands attend mass in Stará Boleslav on St. Wenceslas Day
 28.9.2019   Neckermann cancelling more trips as uncertainty over its future grows
 28.9.2019   Czech PM visits 9/11 memorial in New York
 28.9.2019   Senate awards outstanding personalities on eve of Czech Statehood Day
 27.9.2019   Czech memory game Pexeso inventor Zdeněk Princ dies
 27.9.2019   Weather outlook
 27.9.2019   Prague Zoo gorilla pavilion contract awarded to Strabag
 27.9.2019   Czechs on average now collect retirement benefits for 24 years, 3 months
 27.9.2019   German Embassy to mark 30th anniversary of GDR exodus via Prague
 27.9.2019   National Library showcasing rare manuscripts from age of Wenceslas IV
 27.9.2019   Anti-Babiš protesters plan 130 marches on St. Wenceslas Day
 27.9.2019   ČEZ to cooperate with NuScale in development of small modular nuclear reactors
 27.9.2019   Opposition bid to remove Czech president fails
 26.9.2019   Kvitová and Plíšková both make it to WTA Tour semi-finals
 26.9.2019   Prague Spring and Khamoro festival receive top international award
 26.9.2019   Culture Minister reverses predecessor’s decision on National Gallery director
 26.9.2019   Court rejects MPs’ proposal to overturn Energy Regulatory Authority’s pricing decision
 26.9.2019   Americans make up majority of study abroad students in Czech Republic
 26.9.2019   Weather
 26.9.2019   Prague’s new multifunctional hall O2 Universum to open on Thursday
 26.9.2019   HN: National Cyber and Information Security Agency lacks funding and sufficent workforce
 26.9.2019   PM Babiš says Czechia aims to be innovation leader in UN speech
 25.9.2019   Report: Most cyber-attacks in Czechia come from other countries
 25.9.2019   Czech clients of Thomas Cook facing problems abroad
 25.9.2019   Czech National Bank keeps interest rates unchanged
 25.9.2019   Czechs take two silver medals at Canoe Slalom World Championship
 25.9.2019   Weather
 25.9.2019   Slovak President Čaputová among guests at Forum 2000 conference
 25.9.2019   President Zeman to attend Chinese Embassy’s reception at Žofín
 25.9.2019   Ban on cyclists and canoeists consuming alcohol to remain in place
 25.9.2019   Babiš to discuss global problems in UN address
 24.9.2019   Social Democrats not to support move to take Zeman to Constitutional Court
 24.9.2019   Teachers declare strike alert after pay talks breakdown
 24.9.2019   Weather forecast
 24.9.2019   Study: Teachers’ pay still relatively low in Czech Republic
 24.9.2019   Minister says postal service should be in profit within three years
 24.9.2019   Confidence in the Czech economy hits five-year-low
 24.9.2019   Czech PM criticizes climate change summit for putting rhetoric over actions
 23.9.2019   Pavel Podruh wins Outstanding Young Person Award
 23.9.2019   Weather forecast
 23.9.2019   2019 Jaroslav Seifert Prize to go to philosopher Miroslav Petříček
 23.9.2019   Municipalities given a year to make their web-pages disability-friendly
 23.9.2019   Neckermann travel agency says it will get its Czech clients home safely
 23.9.2019   Minister planning state-subsidized crèches
 23.9.2019   Prague event draws attention to lack of space for street art
 23.9.2019   Czech biker Nash wins World Cup event in Waterloo
 22.9.2019   Foreign Minister: Czechia should decide about its own energy mix
 22.9.2019   Tennis: Karolína Muchová claims first WTA title at Korea Open
 22.9.2019   Weather
 22.9.2019   Zeman not to attend events marking anniversary of Velvet Revolution
 22.9.2019   President to sign extended law on electronic cash registers
 22.9.2019   Carriers start registering in new electronic toll system
 22.9.2019   Some 220,000 visitors attend NATO Days
 21.9.2019   Weather
 21.9.2019   Thousands take part in rubbish clean up across Czech Republic
 21.9.2019   Defence Minister: army contract for US helicopters to be signed by end of year
 21.9.2019   Most expensive painting by Kupka on display in Opočno
 21.9.2019   NATO Days airshow underway in Ostrava
 21.9.2019   Different City Experience outdoor festival gets underway
 21.9.2019   Tennis: Karolína Muchová reaches Seoul finals
 20.9.2019   President Zeman would halt possible prosecution of PM if case is reopened
 20.9.2019   Czech students join climate change protests
 20.9.2019   Weather forecast
 20.9.2019   Political scientists: PM’s supporters will remain loyal
 20.9.2019   Deputy PM says interference from president in PM’s favour would be inappropriate
 20.9.2019   PM refuses to speculate about the possibility of renewed investigation
 20.9.2019   Supreme Court rejects German Order’s complaint seeking return of Czech castle
 19.9.2019   Four biggest Czech banks agree to join PM Babiš’s National Development Fund
 19.9.2019   Prague 3 rejects Eva Jiřičná design for new Žižkov high rise
 19.9.2019   Weather outlook
 19.9.2019   Prosecutor's Office explains decision to drop Stork’s Nest case against PM Babiš
 19.9.2019   Post Office cancels auction of Prague’s Smíchov monastery
 19.9.2019   Prague court acquits ex-StB worker of harassing Charter 77 signatories
 19.9.2019   Czech Ombudsman: Proper care and nutrition for elderly, dementia patients lacking
 19.9.2019   V4 defence ministers meet in Ostrava ahead of NATO Days
 19.9.2019   reSite conference gets underway in Prague
 18.9.2019   Production of new Škoda Superb iV plug-in hybrid launched at Kvasiny
 18.9.2019   Social Watch report: inequalities prevail in Czech Republic
 18.9.2019   Prague State Attorney’s Office: decision to halt PM’s investigation is legally binding
 18.9.2019   Weather
 18.9.2019   Czech drug smuggler denied parole in New Zealand
 18.9.2019   Survey: Czechs’ financial literacy slightly better than last year
 18.9.2019   Foreign Minister: Konev statue removal won’t hurt Czech-Russian relations
 18.9.2019   C-5 Super Galaxy to dominate upcoming NATO Days in Ostrava
 18.9.2019   Czech Republic ranks 24th in world in quality of life survey
 18.9.2019   Slavia draw 1:1 with Inter Milan in Champions League
 17.9.2019   Top photographers refuse to take part in Czech Press Photo
 17.9.2019   Unions recommend negotiators push for rises of up to 7 percent
 17.9.2019   Berousek circus to cease touring Czech Republic
 17.9.2019   Survey identifies six classes in Czech society
 17.9.2019   Weather forecast
 17.9.2019   Slavia boss eyes third spot as Champions League campaign starts at Inter
 17.9.2019   Babiš: No need to fight climate change in style of fanatical religion
 17.9.2019   Woman with transplanted womb gives birth in Czech Republic for first time
 17.9.2019   President and prime minister debate foreign policy issues at Lany
 17.9.2019   Ukraine protests against visit by Czech delegation to Crimea
 16.9.2019   Government approves draft budget for 2020
 16.9.2019   Bus passenger takes the wheel to prevent disastrous crash
 16.9.2019   Weather forecast
 16.9.2019   State attorney who halted case against PM says no political pressure was exerted
 16.9.2019   Three people found guilty of fraud in Kladruby stud farm reconstruction
 16.9.2019   The Painted Bird to represent Czech Republic in Oscars race
 16.9.2019   Plíšková wins Zhengzhou Open in China
 15.9.2019   Weather forecast
 15.9.2019   Aviation accidents involving small aircraft growing
 15.9.2019   Supreme Audit Office: State budget unprepared to deal with recession
 15.9.2019   Bonfire at Lany in memory of Czechoslovakia’s first president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk
 15.9.2019   Trade unions to demonstrate for higher wages
 15.9.2019   Hundreds join march in support of “traditional family model”
 15.9.2019   Lipová named Village of the Year 2019
 14.9.2019   Weather forecast
 14.9.2019   Czechs place 6th at FIBA World Championship
 14.9.2019   Communist Party calls on government to prevent removal of Konev statue
 14.9.2019   Vietnamese human rights activists voice safety concerns
 14.9.2019   Young generation not happy with political situation, housing accessibility and climate change
 14.9.2019   Czech and Russian authorities resolve air traffic dispute
 14.9.2019   Law on cash registers extended to remaining businesses
 13.9.2019   Opposition politicians say decision not to prosecute PM must be thoroughly justified
 13.9.2019   Weather forecast
 13.9.2019   Deputy foreign minister summons Russian ambassador over Konev row
 13.9.2019   Czech film Daughter wins student Oscar
 13.9.2019   Ruling coalition agrees on salary hike for public sector employees
 13.9.2019   Prague State Attorney’s Office halts fraud investigation involving Czech PM and his family
 13.9.2019   Smartwings admits pilot error on one-engine flight
 13.9.2019   Supporters of same-sex marriage demonstrate in Prague
 12.9.2019   Konev statue to be replaced by memorial to liberating army
 12.9.2019   Visegrad leaders express satisfaction with new EC portfolios
 12.9.2019   Weather forecast
 12.9.2019   President Zeman says China’s boycott of Czech culture “unwise, but understandable”
 12.9.2019   PM: Artificial intelligence is the country’s future
 12.9.2019   President Zeman dismisses claim he voiced support for Ruthenian independence
 12.9.2019   Czech singer Karel Gott suffering from acute leukaemia
 11.9.2019   Czechs lose to Australia 70:82 in Basketball World Cup
 11.9.2019   Petříček: Foreign Ministry readying next steps over Konev statue
 11.9.2019   Russian Foreign Ministry accuses Czech politicians initiating “war” over symbols of victory over Nazism
 11.9.2019   Petříček: “I see no reason for a debate on renouncing our recognition of Kosovo’s independence”
 11.9.2019   Weather
 11.9.2019   Kosovo withdraws participation in Prague V4 summit following Czech president’s statement
 11.9.2019   Fairtrade product sales on the rise in Czech Republic
 11.9.2019   President Zeman will try to renounce Czech recognition of independent Kosovo
 11.9.2019   Police recommend criminal charges against former regional governor for corruption
 11.9.2019   Archaeologists find unique grave of Roman era warlord in Uherský Brod
 11.9.2019   iHNed: CZ Group is considering entering the Prague stock exchange
 11.9.2019   Stanislav Fiala named Architect of Year
 11.9.2019   Czechs second in Euro qualifying group after win over Montenegro
 10.9.2019   Škoda’s new Citigio to be cheapest electric car on Czech market
 10.9.2019   TOP 09 want Russian ambassador summoned over “Nazi” comment
 10.9.2019   Von der Leyen offers Jourová values and transparency portfolio on Commission
 10.9.2019   Weather forecast
 10.9.2019   Czech Radio rejects embassy claim orchestra chose to cancel China tour
 10.9.2019   Cooler weather causes “heating season” to start in some parts of country
 10.9.2019   Suicide second-leading cause of death among Czechs aged 15-24
 10.9.2019   Press: Why Czech Army chose Vipers, Venoms over cheaper Black Hawks
 9.9.2019   Basketball: Czechs reach FIBA World Cup quarterfinals for first time
 9.9.2019   Prague councillors agree to establish Museum of 20th Century Memory
 9.9.2019   Weather outlook
 9.9.2019   Czech culture minister: China’s cancellation of concert tours damages relations
 9.9.2019   ČHMÚ: Czech summer of 2019 hottest on average since 1961
 9.9.2019   Czech kayaker Jiří Prskavec wins third World Cup title in Prague
 9.9.2019   Czech foreign policy chief in Sweden to discuss Brexit, Russia-Ukraine, EaP
 9.9.2019   Czech ČEZ sets deadline for would-be buyers of Romanian assets
 9.9.2019   Labour Office: Czech unemployment holds at 2.7 percent in August
 9.9.2019   Dvořák Prague festival opens at Prague’s Rudolfinum
 9.9.2019   Marshal Konev’s daughter wants to bring her father’s statue home to Russia
 8.9.2019   Weather forecast
 8.9.2019   Social Democrat leader suggests referendum could resolve Konev statue dispute
 8.9.2019   Poll indicates Communist Party losing support
 8.9.2019   Health minister wants to restrict alcohol and tobacco ads
 8.9.2019   Ecstasy wins award for best-digitally restored film in Venice
 8.9.2019   Czech soccer team loses to Kosovo
 8.9.2019   Art collector Meda Mládková turns 100
 7.9.2019   Czech foreign minister welcomes prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine
 7.9.2019   Weather forecast
 7.9.2019   European Heritage Days underway
 7.9.2019   Eight Czech soccer fans arrested in Pristina ahead of European Championship qualifier
 7.9.2019   Czech basketball team beats Brazil, making strong bid for quarterfinals
 7.9.2019   Committee for legal matters: lower house debate on legal action against president should be public
 7.9.2019   "The Painted Bird" wins Cinema for UNICEF award in Venice
 7.9.2019   Fresh controversy over Konev statue
 6.9.2019   Summer of 2019 the hottest in Prague’s history
 6.9.2019   Woman fined over vandalism on top of Sněžka mountain
 6.9.2019   Road fatalities caused by speeding on the rise in Czech Republic
 6.9.2019   Weather
 6.9.2019   Škoda Auto launches production of high-voltage batteries for e-cars
 6.9.2019   Czech industrial growth slightly up in July
 6.9.2019   Czech archaeologists discover remains of medieval forest
 6.9.2019   Pirates want Czechia to join Poland’s complaint against EU copyright directive
 6.9.2019   President praises state attorney for defying media opinion in case involving PM
 5.9.2019   Weather forecast
 5.9.2019   Czechs’ trust in EU institutions slowly growing
 5.9.2019   Prague hosting AAE conference on missing children
 5.9.2019   Finance Ministry proposing digital tax for large Internet companies
 5.9.2019   State Environmental Fund deputy head forced to leave office after leaking news of suspended Agrofert subsidies to press
 5.9.2019   Babiš, Petříček to represent Czechia at UN General Assembly
 5.9.2019   ČT: Beijing cancels another Prague music ensemble tour over “One-China” row
 4.9.2019   Chief Prosecutor: Still no decision in Stork's Nest case against PM Babiš
 4.9.2019   Jourová reportedly offered Commission post focused on rule of law and democracy issues
 4.9.2019   Czech MPs: Pregnant inmates should not be released automatically to care for babies
 4.9.2019   Weather outlook
 4.9.2019   ČSÚ: Average Czech monthly salary at CZK 34,000, 24 pct less than in Prague
 4.9.2019   Czech railways to install cameras at crossings in wake of deaths, impose fines
 4.9.2019   Signal Festival to present 18 light and video-mapping installations under ‘Revolution’ theme
 4.9.2019   Ex-top cop fighting organised crime steps down as head of Customs investigative branch
 4.9.2019   Marhoul’s Painted Bird receives long ovations after Venice world premiere
 3.9.2019   Benešová calls actions of prosecutor in Babiš case incomprehensible
