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19-3-2018, 09:04 UTC
Current Affairs
 16.3.2018   Czech church seeks to realise tourism potential
 16.3.2018   Czech school pupils in nationwide support of constitution and democratic values
 15.3.2018   Visit by Britain’s Brexit minister to Prague overshadowed by unfolding nerve gas row
 15.3.2018   2018 Febiofest promises emerging filmmakers, director profiles and much more
 14.3.2018   New Merkel mandate seen as best scenario for Czech Republic
 14.3.2018   Radio Prague launches on voice-activated smart device Alexa
 13.3.2018   Czech scientists appeal against exemptions to EU emission norms
 13.3.2018   Growing concern over plight of leading Chinese investor in the Czech Republic
 12.3.2018   Ice Mother is story of revolt, says maker of Czech Lion-winning film
 9.3.2018   Czech president sparks protests with divisive address
 9.3.2018   Uber agrees to operating licensed service in Czech Republic
 8.3.2018   Mixed expectations for Czech president’s second term
 8.3.2018   Portraits highlight Czech resistance stories
 7.3.2018   Sparta Prague’s bid for success with foreign football manager explodes
 7.3.2018   Communist Party MP to step down from key post but calls right-wing parties a “democratic cesspool”
 6.3.2018   Czech One World festival focuses on information overload and fake news
 6.3.2018   National Museum discovers fake gems in its collection
 5.3.2018   Divisive Ondráček set for swift exit as committee chair after ANO U-turn
 2.3.2018   Brno’s Festival of Taste
 2.3.2018   Czechia helping in Kosovo with waste water treatment
 2.3.2018   Only Czech in space Remek recalls historic flight, 40 years on
 1.3.2018   Massive Attack among legendary performers coming to Prague
 1.3.2018   Communist Party wins new allies in quest to see church restitutions taxed
 28.2.2018   Fight brewing over pressure by PM for head of GIBS to step down
 28.2.2018   Muslim’s release sparks diplomatic row between Prague and Ankara
 27.2.2018   Olympic medallists welcomed by thousands at the Old Town Square
 27.2.2018   Murder of Slovak journalist shocks Czechs, highlights position of journalists in this country
 26.2.2018   Prague in diplomatic tug-of-war following arrest of former PYD leader Saleh Muslim
 23.2.2018   Acclaimed Czech film director Jiří Menzel turns 80
 23.2.