 3.9.2019   Prague authorities considering toll on cars
 3.9.2019   Czechs beat Japan for first win at Basketball World Cup
 3.9.2019   OLAF chief: Outcome of investigation into Babiš in Czech hands
 3.9.2019   Weather forecast
 3.9.2019   Schick joins RB Leipzig from Roma
 3.9.2019   Latest draft budget anticipates higher revenues and expenditures but same deficit
 3.9.2019   Prague 6 authorities order scaffolding around Konev statue to be dismantled
 3.9.2019   Average wage up by 7.2 percent in Q2
 2.9.2019   Culture minister cancels open competition for National Gallery head
 2.9.2019   Weather forecast
 2.9.2019   Journalists’ premiere of The Painted Bird at Venice film festival
 2.9.2019   Schools reopen, welcoming over 100,000 first-graders
 2.9.2019   Opposition parties waiting for justification of decision not to prosecute PM
 2.9.2019   Union of State Attorneys says halted investigation in PM’s case must be thoroughly justified
 2.9.2019   Prosecutor halts investigation into Babiš over alleged EU subsidy abuse
 2.9.2019   Plíšková exits US Open in fourth round
 1.9.2019   Czechs lose opening game at Basketball World Cup to US
 1.9.2019   Babiš says he believes prosecutor will halt Stork’s Nest investigation
 1.9.2019   Study: Czech prices have tripled since 1993
 1.9.2019   Austrian politicians exploring legal action over financing of Dukovany completion
 1.9.2019   Weather forecast
 1.9.2019   Over 100,000 children in Czech Republic to start school Monday
 1.9.2019   iRozhlas: PM and ministries at odds over EU presidency hires
 1.9.2019   Above-average temperatures forecast for September
 31.8.2019   Lukáš Krpálek becomes judo world champion
 31.8.2019   Prague galleries hosting works from around Europe for weekend
 31.8.2019   Hundreds of police overseeing traffic on final weekend of holidays
 31.8.2019   Weather forecast
 31.8.2019   Documentation prepared on Smartwings flight with single working engine
 31.8.2019   Prague 6 mayor under police protection amid Konev statue controversy
 31.8.2019   Prosecutor expected to announce decision on Babiš charges Monday
 31.8.2019   Plíšková reaches fourth at US Open while Muchová bows out
 30.8.2019   Czech Gripens on mission to protect airspace over Baltic states
 30.8.2019   Weather forecast
 30.8.2019   State to spend 580 million crowns on reconstruction of Hotel Thermal
 30.8.2019   Fire at Lovosice chemical plant causes extensive damage
 30.8.2019   Prague 6 authorities order Konev statue to be covered up
 30.8.2019   Hundreds attend concert celebrating 30 years of freedom
 30.8.2019   Czech bass baritone Plachetka launches new CD
 29.8.2019   Slavia Prague to face Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan
 29.8.2019   Lower house to debate constitutional complaint against president in late September
 29.8.2019   Ambassador Stropnický: Czech-Israeli government negotiations will not happen this year
 29.8.2019   Weather forecast
 29.8.2019   Czech top officials attend ceremony marking 75th anniversary of Slovak National Uprising
 29.8.2019   Czech companies taking part in international trade fair in Damascus
 29.8.2019   Regional Development Ministry sends reply to EC audit on Czech PM
 29.8.2019   Czech ambassador to Lebanon: There is growing hostility to Syrian refugees
 29.8.2019   Czech Republic stripped of its “measles-free status”
 29.8.2019   Slavia beats Cluj and secures spot in Champions League
 28.8.2019   Lynx population disappearing in Krkonoše, says zoologist
 28.8.2019   President calls on Czech ambassadors to focus on economic diplomacy at Prague Castle meeting
 28.8.2019   Javelin thrower Ogrodníková to represent Europe in intercontinental duel with United States
 28.8.2019   Weather
 28.8.2019   Communist Party likely to support Finance Minister’s CZK 40 billion budget deficit plan
 28.8.2019   Nexen Tire opens first European factory near Žatec
 28.8.2019   Lesy ČR profits down by 90 percent due to bark beetle infestation
 28.8.2019   Government ministers attending bilateral talks in Warsaw
 28.8.2019   Development Ministry to send much anticipated reply to preliminary EC audit on Wednesday
 28.8.2019   Slavia face Cluj for place in Champions League
 28.8.2019   Babiš: Johnson offered assurances over Czechs in post-Brexit UK
 27.8.2019   Almost all of Prague’s replica old cars for tourists fail tests
 27.8.2019   Brno doctors deliver baby of woman in state of brain death for months
 27.8.2019   Lubomír Zaorálek appointed arts minister
 27.8.2019   Poll: ANO would win elections on 29.5 percent
 27.8.2019   Plíšková overcomes compatriot to reach round two at US Open
 27.8.2019   Weather forecast
 27.8.2019   Government to extend Sunday ban on trucks
 27.8.2019   Ex-NHL goalie Milan Hnilička named head of new Czech Sports Agency
 27.8.2019   FinMin: Czech mistakes in drawing EU funds since 2004 accession total CZK 38.4 bn
 26.8.2019   Czechs nominate Věra Jourová to serve consecutive term in EU Commission
 26.8.2019   Czech archaeologists discover 7,000-year-old trading station
 26.8.2019   Overall confidence in Czech economy rises slightly
 26.8.2019   Prague court sentences Fröhlichs, partner, over sale of CZK 30 mn in forged paintings
 26.8.2019   Weather outlook
 26.8.2019   Pechová becomes first disabled Czech woman to swim English Channel
 26.8.2019   Annual meeting of Czech Ambassadors underway in Prague
 26.8.2019   Czech Coal Commission meeting for first time to discuss nat'l energy mix
 26.8.2019   Czech PM to mark 75th anniversary of Slovak National Uprising in Banská Bystrica
 26.8.2019   Scientists inseminate last living white rhinos with sperm of dead males
 26.8.2019   Work underway on film about Prague Spring legend Alexander Dubček
 26.8.2019   Czech diver dies in underwater cave in southeast Greece
 25.8.2019   Weather forecast
 25.8.2019   Over 30,000 people living in “modern slavery” in the Czech Republic
 25.8.2019   Czech police officers helping in Bosnia
 25.8.2019   Experts deactivate hand grenade from WWII
 25.8.2019   Government expected to confirm Jourová nomination on Monday
 25.8.2019   Země Živitelka culminates with harvest festival
 25.8.2019   Konev statue cleaned up by members of public
 24.8.2019   Weather forecast
 24.8.2019   Ministries negotiate increase in spending in 2020
 24.8.2019   Czech national carrying cocaine arrested in Uruguay
 24.8.2019   Vondroušová withdraws from U.S. Open with wrist injury
 24.8.2019   Scientists step closer to saving northern white rhino
 24.8.2019   Moscow summons Czech chargé d'affaires over vandalized Konev statue
 24.8.2019   Czech swimmer Čejka wins gold at FINA World junior swimming championships
 23.8.2019   Social Democrat leader receives backing over his handling of government crisis
 23.8.2019   Labour and Social Affairs Ministry to get additional 5.9 billion in state funds
 23.8.2019   Weather forecast
 23.8.2019   Extinction Rebellion activists calling for carbon neutrality by 2025
 23.8.2019   Twenty-four charged in massive tax evasion scam
 23.8.2019   Changes to government programs for the employment of foreigners
 23.8.2019   Former Foreign Intelligence Service deputy head charged with fraud
 23.8.2019   Czech national among five killed by lightening in Tatra Mountains
 23.8.2019   PM requests appointment of new culture minister
 22.8.2019   Czech Army to acquire Viper and Venom helicopters from US
 22.8.2019   Environment minister promised larger budget to combat drought
 22.8.2019   Warsaw ready to negotiate Bogatyne border dispute with Prague
 22.8.2019   Police investigating vandalizing of Konev statue
 22.8.2019   Weather forecast
 22.8.2019   Two white storks killed by Stutox II rat poison
 22.8.2019   Fraud suspects from Taiwan file complaint against extradition verdict
 22.8.2019   President Zeman opens agricultural trade fair Země živitelka 2019
 22.8.2019   Ten thousand march on Prague Castle to mark Soviet invasion and show disaproval with current leadership
 22.8.2019   President to meet with culture minister nominee Zaorálek on Monday
 21.8.2019   Court in Plzeň sentences three men to jail for selling chemicals to methamphetamine producers
 21.8.2019   Justice minister recommends special government measure could solve issue of compensating H-System victims
 21.8.2019   Lubomír Zaorálek is new Social Democrat nominee for culture minister
 21.8.2019   Weather
 21.8.2019   Senate to hold three special conferences during November 1989 anniversary
 21.8.2019   Nearly two dozen charged following countrywide police crackdown on tax evader group
 21.8.2019   Further droughts could cost country 1.6 percent of GDP, scientists warn
 21.8.2019   Czech defence ministry to receive more money in 2020 budget
 21.8.2019   Events being held in Czech Republic to mark anniversary of August 1968 and 1969
 21.8.2019   Slavia in good position to reach Champions League after win at Cluj
 20.8.2019   Babiš wants new candidate for arts minister by Friday
 20.8.2019   Weather forecast
 20.8.2019   Talks on Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs budget bear no fruit
 20.8.2019   New map shows where and how victims of Soviet-led invasion died
 20.8.2019   Havel’s widow wins millions in libel case against tabloid
 20.8.2019   Tatra Trucks wins half billion crown contract to supply army
 20.8.2019   Jourová eyes digital, internal market or trade portfolio in Commission
 20.8.2019   Fire destroys roof of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejčíř’s villa
 20.8.2019   Šmarda withdraws candidacy for Culture Minister
 19.8.2019   NÚKIB chief denies agency briefed Senators on Foreign Ministry cyberattack
 19.8.2019   28 arrested after Baník Ostrava fans attack Sparta Praha supporters
 19.8.2019   Czech rock climber Adam Ondra knocked out of World Cup in Japan
 19.8.2019   Czech scientists develop camouflage army fatigues that change colours
 19.8.2019   Weather outlook
 19.8.2019   Auditors: Culture Ministry needs uniform, transparent system for allocating funds
 19.8.2019   Czech piano maker Petrof has best year since global crisis
 19.8.2019   7 Czech gaming studios heading to Gamescom fair in Germany
 19.8.2019   Coalition partners ANO, ČSSD remain at odds over culture minister candidate
 19.8.2019   ‘Million Moments’ plans mass anti-gov’t protest march on 21 August
 19.8.2019   Extra 1 billion crowns earmarked to recruit new teachers
 19.8.2019   Winning start for Berdych on return to court
 19.8.2019   Warning issued over depopulation of small towns and villages
 18.8.2019   Chinese Embassy protests Czech statements on Hong Kong
 18.8.2019   Babiš for coalition continuing but wants Šmarda to withdraw
 18.8.2019   One-fifth of new Prague apartments bought by foreigners
 18.8.2019   Filip: Communists would back Babiš government without Social Democrats
 18.8.2019   Registration to be compulsory for Czech drone operators under new rules
 18.8.2019   Metallica to entertain 70,000 in Prague
 18.8.2019   Weather forecast
 18.8.2019   Repairs to Prague’s Powder Tower postponed to 2020
 17.8.2019   Ostrava’s first ever LGBT pride parade takes place
 17.8.2019   Host of events planned for 30th anniversary of revolution
 17.8.2019   Plíšková misses out on chance to be world number one after Cincinnati defeat
 17.8.2019   Cabinet to discuss tax on coal and gas heating next month
 17.8.2019   Weather forecast
 17.8.2019   Okamura party MP investigated over anti-Muslim hate speech
 17.8.2019   Babiš rules out having Šmarda in his cabinet
 16.8.2019   Top-level talks on government crisis to continue next week
 16.8.2019   Weather forecast
 16.8.2019   Czech Army decorates soldiers serving in foreign missions
 16.8.2019   Czech embassy in Libya to close down
 16.8.2019   Hip Hop Kemp festival organizers claim police repressions are to blame for sliding attendance
 16.8.2019   Transport Ministry to push ahead with road construction projects
 16.8.2019   Climber Adam Ondra wins gold at Climbing World Championships in Japan
 16.8.2019   Foreign Ministry condemns cyber-attacks by foreign powers
 15.8.2019   Hunters near Brno find hares, pheasants ‘illegally poisoned’ by Stutox II
 15.8.2019   Senate committee will request Babis audits directly from Brussels
 15.8.2019   Weather forecast
 15.8.2019   Drought somewhat alleviated by persistent rain
 15.8.2019   President under fire for refusing to appoint Šmarda culture minister
 15.8.2019   Czech animated film shortlisted for student Oscar
 15.8.2019   Exhibition on Vaclav IV. and the art of his time opens at Prague Castle
 15.8.2019   President Zeman rejects SocDems’ culture minister nominee
 14.8.2019   Three Czechs accused of running modern slavery ring in England
 14.8.2019   Weather outlook
 14.8.2019   Prague plans overhaul, expansion of Výstaviště exhibition grounds
 14.8.2019   Czechia faces chronic lack of skilled craftsmen, SME association says
 14.8.2019   Letní Letná new circus fest begins with ‘sky walk’ over the Vltava
 14.8.2019   Vyškov synagogue declared Czech national cultural monument
 14.8.2019   Špilberk int'l music festival to feature Miloš Forman film scores
 14.8.2019   Nový Jičín gears up for ‘most original hat’ contest
 14.8.2019   Security experts: Czechia lags behind Nato allies in cyber defence
 14.8.2019   Major investment planned for Czech railway stations in coming years
 14.8.2019   Police arrest fake hauliers over theft of goods worth CZK 48 million
 13.8.2019   Prague’s Baroque Šlechtova restaurace set to reopen in 2020
 13.8.2019   Poll: Trust in President Zeman remains steady
 13.8.2019   Cyber security watchdog: Other state likely behind hacking of ministry
 13.8.2019   2019 burčák now on sale in South Moravia
 13.8.2019   Okamura ordered to apologise for claiming news site was linked to Soros
 13.8.2019   Weather forecast
 13.8.2019   Czech grain harvest set to outdo 2018
 13.8.2019   Říčany again judged best place to live in Czech Republic
 13.8.2019   Schillerová promises more money for ministries in 2020 budget
 12.8.2019   Call for health spending to rise to 9 percent of Czech GDP
 12.8.2019   Train driver charged over almost causing accident
 12.8.2019   Transport authority trying out hybrid buses in Prague
 12.8.2019   Sparta boss rues naive defence after defeat at Mladá Boleslav
 12.8.2019   Siniaková and Krejčíková take doubles title in Toronto
 12.8.2019   Weather forecast
 12.8.2019   Social Democrat ministers criticise Foldyna’s attendance at “anti-Pride” event
 12.8.2019   Man found guilty of Nazi salute at Okamura party event
 12.8.2019   SAO: Education Ministry has failed to implement Digital Education Strategy
 12.8.2019   Joint Forces for Prague call for meeting over Mayor Hřib’s ‘communications style’
 11.8.2019   Weather outlook
 11.8.2019   DOX exhibition of architect Eva Jiřičná’s work has drawn 40,000 visitors
 11.8.2019   European Ombudsman: EC should publish Oettinger letter to Babiš in part
 11.8.2019   WTA semi-final: Czech qualifier Marie Bouzková loses to Serena Williams
 11.8.2019   Bark beetles endanger large swathes of forest in Krkonoše Nat'l Park
 11.8.2019   Skirmish in Kutná Hora leaves FC Viktoria Plzeň fan dead
 11.8.2019   Train collision with passenger car at crossing near Olomouc injures two
 10.8.2019   Prague Pride parade draws over 30,000
 10.8.2019   Prague working to create emergency drinking water supply network
 10.8.2019   Weather outlook
 10.8.2019   Czech national 10-year census proposed for March 2021
 10.8.2019   Marie Bouzková makes WTA semi-finals in Toronto, faces Serena Williams
 10.8.2019   Post-1989: Average Czech lifespan and immigration jumps, fewer marry or have children
 9.8.2019   Czech gov’t suspends plan to use Stutox II rat poison in agricultural fields
 9.8.2019   Minister Petříček: Iran visa scandal ‘individual failing’ of recalled Amb. Čumba
 9.8.2019   Czech fighters to patrol Baltic airspace in NATO mission
 9.8.2019   Weather outlook
 9.8.2019   RegioJet to launch Prague train service to Budapest, Vienna
 9.8.2019   Endangered Red Panda escapes from Pilsen Zoo
 9.8.2019   Czech police arrest alleged members of Šumava prostitution ring
 9.8.2019   Lower house to debate Jourová’s nomination for EU commissioner
 9.8.2019   Communist Party leader under fire for linking growing pork prices to Lety farm removal
 8.8.2019   Environment Ministry slams decision to allow use of highly toxic rat poison in agriculture
 8.8.2019   Former dissidents protest against alleged attempts to re-write history
 8.8.2019   Weather forecast
 8.8.2019   Increase in foreign visitors to Prague
 8.8.2019   American Airlines to launch direct flights between Prague and Chicago
 8.8.2019   Prague to replace New Year’s fireworks with video mapping
 8.8.2019   July unemployment level rises to 2.7 percent
 7.8.2019   Windstorms and hail caused record damages in first half of 2019
 7.8.2019   Czechia not to extradite Russian banker charged with embezzlement
 7.8.2019   EC accuses Czech mobile operators of breaching EU antitrust rules
 7.8.2019   Weather
 7.8.2019   Forbes: Plíšková world’s eight highest-paid athlete
 7.8.2019   Brutal Assault heavy metal festival kicks off in Josefov
 7.8.2019   Seven wolf cubs observed in Beskydy and Javorníky mountains
 7.8.2019   Poll: Slovak president most popular foreign politician among Czechs
 7.8.2019   Further Czech investigated over participation in Ukraine conflict
 7.8.2019   Aktuálně: President removed at last moment from bill on reporting lobbying
 6.8.2019   Zeman spokesman Ovčáček to get own TV show
 6.8.2019   Industrial output weakens after four months of expansion
 6.8.2019   Protesters block entrance to Environment Ministry
 6.8.2019   Strýcová named WTA Breakthrough of Month at 33
 6.8.2019   Weather forecast
 6.8.2019   Construction of new dwellings on increase in Czech Republic
 6.8.2019   Legendary Czech striker Josef Kadraba dies at 85
 6.8.2019   Russian embassy in Prague calls Czech reaction to events in Moscow “biased”
 5.8.2019   Police and army most trusted institutions in the country
 5.8.2019   Weather forecast
 5.8.2019   Czech Railways to pay hefty fine for abuse of dominant position
 5.8.2019   Brno hosting 28th International Guitar Festival
 5.8.2019   Social Democrat leader tells PM 2020 draft budget “unrealistic”
 5.8.2019   Prague mayor demonstrates graffiti clean-up techniques
 5.8.2019   Czech president offers condolences over mass shootings in the US
 5.8.2019   Prague Pride kicks off in Czech capital
 4.8.2019   Victims of communist show-trials honoured in Jihlava
 4.8.2019   EC criticizes Czechia over lengthy EIA procedures
 4.8.2019   Weather
 4.8.2019   Marquez wins Czech Grand Prix in Brno
 4.8.2019   PM Babiš to visit Turkey in September
 4.8.2019   Czech Foreign Ministry alarmed by mass arrests at Moscow protest
 4.8.2019   Average temperatures expected in August
 3.8.2019   Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště wraps up
 3.8.2019   Some 2,000 people attend techno party in Čížkov
 3.8.2019   Weather
 3.8.2019   Prague to host international philosophy congress
 3.8.2019   Pasta Oner’s painting goes to auction at Sotheby’s in autumn
 3.8.2019   Historic chimney demolished in Ostrava
 3.8.2019   Over 600 rail-related incidents reported in first half of 2019
 2.8.2019   Czech foreign minister: Russia responsible for collapse of INF treaty
 2.8.2019   Weather forecast
 2.8.2019   Justice Ministry apologizes to Czech Radio journalist for illegal wiretapping
 2.8.2019   Czech Foreign Ministry introduces Consular Ombudsman
 2.8.2019   Greenpeace says extension of coal mining at Bílina goes against Paris Climate Agreement
 2.8.2019   Diplomats in support of Prague Pride LGBT festival
 2.8.2019   Exhibition marks 100 years of Czech Egyptology
 2.8.2019   Czechs increasingly acquiring exotic animals
 1.8.2019   Weather forecast
 1.8.2019   Slight increase in HIV infections
 1.8.2019   Woman served six years for acid attack in Plzeň
 1.8.2019   No damage done to Charles Bridge by unauthorised graffiti clean-up
 1.8.2019   Extreme drought now on 75 percent of Czech territory
 1.8.2019   Czech expats meet in Prague for two-day conference
 1.8.2019   International Organ Festival kicks off in Prague
 31.7.2019   Fifty-four people die in traffic accidents on Czech roads in July
 31.7.2019   Culture minister announces selection process for National Gallery head
 31.7.2019   Forty percent of Czechs happy with state of democracy in their country
 31.7.2019   Weather
 31.7.2019   Norwegian rescuers fail to retrieve bodies of two Czech climbers
 31.7.2019   Ziggy Marley to perform in Prague’s Archa Theatre
 31.7.2019   Social Democrat ministries lacking 20 billion crowns
 31.7.2019   Deputy minister René Schreier to head arts ministry in interim capacity
 31.7.2019   Plzeň knocked out in Champions League qualifiers by Olympiakos
 30.7.2019   Government approves funding for forestry owners hit by bark beetle
 30.7.2019   Large tender issued for removal of illegal billboards
 30.7.2019   Outgoing minister Staněk blames own party for replacement stalemate
 30.7.2019   Babiš signals change in position on carbon neutrality
 30.7.2019   Second person charged with online support for Christchurch attack
 30.7.2019   Russian denied compensation after being cleared of arson attack
 30.7.2019   Weather forecast
 30.7.2019   Eurovia: order to stop work on D1 highway will cost millions
 30.7.2019   Re-enactment of First Defenestration of Prague
 29.7.2019   PM Babiš proposes Jourová for EU commissioner
 29.7.2019   Culture Minister Staněk dismissed
 29.7.2019   Graffiti from Charles Bridge removed inexpertly
 29.7.2019   Weather forecast
 29.7.2019   ANO party still in the lead but sliding
 29.7.2019   Scientists: Animal adaptations not keeping pace with climate change
 29.7.2019   Freight train accident likely caused by human error
 29.7.2019   More than half of Czechs dissatisfied with state of judiciary
 28.7.2019   Weather
 28.7.2019   President has to act without delay on minister issue, says head of Constitutional Court
 28.7.2019   Social Affairs Ministry plans to increase state allowance for children's homes
 28.7.2019   Majority of Czechs find tattoos appealing, claims survey
 28.7.2019   Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště kicks-off by honouring director Hynek Bočan
 28.7.2019   Politicians responsible for overseeing BIS satisfied with counterintelligence service
 27.7.2019   Weather
 27.7.2019   Czech Foreign Minister visits Afghanistan
 27.7.2019   Petra Kuříková wins silver at Triathlon European Championships
 27.7.2019   Prague plans to impose boat mooring restrictions
 27.7.2019   News about cooperation with Chinese companies is false, says Chinese Embassy
 27.7.2019   Meteorologists extend heavy storms warning to Monday
 26.7.2019   “Dominator” goalie not ruling out running for president
 26.7.2019   Weather forecast
 26.7.2019   Counterintelligence service head outlines main challenges ahead
 26.7.2019   Ban on beer bikes in Prague city centre postponed
 26.7.2019   EC postpones deadline for Czech response to draft audit on PM
 26.7.2019   Lendl no longer coaching Zverev
 26.7.2019   Senate passes bill making it easier for descendants of Czech exiles to get citizenship
 26.7.2019   Police detained nearly 5,000 foreigners illegally in Czechia last year, mainly Ukrainians
 25.7.2019   Czechs detain four in connection with 2018 death of Afghan commando and terror suspect
 25.7.2019   Weather outlook
 25.7.2019   Czech anti-organised crime police note rise in cybercrime, tax fraud
 25.7.2019   12 singers advance to finals round of Operalia competition in Prague
 25.7.2019   Drought: Czech groundwater levels remain at lowest average points since 1960s
 25.7.2019   Syphilis cases on the rise in EU, up 70 pct in Czechia from 2010-17
 25.7.2019   Central bank issues specials sets of coins to mark 100-year anniversaries
 25.7.2019   Karel Gott cancels Benátská noc festival appearance due to pneumonia
 25.7.2019   Klára Kolouchová becomes first Czech woman to climb all three of world’s highest mountains
 25.7.2019   Senate votes in favour of constitutional complaint against president
 25.7.2019   Babiš: Zeman will decide on Social Democrat Culture Minister in mid-August
 24.7.2019   Director of international anti-totalitarian festival Mene Tekel Jan Řeřicha dies aged 72
 24.7.2019   Weather
 24.7.2019   Meteorologists warn of approaching extreme heatwave
 24.7.2019   CZK 37 billion of EU subsidy reserves to remain available for Czech Republic
 24.7.2019   Intercepted fake cash down by 37 percent
 24.7.2019   Upper house accuses government of contempt of Senate
 24.7.2019   Hundreds of Czech scouts take part in worldwide Jamboree
 24.7.2019   Plzeň draw 0:0 with Olympiakos in Champions League qualifier
 23.7.2019   Babiš: Johnson may change rhetoric on no-deal Brexit after EU talks
 23.7.2019   State to spend far less on hosting EU presidency in 2022 than last time
 23.7.2019   Interior Ministry announces fresh police cars tender
 23.7.2019   Intelligence services likely to acquire increased powers after Senate vote
 23.7.2019   Herman appointed to Human Rights Council in Kroupa’s stead
 23.7.2019   Romanian entrepreneurs up but Russians head list of foreign owners of Czech-based firms
 23.7.2019   Report: Competition authority dealing with first case linked to Huawei bar
 23.7.2019   Members call time on Realists after three years
 23.7.2019   Weather forecast
 22.7.2019   Babiš: Country to put forward two candidates for Commission post
 22.7.2019   Residents seek change of name of street honouring Red Army commander
 22.7.2019   Ministry readies legal action over major police cars tender
 22.7.2019   Audit: Almost CZK 1 billion investment in waterways shows no results
 22.7.2019   Radiožurnál: Czech branch of Huawei shares sensitive client data with Chinese embassy
 22.7.2019   Fiala eyes anti-ANO alliance for next general elections
 22.7.2019   Weather forecast
 22.7.2019   Slavia beat Teplice 5:1 to maintain perfect start
 22.7.2019   Hejnová reaches podium in hurdles at London Diamond League meeting
 22.7.2019   Football U-19s: Czechs lose to Ireland, miss chance at Euro semi-final
 21.7.2019   ÚSTR unionists: Senate should reject ex-interior minister’s council candidacy
 21.7.2019   Czech PM backs creation of National Security Advisor position
 21.7.2019   Weather outlook
 21.7.2019   Michálek: Pirates ‘not interested’ in joining proposed liberal pre-election bloc
 21.7.2019   Prague Lions win American football Czech championship for 5th time
 21.7.2019   Plácido Domingo’s Operalia competition in Prague for first time
 21.7.2019   Czech Scouts to highlight danger of totalitarianism at World Jamboree
 20.7.2019   Štěpán Domorád sets new strongman-climbing record at Sněžka
 20.7.2019   Defence Ministry selling pre-WWII bunkers to military clubs, private bidders
 20.7.2019   Report: 164,000 Czech residents may be compulsive gamblers
 20.7.2019   Weather outlook
 20.7.2019   Apollo 11 mission videomapped on Prague TV Tower
 20.7.2019   Survey: Nearly 4 in 10 Czechs forgoing summer holiday
 20.7.2019   S&P confirms AA- rating for Czech Republic
 20.7.2019   Key witness in Mueller investigation, sentenced for sexually abusing Czech minors, faces fresh charges
 20.7.2019   Moravia-Silesia reports 27 tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) cases
 19.7.2019   Prague Philharmonic tour of China cancelled over Beijing's row with Czech mayor
 19.7.2019   Český Krumlov international nusic festival opens Friday
 19.7.2019   Czech pensioner jailed over terror attacks aimed at defaming Muslims files appeal
 19.7.2019   EU funds: Development Ministry to ask EC for more time to reply to PM Babiš audit
 19.7.2019   Weather outlook
 19.7.2019   Fire Brigade: most Prague ‘escape rooms’ fall short on safety, lack permits
 19.7.2019   Czech Zoo sends endangered brown vulture to Bulgaria for release into wild
 19.7.2019   Number of HIV-positive people in the Czechia has tripled since 2008
 19.7.2019   Foreigners who vandalized Charles Bridge receive hefty fine and eviction order
 19.7.2019   Government to decide on Czech nominee for EC by end-August
 18.7.2019   Weather forecast
 18.7.2019   China warns Prague mayor not to undermine Czech-Chinese relations
 18.7.2019   Czech foreign minister outlines priorities during V4 presidency
 18.7.2019   Galileo back in operation
 18.7.2019   Price of fuels dropping
 18.7.2019   Černošice council’s decision on Babiš invalidated
 18.7.2019   Top level talks on government crisis set for next week
 18.7.2019   Most Czechs unhappy with salary, study shows
 17.7.2019   Petříček: Czech Republic is ready to help in a Europe-wide solution but refuses EU quota system
 17.7.2019   Maláčová: Czech Republic should try to get EU funding for ageing population related projects
 17.7.2019   Czech universities prepare new courses in response to drought
 17.7.2019   Weather
 17.7.2019   Labour minister seeks amendment that would boost part-time jobs
 17.7.2019   Jakub Vrána signs new two-year deal with Washington Capitals
 17.7.2019   Veterinarians discover quarter ton of rotten meat en-route to supply children’s camp
 17.7.2019   State Environmental Fund suspends funding to one of Agrofert’s subsidiaries
 17.7.2019   Social Democrat leader critical of PM over his handling of gov crisis
 17.7.2019   Czech PM welcomes von der Leyen’s election, Czech MEPs divided
 17.7.2019   Most Czechs unhappy with salary, study shows
 16.7.2019   PM and Soc Dem leader seek early meeting with president over gov crisis
 16.7.2019   Weather forecast
 16.7.2019   ČEZ to explore possibilities of lithium mining at Cínovec
 16.7.2019   Observatories preparing for partial lunar eclipse
 16.7.2019   Police suspect Stork’s Nest Farm of serious tax evasion
 16.7.2019   Bisnode: Record number of Czech firms leaving tax havens
 16.7.2019   Ostrava steelworks’ new owner Liberty to cut production 20 pct
 15.7.2019   Soc Dems confirm Culture Minister candidate, give chairman mandate to exit gov’t
 15.7.2019   Prague to buy Church of Sts. Simon and Jude for CZK 99 million
 15.7.2019   Czech researchers discover new ant species in Papua New Guinea
 15.7.2019   101 railway crossing accidents, 20 deaths reported this year
 15.7.2019   Prague reaches leasing deal with Krč landowners on Metro D line
 15.7.2019   Weather outlook
 15.7.2019   ČLK: Over 3,200 foreign doctors working in Czech Republic
 15.7.2019   Prague dance and theatre festival Zero Point marks 10th anniversary
 15.7.2019   PPF’s Home Credit to list on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in USD 1bn IPO
 15.7.2019   Physicists, including five Nobel Prize winners, in Prague for int'l conference
 15.7.2019   Strýcová-Hsieh claim Wimbledon women’s doubles title
 14.7.2019   Forejtek and Lehečka are boys’ doubles champions at Wimbledon
 14.7.2019   Weather forecast
 14.7.2019   EC: Czech firms expected to curb investments
 14.7.2019   More Czechs digging their own wells
 14.7.2019   Czech climber Adam Ondra clinches victory in Chamonix Climbing World Cup
 14.7.2019   Czech pop idol Karel Gott turns 80
 14.7.2019   No party willing to enter Babiš government if Social Democrats walk out
 13.7.2019   President sends video-greeting to Freedom and Direct Democracy Party
 13.7.2019   Weather forecast
 13.7.2019   Communist leadership to assess tolerance agreement with governing parties
 13.7.2019   Storm damages estimated at close to one billion crowns
 13.7.2019   Czech branch of Transparency suing PM
 13.7.2019   Opposition blames president and PM for political crisis
 13.7.2019   Social Democrats divided over whether to leave government
 12.7.2019   Hamáček: President ready to accept culture minister's resignation by end of July
 12.7.2019   Archaeologists discover ancient Germanic graves in East Bohemia
 12.7.2019   Madame Tussauds opens its first Central and Eastern European Branch in Prague
 12.7.2019   Weather
 12.7.2019   Lower-house approves the implementation of digital vignettes for motorway tolls
 12.7.2019   Press: Czech Republic interested in digital economy spot in future EU commission
 12.7.2019   iRozhlas: Transport Ministry partly admits to one EU audit conclusion on conflict of interest
 12.7.2019   New EP committee vice-chair Niedermayer stresses EU’s powerful negotiating position when united
 12.7.2019   Rare porcupine born in Prague zoo
 11.7.2019   Strýcová fails to reach Wimbledon final
 11.7.2019   Three Czechs elected vice-chairpersons of EP committees
 11.7.2019   Digitally restored version of Ecstasy to be screened in Venice
 11.7.2019   Two Czech tourists killed in severe storm in Greece
 11.7.2019   Weather
 11.7.2019   Masters of Rock festival gets underway in Vizovice
 11.7.2019   Smartwings airplane makes emergency landing in Budapest
 11.7.2019   Czechs receive diplomatic note from Afghanistan concerning killed soldiers
 11.7.2019   Battle over Little Mole cartoon character goes to Supreme Court
 11.7.2019   16th edition of Best Film Fest starts in Prague
 10.7.2019   Czech divers break national record, spend 7 days, 15 mins underwater
 10.7.2019   Slavia Prague defender Simon Deli to join Belgian club Brugge
 10.7.2019   Weather outlook
 10.7.2019   Škoda Auto orders down 4.9 pct due to flagging Chinese sales
 10.7.2019   EC forecasts Czech GDP growth to slow to 2.6 pct this year
 10.7.2019   Air quality at Prague crossroads of Sokolská/Ječná among worst in Czechia
 10.7.2019   Sting cancels Czech leg of ‘My Songs’ tour due to illness
 10.7.2019   Number of foreigners working illegally in Czechia doubles, most are Ukrainians
 10.7.2019   Czechs with debts incurred as minors may get greater relief
 10.7.2019   Politicians clash over ambassador’s attendance of Sudeten German meeting
 10.7.2019   Ice breakers on Prague’s Charles Bridge to be replaced in coming months
 9.7.2019   Strýcová reaches first Grand Slam semi-final at age of 33
 9.7.2019   Communist boss says reconstructed Babiš cabinet would not need confidence vote
 9.7.2019   Opposition to take Zeman to court over refusal to accept ministerial resignation
 9.7.2019   Zeman to meet key players in political crisis later this week
 9.7.2019   Weather forecast
 9.7.2019   UK singer Ed Sheeran draws 150,000 over two nights
 9.7.2019   Renée Fleming playing Prague concert marking anniversary fall of communism
 9.7.2019   Czech unemployment rate holds at 2.6 percent in June
 9.7.2019   Rare Barbary lion cubs born in Czech zoo
 9.7.2019   21 August set to become holiday marking 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia
 8.7.2019   Wimbledon: Strýcová beats Mertens, Plíšková loses to Muchová, Konta beats Kvitová
 8.7.2019   Study: Czech regions face critical shortage of paediatricians within 5 years
 8.7.2019   Palestinian foreign minister in Prague for working visit
 8.7.2019   Weather outlook
 8.7.2019   Bohemia JazzFest starts Monday in Prague
 8.7.2019   Constitutional Court to review rape sentence for tantra instructor ‘Guru Jára’
 8.7.2019   Czech foreign trade surplus rises to CZK 24.4 billion in May
 8.7.2019   Press: Prague prosecutor charged for corruption in drunk-driving cases
 8.7.2019   Growing interest in Erasmus exchange program among Czech students
 8.7.2019   Finance minister briefs president on 2020 draft budget
 7.7.2019   Symbolic blockade at Chvaletice plant
 7.7.2019   Weather forecast
 7.7.2019   Record high interest in visas to Czech Republic in 2018
 7.7.2019   Ed Sheeran to perform in Prague
 7.7.2019   Culture minister attacks party boss
 7.7.2019   Two more Czech sites added to UNESCO list
 7.7.2019   Bulgarian-Greek road comedy wins main award at Karlovy Vary
 4.7.2019   Foreign minister Petříček says he is ready to resign
 4.7.2019   Tennis: Kvitová and Strýcová reach third round of Wimbledon
 4.7.2019   Karlovy Vary to honour cinematographer Vladimír Smutný
 4.7.2019   US architectural studio to build new concert hall in Ostrava
 4.7.2019   Rock for People gets underway in Hradec Králové
 4.7.2019   Weather
 4.7.2019   Fire warning issued across Czechia
 4.7.2019   Top-level meeting on government crisis brings no result
 4.7.2019   Traditional pilgrimage festival underway at Velehrad
 4.7.2019   Two Czech MEPs elected European Parliament deputy chairpersons
 3.7.2019   Sassoli voted new European Parliament president; Czech MEP Zahradil comes second
 3.7.2019   Czech political scene divided over nomination outcome of EU summit
 3.7.2019   Tennis: three Czechs reach third round at Wimbledon
 3.7.2019   Babiš calls for greater flexibility in allocating EU funding
 3.7.2019   Czech Jewish community recorded 347 anti-Semitic incidents in 2018
 3.7.2019   Documentary filmmaker Helena Třeštíková joins Oscar Academy
 3.7.2019   Night temperatures dipped below zero in some parts of Czechia
 3.7.2019   Weather
 3.7.2019   Poll: voter support for ANO down since April
 3.7.2019   Czech PM welcomes outcome of EU summit
 3.7.2019   Five Czech universities found Association of Research Universities
 2.7.2019   Top-level talks on government crisis rescheduled
 2.7.2019   Strýcová and Siniaková reach second round at Wimbledon
 2.7.2019   Weather forecast
 2.7.2019   Czech scientific satellite to be launched into space
 2.7.2019   Czech and Russian aviation authorities working to resolve air dispute
 2.7.2019   Visegrad Four remains opposed to Timmermans as EU talks continue
 2.7.2019   Heavy thunderstorms, hail leave 66,000 Czech homes without power
 2.7.2019   Art historians petition Prague mayor against installing Marian Column replica
 1.7.2019   Czechs, Germans lobby for Krušné hory mine sites to get UNESCO listing
 1.7.2019   Beats for Love fest to draw over 40,000 dance music fans
 1.7.2019   Palestinian foreign minister to visit Prague to discuss aide, trade
 1.7.2019   ČNB warns of counterfeit banknotes circulating in Moravia
 1.7.2019   Traffic fatalities reach 58 in June, a third were motorcyclists
 1.7.2019   Czech PMI at near 10-year low of 45.9 points in June
 1.7.2019   Weather outlook
 1.7.2019   Poll: Less than half of Czechs plan summer holiday abroad
 1.7.2019   Czech government debt up CZK 4.7 billion in 1Q
 1.7.2019   Prague transformer fire affects Palmova, Náměstí Míru metro stations
 1.7.2019   Sunday hottest day recorded at Prague’s Klementinum station in 244 years
 1.7.2019   Liberty House takes over Ostrava steelworks from ArcelorMittal
 30.6.2019   Weather
 30.6.2019   Butterflies disapearing from Czech countryside, scientists warn
 30.6.2019   PM Babiš: If Social Democrats were to leave the coalition it would mean early elections
 30.6.2019   ANO still in the lead but with a significant dip in preferences, June poll shows
 30.6.2019   Plíšková wins Eastbourne International ahead of her Wimbledon start
 30.6.2019   Open fire ban in Prague and Central Bohemian Region
 30.6.2019   Last Czech Air Force training mission leaves Iraq
 29.6.2019   Weather
 29.6.2019   Year-on-year decrease in drug overdoses registered in Czech Republic
 29.6.2019   Agrofert's consolidated profits down by nearly two-thirds in 2018
 29.6.2019   Julianne Moore awarded Crystal Globe at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
 29.6.2019   Annual Prague Pride march to take place on 10 August
 29.6.2019   Zeman expreses doubt that Social Democrat nominee will become Culture Minister
 28.6.2019   ANO retains strong lead in polls, Pirates gain, Soc Dems lose support
 28.6.2019   Babiš, Zeman and Hamáček to meet Tuesday over replacing embattled culture minister
 28.6.2019   21 tons of salmonella-infected Polish poultry found in Czechia in past month
 28.6.2019   Weather outlook
 28.6.2019   V4 premiers meeting in Prague to discuss European Summit
 28.6.2019   Attempted theft of cables restricts operation of Prague trains
 28.6.2019   Czech household debt at banks rises to CZK 1.684 billion
 28.6.2019   Czech GDP up 2.8 pct in 1Q, driven by external demand, household consumption
 28.6.2019   Plíšková through to semi-final at Eastbourne
 28.6.2019   Social Democrats: situation at culture ministry could provoke constitutional crisis
 27.6.2019   Prague Castle still biggest tourist attraction in Czech Republic
 27.6.2019   Weather
 27.6.2019   Bratislava’s Comenius University awards Pavel Rychetský
 27.6.2019   Prima TV granted license to launch CNN Prima News Channel
 27.6.2019   Tennis: Plíšková reaches quarterfinal at Eastbourne
 27.6.2019   Czech carmakers saw record turnover in 2018
 27.6.2019   38.9 degrees recorded on hottest day of 2019 in Czechia
 27.6.2019   Karlovy Vary film festival ticket sales begin, 180 films on offer
 27.6.2019   Babiš government survives no-confidence vote
 26.6.2019   ČTU: aggregate 5G auction starting price set at CZK 6.3 bn
 26.6.2019   6 out of 7 ČNB board members vote to keep interest rates on hold
 26.6.2019   Greenpeace activists storm ČEZ meeting to protest Počerady coal plant sale
 26.6.2019   euronews: CoE anti-corruption body singles out Czechia for low scores
 26.6.2019   Weather outlook
 26.6.2019   Supreme Administrative Court confirms validity of EU vote
 26.6.2019   Czech police seize more meth, less marihuana
 26.6.2019   Ex-health minister David Rath loses corruption case appeal
 26.6.2019   Babiš govt expected to survive no-confidence vote Wednesday
 26.6.2019   Nedomanský to become second Czech in ice hockey Hall of Fame
 25.6.2019   Duka angered by comparison of Marian column to Stalin statue
 25.6.2019   State takes control of rights to Kaplický “Blob” design
 25.6.2019   Zeman: Demonstrators against Babiš actually protesting free elections
 25.6.2019   Oldest drawings on Czech territory found in Moravian Karst
 25.6.2019   Weather forecast
 25.6.2019   Czech directed adaptation of Roth’s Prague Orgy set for big screen
 25.6.2019   Zeman to attend 2020 events marking 75th anniversary of end of WWII in Moscow
 25.6.2019   Babiš: Govt has fulfilled around fifth of tasks in first year
 24.6.2019   Ministry signs CZK 6 billion deal to buy 62 Czech made personnel carriers
 24.6.2019   Government approves draft budget for next year
 24.6.2019   Babiš: Failure of “spitzenkandidats” to win backing crucial
 24.6.2019   Babiš: The more money we give people, the more they are dissatisfied
 24.6.2019   Weather forecast
 24.6.2019   Press: Industry minister Havlíček for removal of sanctions against Russia
 24.6.2019   Trials of 200km an hour trains set for August
 24.6.2019   Coalition cabinet to discuss achievements of first year in office
 23.6.2019   Reputed 250,000 attend Prague protest calling for resignation of PM Babiš
 23.6.2019   Klaus: Protesters frustrated at being on losing side in elections
 23.6.2019   Nazi atrocity at Ležáky remembered on 77th anniversary
 23.6.2019   Hana Moučková re-elected head of Sokol
 23.6.2019   Weather forecast
 23.6.2019   Zeman expresses support for Babiš over demonstrations
 23.6.2019   Above-average temperatures due in coming month
 22.6.2019   Křetínský makes EUR 5.8 billion bid for Germany’s Metro group
 22.6.2019   Čech becomes technical and performance adviser at Cheslea
 22.6.2019   Anti-Communist A Few Sentences manifesto published 30 years ago Saturday
 22.6.2019   Weather forecast
 22.6.2019   Minister: Motorway stamps not to increase in price until D1 completion
 22.6.2019   Social Democrats set conditions for voting against no-confidence motion
 22.6.2019   Zeman and Babiš to discuss arts minister situation
 21.6.2019   EU Summit: Czechia among eastern states to derail 2050 climate target
 21.6.2019   Prague councillors reject Marian Column replica instalment
 21.6.2019   Weather outlook
 21.6.2019   Medical marihuana: Czech MPs approve health insurance coverage levels
 21.6.2019   ČEZ selling Bulgarian assets to local firm Eurohold for 335 mn euros
 21.6.2019   Czech poet Petr Král among French Academy honourees
 21.6.2019   Slovak president expresses support for anti-Babiš demonstrators
 21.6.2019   Tender announced for renovation of Karlštejn Castle
 20.6.2019   Czech growing season to increase by up to 30 days over next 30 years
 20.6.2019   Three Przewalski horses from Prague zoo transported to Mongolia
 20.6.2019   Education minister appoints new professors
 20.6.2019   Cougar still on the loose in South Bohemia
 20.6.2019   New Slovak president visits Prague
 20.6.2019   Storm warning issued for Thursday afternoon and evening
 20.6.2019   Weather
 20.6.2019   Lower ranked Kristýna beats Karolína in battle of Plíšková twins
 20.6.2019   PM Babiš attends EC summit in Brussels
 19.6.2019   Karel Gott releases two LPs to mark 80th birthday
 19.6.2019   New Slovak president Čaputová to visit Prague Thursday
 19.6.2019   Bill to make it easier for children and grandchildren of exiles to get citizenship
 19.6.2019   Tourist tax to be extended to Airbnb type accommodation
 19.6.2019   Weather forecast
 19.6.2019   Czechs in Brussels organise anti-Babiš protest
 19.6.2019   Parliament approves creation of National Sport Agency
 18.6.2019   Czech National Bank to issue set of CZK 20 anniversary coins
 18.6.2019   EC: Czech Republic needs to increase renewable energy share to 23 percent
 18.6.2019   As countries prepare to select EU institution leaders, Petříček says Visegrad Four wants its candidate in a key position
 18.6.2019   Babiš calls on his MPs not to vote for anti-Semitic candidate in Czech News Agency council election
 18.6.2019   State dignitaries honour memory of paratroopers who killed Heydrich 77 years ago
 18.6.2019   Weather
 18.6.2019   Babiš to meet with EC President Juncker this week
 18.6.2019   Half of all Czech spruce trees at risk of beetle infestation this year
 18.6.2019   Opposition plans no confidence vote for next week
 18.6.2019   Czech appeals court upholds Walderode family claim to assets worth CZK 3 bn
 18.6.2019   David Pastrňák named Czech hockey federation Player of the Year
 18.6.2019   Former Prague 1 mayor, other officials face corruption charges over sale of city flats
 17.6.2019   Hamáček: electing anti-Semite to Czech News Agency council could lead Soc Dems to quit gov't
 17.6.2019   Czech producer price inflation slowed in May
 17.6.2019   China ‘postpones’ Prague Philharmonic’s tour over political rift with mayor
 17.6.2019   Czech Centre annual meeting underway, Velvet Revolution tops agenda
 17.6.2019   Czech Army to modernise battle tank fleet, buy military transport planes
 17.6.2019   Weather outlook
 17.6.2019   Police raid illegal cigarette factory in Liberec region
 17.6.2019   Galia, Luzumová named handball players of the year
 17.6.2019   Some 40,000 people attended this year’s Prague Quadrennial
 17.6.2019   Monoxylon III expedition returns to Czech Republic
 16.6.2019   Marian column supporters gather on Old Town Square
 16.6.2019   Canoeist Prskavec takes silver at World Cup event in London
 16.6.2019   Weather
 16.6.2019   State collected over one trillion crowns in taxes in 2018
 16.6.2019   Czech films take three awards at Annecy animated film festival
 16.6.2019   Beach Boys to perform at Prague’s Lucerna on Sunday evening
 16.6.2019   Hot weather set to continue in coming weeks
 15.6.2019   Thousands join cancer awareness march in Prague
 15.6.2019   MPs want August 21 to become Memorial Day for victims of invasion
 15.6.2019   Weather
 15.6.2019   Czechs mark 77th anniversary of Lidice massacre
 15.6.2019   Puma on the loose in South Bohemia
 15.6.2019   Brno universities celebrating 100th anniversary
 15.6.2019   Czech wins 1.4 billion crowns in Eurojackpot lottery
 14.6.2019   Parliament to propagate best Czech wines
 14.6.2019   Weather forecast
 14.6.2019   Czech farmers to get 32 billion crowns in subsidies in the 2019-2020 period
 14.6.2019   Senate holds hearing on the Danube-Oder-Elbe waterway project
 14.6.2019   Czech foreign minister hands out Gratias Agit awards
 14.6.2019   Čaputová to pay her first official visit to Prague as president next week
 14.6.2019   Visegrad Group has no joint candidate for EC president
 13.6.2019   Russian ambassador says there is no change in Russia’s position on 1968 invasion
 13.6.2019   Weather forecast
 13.6.2019   Police push ahead with investigation of dubious Export Bank loans
 13.6.2019   Use of social networks among Czechs sees a slight drop
 13.6.2019   State-owned forestry company suffers loss in profit due to bark-beetle infestation
 13.6.2019   Senate sets up commission to assess EC audits on PM Babiš
 13.6.2019   Prague is city with highest level of equality, claims study
 12.6.2019   Senate: Suspicion around PM’s conflict of interests damaging Czech position in EU
 12.6.2019   Weather
 12.6.2019   Czech Republic’s population grows, despite higher death to birth ratio
 12.6.2019   Sculptor brings Marian Column to Prague despite construction ban
 12.6.2019   Cyber agency: Cybersecurity lacking in many government offices
 12.6.2019   Senate to vote on establishing commission to consider EC audit on Babiš
 12.6.2019   Anti-Babiš protest organiser ready to go on if next major protest is ignored
 12.6.2019   Open air festival Arena gets underway on Wednesday
 12.6.2019   Thousands of Czechs protested against PM Andrej Babiš
 11.6.2019   Hradec Králové region tops survey for best place to live in Czechia
 11.6.2019   May coldest on record since 1961
 11.6.2019   PM Babiš: Czechia supports North Macedonia’s EU accession
 11.6.2019   Karlovy Vary to honour US actresses Julianne Moore and Patricia Clarkson
 11.6.2019   Starting price of Škoda Kamiq set at 379,000 crowns
 11.6.2019   Weather
 11.6.2019   Czechia sees its first tropical night this year
 11.6.2019   Sales of 100 top Czech companies exceed three trillion crowns
 11.6.2019   More protests against Babiš to take place outside Prague
 11.6.2019   Czechs beat Montenegro 3:0 in Euro 2020 qualifier
 10.6.2019   Police on alert after shooting threat directed at Czech schools
 10.6.2019   iRozhlas: Zeman right hand man tried to influence justice minister
 10.6.2019   Vondroušová jumps to 16th in world after reaching Paris final
 10.6.2019   Supreme state attorney says Zeman comments show his ousting is being mulled
 10.6.2019   Czech jobless number lowest in 22 years
 10.6.2019   Weather forecast
 10.6.2019   Funeral of Jiří Stránský takes place in Prague
 10.6.2019   Czechs mark 77 years since destruction of Lidice by the Nazis
 10.6.2019   Hamáček meets with organizers of anti-government protests
 9.6.2019   Babiš’s ANO party would win general elections
 9.6.2019   Czechs divided over anti-Babiš protests
 9.6.2019   Opposition parties want vote of no-confidence in Babiš government
 9.6.2019   Prague Museum Night attracts close to 150,000 visitors
 9.6.2019   Weather forecast
 9.6.2019   New train and bus schedules come into force
 9.6.2019   Climber Adam Ondra second in overall rankings after Vail
 8.6.2019   Communist Party will continue to support minority government
 8.6.2019   Vondroušová loses to Barty at Roland Garros
 8.6.2019   Weather forecast
 8.6.2019   Czech PM tells Globsec Forum Czechia is ideal place for foreign investors
 8.6.2019   Museum Night kicks off in 52 Prague museums and galleries
 8.6.2019   Czech Catholic Church has no plans to change Lord’s Prayer
 8.6.2019   Šumava National Park approves new conservation zones
 8.6.2019   Government ministers agree on financing for social services
 7.6.2019   Czechs take on Bulgaria in EUROPEA 2020 qualifier
 7.6.2019   Ostrava one of eight sites to host European supercomputer
 7.6.2019   Vondroušová through to French Open final
 7.6.2019   Weather
 7.6.2019   Painting by Mikuláš Medek goes for CZK 46 million at auction
 7.6.2019   Clean-up operations underway after flash floods
 7.6.2019   MPs approve changes to law on electronic cash registers
 7.6.2019   Russian foreign minister says Moscow’s official stand on 1968 invasion has not changed
 7.6.2019   PM refuses to meet with anti-government demonstrators
 6.6.2019   PM Babiš attends ceremony commemorating D-Day landings
 6.6.2019   PM refusing to accept blame in subsidy scandal
 6.6.2019   Weather forecast
 6.6.2019   Fruit growers suffer severe losses due to early spring frost
 6.6.2019   Forbes: Commissioner Věra Jourová most influential woman in Czech Republic
 6.6.2019   Opposition MPs to file complaint against taxing church restitutions
 6.6.2019   Opposition welcomes suspension of subsidies
 6.6.2019   Agriculture minister vehemently rejects conflict of interest
 6.6.2019   State Agricultural Intervention Fund suspends subsidies in wake of EC audits
 5.6.2019   CRIF: Czech company bankruptcies reach 2.5-year high in May
 5.6.2019   Czech President summons Russian ambassador over Duma draft law misrepresenting 1968 invasion
 5.6.2019   Czech circus family member, taxidermist, sentenced over illegal tiger trade
 5.6.2019   15 injured in Prague-Holešovice apartment building fire
 5.6.2019   Czech foreign minister in France to discuss EU security, Mali mission, V4 presidency
 5.6.2019   Prague Spring music festival wraps up with Toulouse orchestra
 5.6.2019   Weather outlook
 5.6.2019   Tomáš Dvořák to step down as Czech Athletics Federation head coach
 5.6.2019   Czech teen Vondroušová reaches French Open semifinal
 5.6.2019   Estimated 120,000 people attend anti-Babiš protest in Prague
 4.6.2019   Czech MPs debate EC audit of PM’s suspected conflict of interest
 4.6.2019   Industry and trade minister presents Czechia’s new economic strategy
 4.6.2019   Michael Cunningham guest at upcoming Prague Writer’s Festival
 4.6.2019   Weather
 4.6.2019   Czechia and Myanmar to strengthen trade relations
 4.6.2019   Border protection centre opens in Prague
 4.6.2019   Prague Spring festival draws to close
 4.6.2019   Average Czech monthly wage up by 7.4 percent in first quarter
 4.6.2019   Biggest public protest to date against Czech PM expected on Tuesday
 4.6.2019   PM refuses to ask lower house for vote of confidence in wake of EU audit
 3.6.2019   Aung San Suu Kyi begins official part of Czech visit with talks with PM
 3.6.2019   Weather forecast
 3.6.2019   Czech archivist: Fernyhough had no idea he was dealing with handlers
 3.6.2019   Czechs heading to Great Britain advised to carry passport
 3.6.2019   Protest against PM to be bigger than ever
 3.6.2019   Civic Democrats urge PM to request vote of confidence
 3.6.2019   MEP: Czech pair in Turkish prisons in good state
 2.6.2019   No reason not to believe Babiš in dispute with European Commission, says justice minister
 2.6.2019   Supreme state attorney: EU report on Babiš “serious”
 2.6.2019   Vondroušová (19) reaches fourth round in Paris
 2.6.2019   Czech woman killed in Zurich shooting incident
 2.6.2019   Weather forecast
 2.6.2019   Český Krumlov introduces tariffs for buses entering tourist hotspot
 2.6.2019   Babiš suggests Czech involvement in drafting of damning EU report
 1.6.2019   Siniaková advances in Paris after beating world number one Osaka
 1.6.2019   Aung San Suu Kyi arrives in Prague
 1.6.2019   Warm weather forecast for June in Czech Republic
 1.6.2019   Bill seeks to ease clearance of childhood debts
 1.6.2019   Weather forecast
 1.6.2019   Prague concert in support of Sri Lanka terror attack victims
 1.6.2019   Babiš: Final EU report could reach opposite conclusion
 1.6.2019   Czech media publishes details of EU report accusing Babiš of conflict of interest
 31.5.2019   Opposition parties calling for special session of the lower house over EC audit
 31.5.2019   Weather forecast
 31.5.2019   Prime minister asks president to dismiss embattled culture minister
 31.5.2019   Czech prime minister rejects results of audit, says he did not violate any laws
 31.5.2019   EC: Czech prime minister has conflict of interest
 31.5.2019   Procession of Roma musicians and dancers to pass through Prague city centre
 31.5.2019   Annual United Islands music festival gets underway
 30.5.2019   Number of Czech smokers down since smoking ban
 30.5.2019   Prague Zoo sends three pelicans to London
 30.5.2019   Study: Czech power plant’s exemption from EU norms would lead to premature deaths
 30.5.2019   US military convoy causes traffic disruption on D1 motorway
 30.5.2019   Czechs spent over CZK 152 billion on betting last year
 30.5.2019   Weather
 30.5.2019   Outgoing Slovak president visits Prague on his last foreign trip
 30.5.2019   Writer and ex-political prisoner Jiří Stránský dies at 87
 30.5.2019   No last trophy for Čech as Arsenal lose Europa League final
 29.5.2019   Investigation after shot fired on plane carrying Czech PM Babiš
 29.5.2019   Two accused of attack on MP could face three years in jail
 29.5.2019   Sculptor attempts to rebuild Marian column on Prague’s Old Town Square
 29.5.2019   International defence and security trade fair opens in Brno
 29.5.2019   Petříček: One of four top jobs in EU should go to Central Europe
 29.5.2019   Čech to make final appearance in Europa League final
 29.5.2019   Weather forecast
 29.5.2019   Anti-Babiš protests held around Czech Republic
 29.5.2019   President Zeman refuses to accept culture minister’s resignation
 28.5.2019   Some 114,000 Czechs filed for personal bankruptcies in 2018
 28.5.2019   Tuesday marks Tax Freedom Day in Czech Republic
 28.5.2019   President Zeman opens annual Prague Žofín economic forum
 28.5.2019   Weather
 28.5.2019   Competition films at Karlovy Vary 2019 unveiled
 28.5.2019   ELBE DOCK film festival gets underway in Ústí nad Labem
 28.5.2019   US military convoy to pass through Czech Republic
 28.5.2019   Czech biathlon star Koukalová announces end of career
 28.5.2019   Government approves proposal to raise consumer tax on tobacco, spirits and gambling
 28.5.2019   Tripartite fails to agree on proposed wage hikes in 2020
 27.5.2019   Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček opens Prague European Summit
 27.5.2019   Weather forecast
 27.5.2019   Russian crude oil deliveries renewed
 27.5.2019   Social Democrat leader not to step down over election debacle
 27.5.2019   ANO to support Věra Jourová for EU commissioner
 27.5.2019   PM says Social Democrats’ election debacle will not impact coalition government
 27.5.2019   CRIF: Czech debts increased by CZK 162 bn in March
 27.5.2019   Czech utility ČEZ reportedly plans sell-off of some foreign assets
 26.5.2019   Czech EU elections: turnout high, ANO wins, opposition parties gain
 26.5.2019   Ice Hockey World Cup: Czechs lose to Russia 3-2 in sudden death
 26.5.2019   Results of Euro elections to be published at 11 pm
 26.5.2019   Labour Ministry: number of Czech foster families drops
 26.5.2019   Work by Czech painter František Kupka sells for CZK 78 mn
 26.5.2019   Prague Zoo showcases one of Europe’s biggest spiders
 26.5.2019   Khamoro – week-long World Roma Festival starts Sunday night
 26.5.2019   Weather outlook
 26.5.2019   Czechs lose 5-1 to Canada, will battle Russia for bronze
 25.5.2019   Ice Hockey: Czechs facing Canada at IIHF semi-finals on Saturday
 25.5.2019   Czech voter turnout for Euro elections seen higher than in 2014
 25.5.2019   Czech foreign minister to meet French counterpart, discuss Mali mission, V4 Presidency
 25.5.2019   Helfštýn castle hosts military history festival spanning centuries
 25.5.2019   Education Minister proposes hiring of teachers without pedagogical education
 25.5.2019   Czechs head to polls for second day to elect new MEPs
 25.5.2019   Weather outlook
 24.5.2019   Confidence in Czech economy drops in May to lowest level in three years
 24.5.2019   Czechs to host Ice Hockey World Championship in 2024
 24.5.2019   Czech underground poet, busker, publisher Jaroslav Erik Frič dies
 24.5.2019   59th edition of Zlín film festival for youth gets underway
 24.5.2019   Aung San Suu Kyi to visit Czech Republic in June
 24.5.2019   PSSI: No spike in disinformation on manipulative Czech sites before EU elections
 24.5.2019   Weather outlook
 24.5.2019   Czech central bank raises countercyclical capital buffer rate to 2 pct
 24.5.2019   Czechs record most tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) cases in entire EU
 24.5.2019   Czechs head to ballot boxes in European Parliament elections
 24.5.2019   Czechs into Ice Hockey World Championships semis after beating Germany 5:1
 23.5.2019   Hamáček: Zeman will decide about Culture Minister’s resignation after meeting him on Tuesday
 23.5.2019   New Škoda Auto plant to be set up in Turkey or Bulgaria
 23.5.2019   Archaeologists find pre-historic burial ground in Bohemia
 23.5.2019   Krteček to appear on Formula 1 car
 23.5.2019   Chamber of Commerce president: Business conditions have worsened since last year
 23.5.2019   Weather
 23.5.2019   Home Credit hoping to raise at least USD 1 billion in Hong Kong stock exchange IPO
 23.5.2019   Dozens of Czech waterways at risk of flooding
 23.5.2019   Football: First League champs Slavia beat Baník 2-0 to take Czech Cup
 22.5.2019   EU Ombudsman opens inquiry over release of info regarding PM Babiš, Agrofert
 22.5.2019   Poll: Most Czech school-leavers disinterested in politics yet plan to vote in EU elections
 22.5.2019   Constitutional Court rejects MPs’ complaint over compulsory data retention by telecoms
 22.5.2019   Slavia Prague face Baník Ostrava in battle for Czech football cup
 22.5.2019   OECD: Czech economic growth slowing, investment in infrastructure, education needed
 22.5.2019   Czechs say tonnes more salmonella-infected Polish chicken imported since April
 22.5.2019   Weather outlook
 22.5.2019   Čech reportedly set to become sporting director at Chelsea
 22.5.2019   Estimated 50,000 attend anti-Babiš protest on Wenceslas Square
 21.5.2019   Czechs overcome Swiss 5:4 in final group game at hockey worlds
 21.5.2019   Attack on Czech TV website timed to coincide with hockey transmission
 21.5.2019   Study: Czech schools lacking 1,800 teachers
 21.5.2019   Hamáček insists on naming replacement for Staněk despite Babiš raising questions over departure
 21.5.2019   Weather forecast
 21.5.2019   Error made in renovation of Prague’s astronomical clock
 21.5.2019   TI: Czech parties’ Euro election campaigns for most part opaque
 21.5.2019   Cyber bullying on the rise in Czech schools
 21.5.2019   Protests against justice minister Marie Benešová enter fourth week
 20.5.2019   Culture Minister hands in his resignation
 20.5.2019   Prague City Hall takes first step in construction of Metro D Line
 20.5.2019   Innovation Week gets underway in Prague
 20.5.2019   Weather
 20.5.2019   Finance Ministry envisages next year’s budget deficit at 40 million crowns
 20.5.2019   Annual Memory of the Nation run raises nearly 900,000 crowns
 20.5.2019   Czech car-maker Tatra to provide 12 engines to Israeli fire-fighters
 20.5.2019   PM wants to slash expenditures for EU presidency
 20.5.2019   Czechs beat Austria 8:0 at IIHF
 19.5.2019   Weather forecast
 19.5.2019   Plískova wins Italian Open
 19.5.2019   Civic Democratic Party leader condemns party member’s call for Zeman’s elimination
 19.5.2019   Commemorative ceremony at Terzín
 19.5.2019   Lake Malawi 11th in Eurovision Song Contest
 19.5.2019   190,000 Czech pensioners living under the poverty line
 19.5.2019   Labour MP Robinson denies he was Cold War spy for Czechoslovakia
 18.5.2019   Mass in memory of Cardinal Josef Beran
 18.5.2019   Czech Radio opens its doors on 96th birthday
 18.5.2019   Former Czech coal-mining company manager detained in Geneva
 18.5.2019   Weather forecast
 18.5.2019   Open House Prague festival underway
 18.5.2019   Czech indie-pop band Lake Malawi in Eurovision final
 18.5.2019   Police propose pressing charges of hate speech in connection with Christchurch attacks
 18.5.2019   President’s chancellor not to face prosecution over meetings with judges
 18.5.2019   Czechs beat Italy 8:0 at the Ice Hockey World Championship
 17.5.2019   Czech Pirates suing EU over delay in PM Babiš’s conflict of interest case
 17.5.2019   Czech Sev.en Energy sells coal-fired stations to Swiss electricity producer Alpiq
 17.5.2019   Munifesto Film Festival celebrates Masaryk University centenary
 17.5.2019   US Senator trying to block sale of Bell, GE military helicopters to Czechia
 17.5.2019   Ice Hockey: Czechs rally against Latvia 6-3, next face Italy
 17.5.2019   Czech gov’t projects 2.4 pct GDP growth in 2020, driven by household demand
 17.5.2019   Tennis: Plíšková, Vondroušová advance to WTA quarterfinals in Rome
 17.5.2019   Weather Outlook
 17.5.2019   Nationwide Festival of Museum Nights opens in Karlovy Vary
 17.5.2019   Czech man accused of involvement in terrorist attack in Donetsk
 16.5.2019   General Karel Řehka receives Arnošt Lustig Award
 16.5.2019   Weather forecast
 16.5.2019   Police president says officer in special force could be sacked for cooperating with Pirate Party
 16.5.2019   Communist Party MEP to file criminal complaint against Okamura
 16.5.2019   Czech top officials distance themselves from Communist MP’s visit to Donetsk
 16.5.2019   Czech foreign minister highlights importance of EU membership
 16.5.2019   PM holds talks on dual-quality of food with multi-national food retailers
 15.5.2019   Foreign minister condemns MP's meeting with Donetsk People's Republic leader
 15.5.2019   Price of mobile phone calls into other EU countries halved
 15.5.2019   ECJ lauches hearings into migration quota case against Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
 15.5.2019   Czech and Hungarian presidential talks focus on economic topics and EU reform
 15.5.2019   Weather
 15.5.2019   Drug use and gambling in the Czech Republic above EU average, says police chief
 15.5.2019   Czech economic growth slows to 2.5 percent in first quarter
 15.5.2019   Christian Democrats call on PM to sack culture minister
 15.5.2019   Prague authorities to ban "street artists" in huge animal costumes
 15.5.2019   Czech band Lake Malawi reach final of Eurovision with Friend of a Friend
 14.5.2019   Prague’s Kotva department store secures protected status
 14.5.2019   Czech Republic lacking around 100,000 blood donors
 14.5.2019   Czech Post makes loss for first time ever
 14.5.2019   Weather forecast
 14.5.2019   Lake Malawi to represent Czech Republic in first Eurovision semi-final
 14.5.2019   Czechs lose 3:0 to Russia for first defeat at hockey worlds
 14.5.2019   International Contemporary Art Fair opens in Prague
 14.5.2019   President Zeman begins three-day visit to Hungary
 13.5.2019   Government approves another loan from state reserves to Litvinov refinery
 13.5.2019   Weather forecast
 13.5.2019   Petition against sale of Počerady coal-burning plant to Tykač
 13.5.2019   EU justice commissioner warns against attempts to manipulate European elections
 13.5.2019   Construction of high speed rail network to start in 2025
 13.5.2019   Consumer price growth slows
 13.5.2019   Protests against Benešová as justice minister to take place for third time
 13.5.2019   Slavia beat Plzeň 3:1 to close in on title
 12.5.2019   Bamberg Orchestra, founded by post-war expellees, opens 74th Prague Spring
 12.5.2019   Head of Prague Jewish Community Jan Munk dies at 72
 12.5.2019   Opposition want government stripped of right to remove supreme state attorney without giving reason
 12.5.2019   Weather forecast
 12.5.2019   Next month to see below average temperatures in Czech Republic
 12.5.2019   Czechs beat Norway 7:2 at ice hockey worlds
 12.5.2019   Prague Castle launches Instagram account
 11.5.2019   Prague Castle launches summer season with open day
 11.5.2019   Sharp rise in number of Czechs attending international schools
 11.5.2019   "Heydrich mansion" on outskirts of Prague sold at auction
 11.5.2019   Weather forecast
 11.5.2019   Far more wrong direction signs planned for Czech motorways
 11.5.2019   State attorney to consider case of man making Nazi gesture in central Prague
 11.5.2019   Czechs beat Sweden in opening game at hockey worlds
 10.5.2019   Former Czech MP on the run believed to be hiding in Paraguay
 10.5.2019   Chief state attorney rejects claim it is possible to order someone’s criminal prosecution
 10.5.2019   Weather forecast
 10.5.2019   More rotten meat found at SAPA Vietnamese market
 10.5.2019   27 percent of Czechs plan to vote in European elections
 10.5.2019   Czech scientist proves certain breeds of fish have colour vision in deep-sea environment
 10.5.2019   Unemployment down to 2.7 percent in April
 10.5.2019   Anna Cima receives Jiří Orten literary prize for young authors
 10.5.2019   Russian crude oil deliveries to be renewed between May 20 to 22
 9.5.2019   Czech president attends Victory Day celebration at Russian embassy
 9.5.2019   Czech PM attending EU summit in Sibiu, Romania
 9.5.2019   Weather
 9.5.2019   Extensive forest fire in Jizera mountains contained
 9.5.2019   Tennis: Kvitová through to quarter-finals in Madrid
 9.5.2019   Oettinger: Czech PM’s possible conflict of interest priority for EC
 9.5.2019   Book World Prague opens at Holešovice fair grounds
 9.5.2019   Střelecký Island Festival celebrates 15th anniversary of EU accession
 8.5.2019   Czech church restitution tax signed into law, Constitutional Court battle likely
 8.5.2019   Czech President names 15 new generals, again snubs BIS spy agency head
 8.5.2019   Weather outlook
 8.5.2019   Retiring Czech goalie Petr Čech gunning for Arsenal win over Valencia
 8.5.2019   Czech actor Václav Postránecký dies after severe illness
 8.5.2019   President Zeman leads Vítkov ceremony marking end of WWII
 8.5.2019   Elton John bids Prague farewell on second leg of final tour
 8.5.2019   Babiš and Tusk discuss security, economic, funding, “dual quality” issues in Prague
 8.5.2019   Record low temperatures recorded at every sixth Czech weather station
 7.5.2019   Ex-ice hockey international Svoboda dies at 41
 7.5.2019   European Commission lowers Czech growth outlook to 2.6 percent
 7.5.2019   Only one asylum application in 10 approved in Czech Republic last year
 7.5.2019   Escaped prisoners hand themselves in to police for unlikely reasons
 7.5.2019   Weather forecast
 7.5.2019   State to spend billions on combatting drought
 7.5.2019   Czechs set off by train for World Ice Hockey Championships in Slovakia
 7.5.2019   Zeman calls those who accuse him of being Putin agent “absolute idiots”
 7.5.2019   Pilsen’s Festival of Freedom marking WWII liberation by Patton’s Army draws 70,000
 7.5.2019   Thousands protests for independent judiciary, ‘Stork’s Nest’ investigation
 6.5.2019   MP Helena Válková named Commissioner for Human Rights
 6.5.2019   Czech Cardinal filing appeal over showing of Frljić play depicting Jesus as a rapist
 6.5.2019   Czech foreign minister attends meeting of V4, Eastern Partnership counties
 6.5.2019   Ministry: Salaries of Czech hospital doctors, nurses reach EU average
 6.5.2019   Czech striker Milan Gulaš named Player of the Year
 6.5.2019   Czech universities cracking down on plagiarism after high-profile scandals
 6.5.2019   Czechs honour RAF airman among first military victims of Communist regime
 6.5.2019   Czech PM rejects bank tax, proposes dividends go into development fund
 6.5.2019   Weather outlook
 6.5.2019   Bisnode: volume of foreign capital in Czech companies at 8-year low
 6.5.2019   Cold spell brings snow to mountain regions
 6.5.2019   Czechs finish last in Carlson Hockey Games
 5.5.2019   Weather
 5.5.2019   Elton John to perform at Prague's O2 Arena on Tuesday
 5.5.2019   Czechs mark 74th anniversary of Prague Uprising
 5.5.2019   Hundreds pay last respects to football player Šural
 5.5.2019   Almahjoub Dazza wins Prague International Marathon
 5.5.2019   Survey: Two thirds of Czech employees negatively impacted by labour shortage
 5.5.2019   Rediscovered painting by Zrzavý sold for nearly six million crowns
 4.5.2019   Weather
 4.5.2019   Dozens join annual March for Science in Prague
 4.5.2019   Below-average temperatures expected in the coming weeks
 4.5.2019   Czech tennis player Barbora Muchová fails to land Prague Open title
 4.5.2019   Thousands take part in Prague marihuana march
 4.5.2019   Czech beach volleyball duo Hermanová/ Sluková win at Kuala Lumpur
 4.5.2019   Annual freedom celebrations underway in Pilsen
 3.5.2019   PM says country should be able to send out special unit within hours
 3.5.2019   BIS head: Russia most active country in attempting to influence elections and democratic processes
 3.5.2019   Weather forecast
 3.5.2019   Head of Road and Motorway Directorate sacked for slow pace of road construction
 3.5.2019   Social Democrat leader has no plans to sack embattled culture minister
 3.5.2019   Senate wants to scrap law that forces big stores to close on public holidays
 3.5.2019   Prague ring road reopens after serious accident
 3.5.2019   Czech National Bank lowers its forecast on public finances and GDP growth
 3.5.2019   Prague ranked best student city in the world, according to AppJobs
 2.5.2019   Oil from state reserves now flowing into Litvínov refinery
 2.5.2019   Weather
 2.5.2019   President signs law taxing church restitutions
 2.5.2019   Czechs used up more water than last year
 2.5.2019   Czech National Bank raises interest rates
 2.5.2019   Victims’ names to be read out in Czech cities on Holocaust Remembrance Day
 2.5.2019   Justice Minister proposes slimming down courts and prosecution offices
 2.5.2019   Babiš: 5G network should be launched by 2024
 2.5.2019   More SAS flights to and from Prague cancelled
 2.5.2019   Ultra-right and anti-fascist demonstrators clash in Brno
 1.5.2019   Czechs mark May Day with political rallies, student festival and romance
 1.5.2019   European funds enabled Czech Republic to forge ahead with rail and road construction
 1.5.2019   Weather forecast
 1.5.2019   Police gearing up for ultra-right and anarchist marches in Brno
 1.5.2019   Czech politicians highlight importance of Czech membership in EU
 1.5.2019   Czech prime minister attends EU celebrations in Warsaw
 1.5.2019   Two Prague palaces open their doors to the public
 30.4.2019   Dutch men who beat up Prague waiter sentenced to five and six years in prison
 30.4.2019   Czech cabinet wants to impose seven-percent tax on digital giants
 30.4.2019   Survey: growth in apartment prices to come to a halt this year
 30.4.2019   Pellegrini: Czechia and Slovakia could cooperate in nuclear waste storing
 30.4.2019   Prague’s Spanish synagogue to close for renovations
 30.4.2019   Senators complete constitutional complaint against President Zeman
 30.4.2019   Tomáš Řepka sentenced to two years in prison for fraud and attack on ex-wife
 30.4.2019   Weather
 30.4.2019   Three new ministers appointed Tuesday
 30.4.2019   Thousands demonstrate for independent judiciary in central Prague
 29.4.2019   Ministry wants to fine food producers up to CZK 50 million for dual standards
 29.4.2019   Poll: Most Czechs satisfied with EU membership and wish to remain in bloc
 29.4.2019   Kiska: Prague unofficially third biggest Slovak city
 29.4.2019   Třinec crowned Czech ice hockey champions
 29.4.2019   Weather forecast
 29.4.2019   Minister to meet Chinese ambassador over restrictions on Czech arts organisations
 29.4.2019   Footballer Josef Šural dies following crash in Turkey
 29.4.2019   Culture minister under fire for controversial sackings
 29.4.2019   Kvitová wins her second WTA title of 2019
 28.4.2019   Weather forecast
 28.4.2019   Social Democrats want their minister to explain controversial sackings
 28.4.2019   EU commissioner tells Czechs to consider benefits of EU membership and be more active
 28.4.2019   Snake scare on train
 28.4.2019   Living standard of Czechs growing
 28.4.2019   Road maintenance authorities testing more bridges
 28.4.2019   President Zeman meets with Chinese president to discuss trade and investment
 27.4.2019   March for traditional family values in Prague
 27.4.2019   SAS cancelling flights between Prague and Oslo
 27.4.2019   President Zeman warns of hurdles to Silk Road project
 27.4.2019   Weather forecast
 27.4.2019   Forman’s Loves of a Blonde to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival
 27.4.2019   Heatwave breaks records around the country
 27.4.2019   Experts protest against re-drawn conservation zones for national parks
 27.4.2019   PM announces change of deputy prime ministers
 26.4.2019   Transparency files criminal complaint against president’s chancellor
 26.4.2019   Weather forecast
 26.4.2019   Problem with crude oil via Druzba persist
 26.4.2019   Czech president attending Belt and Road Forum in Beijing
 26.4.2019   Czech rectors ask people to vote for pro-EU parties
 26.4.2019   Charity concert for Notre Dame raises 400,000 crowns
 26.4.2019   Válková nominated for government’s human rights commissioner
 25.4.2019   Police detain ten people as EU and anti-EU demonstrators clash in city centre
 25.4.2019   Police raid Agriculture Ministry
 25.4.2019   Weather forecast
 25.4.2019   Czech president overseeing investment deals in China
 25.4.2019   Reuters: Czech Republic suspends Russian crude oil deliveries due to contamination
 25.4.2019   Foreign minister: Conference on 5G networks security not aimed against specific company
 25.4.2019   Metronome to feature 40 artists and use Prague planetarium as venue
 25.4.2019   Dry and warm weather sparks fire warnings
 24.4.2019   Inspectors: Rise in number of illegal workers uncovered
 24.4.2019   Leaders: Taxing compensation could cause churches’ demise
 24.4.2019   Body of miner who died in December removed in Karviná
 24.4.2019   Weather forecast
 24.4.2019   Bill aimed at reducing mobile data costs clears first hurdle in lower house
 24.4.2019   Zeman begins sixth visit to China as president
 24.4.2019   Le Pen and Wilders due to speak in central Prague on Thursday
 24.4.2019   Czech car production down 3.8 pct in Q1, top exporter Škoda Auto sites flagging Chinese sales
 24.4.2019   Confidence in Czech economy rises slightly in April from two-year low
 23.4.2019   Czech MPs overrule Senate, vote 114-57 Churches must pay restitution tax
 23.4.2019   Academia Film Olomouc festival underway, Richard Dawkins among guest speakers
 23.4.2019   State agencies CzechInvest, CzechTrade have de facto merged, Industry Minister says
 23.4.2019   Czech, Serbian foreign ministers to discuss bilateral trade, EU enlargement
 23.4.2019   Prague councillors to form Karlovo náměstí renewal committee
 23.4.2019   Prague orchestras hosting Notre-Dame benefit concert on Tuesday night
 23.4.2019   Easter Monday forest fire near Pilsen extinguished, drought likely a factor
 23.4.2019   Waste Act short on specifics for phasing out landfills, critics say
 23.4.2019   Weather outlook
 23.4.2019   Czechs mark World Book Day
 23.4.2019   Foreign Ministry warns Czechs in Sri Lanka to exercise extreme caution
 22.4.2019   Czech politicians congratulate Volodymyr Zelensky on his victory in Ukraine’s presidential elections
 22.4.2019   Foreign gallery heads stand up for Jiří Fajt
 22.4.2019   Hockey coach Luděk Bukač dies at 83
 22.4.2019   Weather forecast
 22.4.2019   Interior Ministry to focus on hate speech on social networks and sites spreading fake news
 22.4.2019   Czech MP suffers racial attack
 22.4.2019   Czech politicians offer condolences and aid to Sri Lanka
 21.4.2019   Embassy says no Czechs among Sri Lanka victims, politicians offer their condolences
 18.4.2019   Czech Republic’s oil reserves down on previous year
 18.4.2019   Justice Minister Jan Kněžínek steps down
 18.4.2019   Weather
 18.4.2019   Number of fires in open nature keeps increasing
 18.4.2019   PM Babiš says national investment plan not to be made public
 18.4.2019   New-born boy found in Mělník baby-box
 18.4.2019   Head of Prague’s National Gallery dismissed
 18.4.2019   Jourová on Time list of 100 most influential people of 2019
 18.4.2019   Czech Republic slides further down on press freedom index
 17.4.2019   Interior Ministry report says Freedom and Direct Democracy Party is spreading racial hatred
 17.4.2019   PM calls for regions and individuals to take co-responsibility for effective water management
 17.4.2019   Weather forecast
 17.4.2019   Police propose pressing charges of EU subsidy fraud against Czech PM
 17.4.2019   Prague orchestras to perform charity concert for Notre Dame
 17.4.2019   Pirate Party wants OSCE, Council of Europe to debate Czech PM’s alleged conflict of interest
 17.4.2019   Vietnamese government delegation in Prague
 17.4.2019   Mortgage rate fall lead to jump in new contracts
 17.4.2019   This April may become one of driest on record in Czech Republic
 16.4.2019   Czech leaders offer to assist in efforts to repair Notre-Dame
 16.4.2019   Media owner and TV host Soukup announces plan to run for president
 16.4.2019   Minister: Path to future is combination of nuclear power and renewable resources
 16.4.2019   Weather forecast
 16.4.2019   Restored version of Herz’s The Cremator set for 54th Karlovy Vary
 16.4.2019   Třinec overcome Plzeň to reach Extraliga playoffs final
 16.4.2019   Traffic police to step up activities ahead of Easter weekend
 16.4.2019   EC to prepare conclusive report on Babiš investigation by mid-May
 15.4.2019   President to appoint new ministers on April 30
 15.4.2019   Ťok to vacate his seat in the lower house
 15.4.2019   Weather forecast
 15.4.2019   Czech companies leaving tax havens
 15.4.2019   Czech economy 13th fastest growing in EU
 15.4.2019   Czech livestock production sliding
 15.4.2019   Stalemate in Prague “S” derby marred by refereeing decision
 15.4.2019   New regulations on exotic animals to target circuses
 14.4.2019   Poll puts ANO on 33%, Freedom and Direct Democracy on 5.5%
 14.4.2019   Czech News Agency: CR to play major role in transport of gas via Nord Stream 2
 14.4.2019   Man arrested after refugees found in van on Czech motorway
 14.4.2019   Weather forecast
 14.4.2019   New law to bar healers with criminal records
 14.4.2019   No third title in row for Kometa Brno after semi-finals defeat
 14.4.2019   Warm winter means consumers can expect rebates on heating payments
 13.4.2019   Swimmer Kubová first Czech to make cut for Tokyo Olympics
 13.4.2019   Rakušan elected chairman of Mayors and Independents
 13.4.2019   Babiš mulls news post of deputy PM for economy
 13.4.2019   Jágr scores twice to boost Kladno’s chances of promotion
 13.4.2019   Weather forecast
 13.4.2019   iDnes: Zeman’s office funded book published by Putin supporters
 13.4.2019   Mothers to hold breastfeeding protest at banks
 12.4.2019   Slavia loses 1:0 to Chelsea in Prague after strong performance
 12.4.2019   Weather
 12.4.2019   Thieves use medieval weapon in South Bohemian robbery
 12.4.2019   Neolithic houses uncovered in surprise discovery near Chrudim
 12.4.2019   Babiš: Czech exports should be promoted under one umbrella
 12.4.2019   Zeman accuses ex-justice minister of pandering to foreign power
 12.4.2019   Interior Ministry lowers anti-corruption funding
 12.4.2019   Finále Plzeň film festival gets underway
 12.4.2019   Czech photographer places second in World Press Photo’s sports category
 11.4.2019   More Czech policemen to assist in guarding Serbia’s border
 11.4.2019   Police detain truck with migrants in Vysočina
 11.4.2019   Škoda Auto sees slight drop in sales in first quarter of 2019
 11.4.2019   Czech ski resorts saw three-percent increase in visitor numbers this season
 11.4.2019   Weather
 11.4.2019   Kobra prevented tax evasion worth 2.5 billion crowns last year
 11.4.2019   AG Sharpston recommends EU court dismiss Czech lawsuit against new gun directive
 11.4.2019   Bloomberg: NY hedge fund sues Czech billionaire over alleged $1 bn fraud
 11.4.2019   Zeman signs GDPR-related privacy protection rules into law
 11.4.2019   Pirates: Brussels must release audit on EU subsidies to PM Babiš’s Agrofert
 10.4.2019   PM Babiš names new ministers of Trade, Transport
 10.4.2019   Survey: One in five Czech medical students hope to work abroad
 10.4.2019   Charter 77’s František Kriegel prize goes to Roma, LGBT activists
 10.4.2019   Hockey: Czech women beat Germany, face hosts Finland in World Championship quarter-finals
 10.4.2019   Move to link minimum wage to average wage falters, industry group says
 10.4.2019   Weather outlook
 10.4.2019   Pirates call for debate on Army’s needs, Nato’s defence spending target
 10.4.2019   Nearly 850 candidates to contest Czech European Parliament seats
 10.4.2019   Václav Klaus Jr. to launch new party after Euro elections
 9.4.2019   Court: Ex-justice minister’s extradition decision violated Nikulin’s rights
 9.4.2019   Study: Over 20 percent of Czechs have changed job in last six months
 9.4.2019   Zeman visit to China set to cost more than previous trip
 9.4.2019   Czech breweries produce record volume of beer
 9.4.2019   Weather forecast
 9.4.2019   Court ruling says state firms must respond to information requests
 9.4.2019   Ex-Okamura party official guilty of hate speech on premises of lower house
 9.4.2019   Czech foreign minister for VOA: NATO and EU are cornerstones of peace and prosperity
 9.4.2019   Czech government withholds contribution for maintenance of Czech war graves in Russia
 8.4.2019   Transport minister confirms he will be leaving the cabinet
 8.4.2019   Weather forecast
 8.4.2019   Jobless rate at 3 percent
 8.4.2019   Parties running in European elections draw numbers
 8.4.2019   Record number of volunteers join in national Clean-up Day
 8.4.2019   Prague taxi drivers protest against new government legislation
 8.4.2019   Radka Denemarková wins Magnesia Litera with Hours of Lead
 7.4.2019   Czech Philharmonic concert marks International Roma Day
 7.4.2019   Slovak president’s last foreign trip will lead to Czech Republic
 7.4.2019   PM Babiš to discuss possible cabinet reshuffle with president Zeman
 7.4.2019   Weather
 7.4.2019   Old flat prices up by over 10 percent year-on-year
 7.4.2019   Bob Dylan to play at Prague’s Lucerna Hall on Sunday
 7.4.2019   Water reserves low despite above-average snowfall in winter
 6.4.2019   Weather
 6.4.2019   Average temperatures expected in next four weeks
 6.4.2019   Number of road fatalities in Czechia above EU average
 6.4.2019   Kenyan Benard Kimeli wins Prague Half-Marathon
 6.4.2019   Easter markets open in Prague
 6.4.2019   Thursday saw record number of fires
 6.4.2019   Thousands of volunteers take part in Czech spring clean-up
 5.4.2019   Czech PM noncommittal on Brexit developments
 5.4.2019   Weather forecast
 5.4.2019   Prague City Hall abandons controversial proposal to tax unoccupied housing units
 5.4.2019   Andrew and Indira Fuestel tour Czech cities
 5.4.2019   Prime minister meets with head of anti-trust office over corruption scandal
 5.4.2019   Finance ministry proposes increasing consumer tax on tobacco, spirits and gambling
 5.4.2019   Traffic on D1 motorway resumes after storm cleanup
 5.4.2019   British far-right activist Tommy Robinson not to appear in Czech parliament
 4.4.2019   British far-right activist Tommy Robinson to speak at Czech parliament
 4.4.2019   Czech children’s classic Journey to Prehistory digitally restored
 4.4.2019   Committee rejects US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights
 4.4.2019   Ryanair introduces 16 new lines from Prague in summer
 4.4.2019   Weather
 4.4.2019   Czech firefighters report sharp rise in number of fires
 4.4.2019   Prague set to host international cyber-security conference in May
 4.4.2019   Prague Archbishopric files charges against priest over child sex abuse
 4.4.2019   Czech intelligence chief Koudelka receives top CIA award
 3.4.2019   Iraqi pair wanted on terror charges handed over to Austria
 3.4.2019   CT: Ministry to not support 2019 Brno Grand Prix
 3.4.2019   Czech president emphasises Visegrad cooperation in talks with Austrian counterpart
 3.4.2019   MPs reject Civic Democrats’ attempt to remove Klaus as committee chair
 3.4.2019   Experts: Bark beetle infestations to get worse
 3.4.2019   Weather
 3.4.2019   Liberec and Kometa get Extraliga playoffs semi-finals underway
 3.4.2019   PM Babiš says Supreme Audit Office should stick to mandate, stay out of politics
 3.4.2019   TV Prima to launch Czech news station with CNN
 2.4.2019   Sparta Prague troll Chelsea after English club cocks up Europa League promo
 2.4.2019   Salmonella again found in imported Polish meat, this time in chicken
 2.4.2019   Car-sharing service Anytime launches in Prague
 2.4.2019   Czech Railways starts direct sales to Prague Airport via bus
 2.4.2019   Analysts: Czechs saving more in face of economic slowdown, Brexit fears
 2.4.2019   Czech president begins Austria visit with trip to Danube-Oder canal project site
 2.4.2019   Ivo Schwarz, ex-Czech foreign intelligence head and Amb. to Israel, dies aged 54
 2.4.2019   Prague to discuss proposal to identify vacant housing units, tax owners
 2.4.2019   Weather outlook
 2.4.2019   Prague mayor to Taiwan president: Human rights more important than a (Chinese) panda
 2.4.2019   Mortgage lending down 26.9 pct in January-February
 1.4.2019   38 injured in Brno collision between trolleybus and tram
 1.4.2019   Transport Minister calls reports of his imminent ouster in cabinet reshuffle “an April Fool’s Day joke”
 1.4.2019   Prague City Hall to commission artistic designs for metro’s new D line stations
 1.4.2019   Czech Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček in Lithuania for V4 + NB8 meeting
 1.4.2019   Police bust illegal drug network in Moravia headed by married couple
 1.4.2019   Projected number of new Czech first graders drops by 8,100
 1.4.2019   NKÚ: Czech state failing to implement key changes in taxation, energy-saving, housing
 1.4.2019   Weather outlook
 1.4.2019   Czech PMI drops to lowest value since 2012
 1.4.2019   Priest dismissed over suspicion of sexual abuse of minors
 31.3.2019   Weather forecast
 31.3.2019   Politicians come out in defence of public prosecutors
 31.3.2019   Prague mayor joins in criticism of trade minister over diplomatic incident
 31.3.2019   Politicians hope Čaputová will not undermine Visegrad unity
 31.3.2019   Czech politicians congratulate winner of Slovakia’s presidential elections
 31.3.2019   Plíšková beaten by Barty at Miami Open
 31.3.2019   Slovak president-designate says her first foreign visit will be to the Czech Republic
 30.3.2019   Weather forecast
 30.3.2019   Supreme state attorney defends work of public prosecutors
 30.3.2019   Kuwaiti ambassador to Prague advises against relocation of Czech embassy to Jerusalem
 30.3.2019   Shift to summertime on Sunday
 30.3.2019   Czechs to join in annual Earth Hour campaign
 30.3.2019   Senators calling for trade minister’s dismissal over diplomatic incident
 30.3.2019   Newly-elected Christian Democrat leader says party must return to its roots
 29.3.2019   Marek Výborný becomes new leader of Christian Democrats
 29.3.2019   Petříček to discuss Taiwan incident with trade minister
 29.3.2019   Weather
 29.3.2019   NATO Supreme Allied Commander praises ‘robust’ Czech plan for increasing defence budget
 29.3.2019   Czech National Bank sets up information website for exchange office clients
 29.3.2019   Czech Railways to buy 55 Škoda trains in CZK 7 billion contract
 29.3.2019   Iraqi citizen accused of terrorism to go into custody awaiting extradition to Austria
 29.3.2019   Prague coalition faces first rift in policy over unoccupied flats
 29.3.2019   Slovak film By a Sharp Knife wins main prize at Febiofest
 29.3.2019   Karolína Plíšková reaches Miami open final
 28.3.2019   Poll: ANO remain ahead with 30.5 percent backing
 28.3.2019   APA: Two terrorist suspects arrested in Prague this week
 28.3.2019   Weather
 28.3.2019   Nine war veterans to attend annual freedom celebrations in Pilsen
 28.3.2019   Education minister presents Best Teacher Awards
 28.3.2019   Czech teachers wear black to protest low salaries
 28.3.2019   Plíšková advances to Miami Open semi-finals
 28.3.2019   Nobel winners Vargas, Müller among guests at upcoming Book World Prague
 28.3.2019   Czech central bank keeps rates on hold over fear of Eurozone slowdown
 27.3.2019   MPs name right-wing politician Ladislav Jakl to Broadcasting Council
 27.3.2019   Czech MoD reveals terms for largest-ever military order
 27.3.2019   Czechia considers Golan Heights as Israeli occupied territory, Minister Petříček says
 27.3.2019   President Zeman approves new crisis measures to fight bark beetle infestation
 27.3.2019   Estonia replaces Czechia as most attractive CEE country for German investors
 27.3.2019   Weather outlook
 27.3.2019   Personal secretary to Cardinal Dominik Duka of Prague dies
 27.3.2019   Czech Republic ends compulsory testing of Polish beef
 27.3.2019   Czech footballers lose 3:1 to Brazil in friendly
 26.3.2019   Police conclude investigation into alleged corruption involving PM
 26.3.2019   Kvitová knife attacker gets eight-year sentence
 26.3.2019   Singer Daniel Nekonečný dies at 52
 26.3.2019   Prominent Czech-American Fred Malek dies at 82
 26.3.2019   Trial begins of soldier accused of joining pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine
 26.3.2019   Plíšková and Vondroušová to face one another in last eight in Miami
 26.3.2019   Weather forecast
 26.3.2019   Organised crime police carry out raids at multiple locations
 26.3.2019   Freedom fighter Zdena Mašínová‘s remains to be exhumed from mass grave
 26.3.2019   PM briefs president on matters of state at Lány chateau
 25.3.2019   Czech Republic poised to scrap strict controls on Polish meat imports
 25.3.2019   Weather forecast
 25.3.2019   Head of Prague Muslim community expelled after call for Muslims to arm themselves
 25.3.2019   President and prime minister to hold talks at Lány
 25.3.2019   Prague Supreme Court rules on rights to Little Mole
 25.3.2019   Police arrest arsonist responsible for dozens of fires in Prague
 25.3.2019   Czech president receives Slovak presidential candidate ahead of run-off
 24.3.2019   Interest in rental housing grows
 24.3.2019   Weather forecast
 24.3.2019   Measles expected to spread further due to low immunization
 24.3.2019   Five injured in accident on motorcycle race circuit
 24.3.2019   Černý’s babies return to Žižkov transmitter
 24.3.2019   Protest against European copyright reform in Prague
 24.3.2019   Road movie Winter Flies dominates Czech Lion Awards
 23.3.2019   Weather forecast
 23.3.2019   Ester Ledecká wins Crystal Globe at Snowboard World Cup in Winterberg
 23.3.2019   Czech foreign minister welcomes fall of last IS enclave in Syria
 23.3.2019   Czech Lion Awards to be presented at Rudolfinum
 23.3.2019   Close to half of Czechs happy with their living standard
 23.3.2019   Political scientists: Brexit will strengthen pro-federalist forces in EU
 23.3.2019   Zeman to meet with Slovak presidential candidate Šefčovič
 22.3.2019   Measles outbreak on the rise with over 50 new cases reported this week
 22.3.2019   Parliamentarians honour war hero Václav Morávek
 22.3.2019   Weather
 22.3.2019   Pope Francis receives Czech Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Vondráček in the Vatican
 22.3.2019   Head of Czech Catholic Church expresses ‘regret and shock’ over cases of sexual abuse
 22.3.2019   Two dead after helicopter crash in Náchod area
 22.3.2019   Czech police tracking suspects of EU subsidy fraud
 22.3.2019   Prague ferry lines to resume operation on Saturday
 22.3.2019   Foreign Ministry summoned Russian ambassador over Prague flats
 21.3.2019   Turkey foreign ministry denounces claims of President Miloš Zeman
 21.3.2019   Micro-plastics found in nine out of ten samples of water from Vltava and Elbe
 21.3.2019   Weather
 21.3.2019   Czechs officially launch their programme at Leipzig Book Fair
 21.3.2019   Some 9.6 percent of Czechs threatened by poverty
 21.3.2019   Fashion designer Rosalie Kladošová wins Czech Grand Design top award
 21.3.2019   Czech furniture makers post record production figures
 21.3.2019   Czech Wikipedia shuts down for 24 hours in protest of EU copyright law
 21.3.2019   Czech scientists invent artificial DNA with aim of fighting diseases
 21.3.2019   Czech population hits 10.65 million, growth driven by immigration
 20.3.2019   Senate rejects Charles U vice-rector Aleš Gerloch as Constitutional Court judge candidate
 20.3.2019   Czech and British foreign ministers discuss post-Brexit relations in London
 20.3.2019   Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks to start NHL season in Prague
 20.3.2019   Police file charges over Troja footbridge collapse near Prague Zoo
 20.3.2019   PM Babiš says Czechs ready to approve Brexit deadline extension
 20.3.2019   Škoda Auto sold record 1.254 mn cars last year
 20.3.2019   Czech choirs stage “Sing for UNICEF” concerts to fight infant mortality
 20.3.2019   Weather outlook
 20.3.2019   Czech model sentenced by Pakistani court for smuggling heroin
 20.3.2019   Zeman to meet Putin in Beijing next month
 20.3.2019   Party founder Soukup not intending to head List or run in any elections
 19.3.2019   Prague Muslims distance themselves from chairman’s offer to help members acquire firearms
 19.3.2019   Minister opens Czech Consulate General in Manchester
 19.3.2019   Four Czechs found to have contracted brucellosis on Armenia trip
 19.3.2019   Klaus: Earlier expulsion of son from Civic Democrats would have allowed him to stand for new party in Euro elections
 19.3.2019   Speaker Vondráček to have audience with Pope Francis Thursday
 19.3.2019   Weather forecast
 19.3.2019   Demolition of Prague Brutalist building to start within weeks
 19.3.2019   Sevilla keeper Vaclík named Czech footballer of year
 19.3.2019   CTK newsagency wants family photos to help document Velvet Revolution
 19.3.2019   Coalition agrees to raise old age pensions and children’s allowance
 18.3.2019   Czechs ready to end meat control measures if Poland provides safety guarantees
 18.3.2019   Weather forecast
 18.3.2019   Czech Republic has highest number of job vacancies in EU
 18.3.2019   Former detective charged in connection with police leaks
 18.3.2019   Czech Wikipedia to shut down on Thursday over EU copyright reform
 18.3.2019   Brno court rejects complaint over Frljic theatre plays
 18.3.2019   Experts warn of future lack of electric charging stations
 18.3.2019   Ex-Okamura party MPs set up Unified Alternative for Patriots
 18.3.2019   Study: Staff steal more from Czech retailers than shoplifters
 17.3.2019   Brno synagogue remembered on 80th anniversary of torching
 17.3.2019   French doc Heart of Stone takes top prize at One World festival
 17.3.2019   Czech politicians welcome pro-European candidates making Slovak presidential runoff
 17.3.2019   Czechs driving on right exactly 80 years
 17.3.2019   Weather forecast
 17.3.2019   Czech women reach Equal Pay Day for 2018
 17.3.2019   Český Krumlov to impose charge on buses to curb tourist flying visits
 16.3.2019   Civic Democrats chief: Govt marked by marketing and empty words
 16.3.2019   Minister: Police investigating people expressing approval of Christchurch attack online
 16.3.2019   Plzeň’s title defence hopes recede further following defeat
 16.3.2019   Weather forecast
 16.3.2019   Prague authorities attempting to curb pub crawl groups
 16.3.2019   Study warns of long-term Prague housing shortage
 16.3.2019   Controversial Volný and other MPs quit Okamura party
 15.3.2019   Babiš: Czech Republic would agree to Brexit deadline extension
 15.3.2019   Czech students join global strike against climate change
 15.3.2019   Weather
 15.3.2019   ČEZ begins construction of pipeline from Temelín to České Budějovice
 15.3.2019   Industrial production and construction sector experienced decline in January
 15.3.2019   Czechs remember 80 year anniversary of Nazi occupation
 15.3.2019   Twelve foreign nationals arrested for migrant smuggling
 15.3.2019   Czech politicians condemn terrorist attack in New Zealand
 15.3.2019   Slavia Prague advance to Europa League quarter-finals
 14.3.2019   Prague street to be named after murdered Polish mayor
 14.3.2019   Some 1,350 people sought asylum in Czechia in 2018
 14.3.2019   Czech gaming industry revenues reached three billion crowns in 2018
 14.3.2019   Weather
 14.3.2019   State forestry firm counts costs of damage caused by windstorm
 14.3.2019   Choreographer Jiří Kilián inducted to French Academy of Fine Arts
 14.3.2019   Czech household debt reaches 2.32 trillion crowns
 14.3.2019   Prague tops Mercer quality of life rankings in CEE, places 69th globally
 14.3.2019   Civic Democrats call on MP Václav Klaus, Jr. to leave caucus
 13.3.2019   Czech Republic first country to eradicate African swine fever
 13.3.2019   Prague court sentences Algerian men for gang rape of Irish tourist
 13.3.2019   Media tycoon Jaromír Soukup officially registers new political movement
 13.3.2019   Voayer Gallery exhibition of “real naked people” to open on Prague’s Wenceslas Square
 13.3.2019   Prague High Court judge handling drug cases indicted on charges of bribery, abuse of power
 13.3.2019   Weather outlook
 13.3.2019   MPs vote to create National Sports Agency to handle subsidies in place of Education Ministry
 13.3.2019   MPs approve Aliens Act change to expedite expulsion of foreign offenders, ease employment
 13.3.2019   Smartwings grounds its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft
 13.3.2019   Foreign minister hands out medals of merit to those who assisted Czech entry to NATO
 12.3.2019   Slovak and Polish presidents say Moscow trying to undermine NATO unity
 12.3.2019   Weather forecast
 12.3.2019   Seven charged with illegal production and internet sales of marihuana
 12.3.2019   Senate committees divided over Gerloch’s nomination for constitutional court judge
 12.3.2019   Czechs celebrate 20 years of NATO membership
 12.3.2019   Avalanche alert declared in Krkonoše Mountains
 12.3.2019   Czech Romany singer Věra Bílá dies at 64
 12.3.2019   Emergency repair work continued for second night in wake of windstorm
 11.3.2019   President Zeman says NATO must remain vigilant in fighting international terrorism
 11.3.2019   Weather forecast
 11.3.2019   Cabinet ministers to propose cost-cutting measures
 11.3.2019   Interior minister confident no information on Kapsch case was leaked from police files
 11.3.2019   Czech Republic battered by strong winds
 11.3.2019   Czech academics support student protest Fridays for Future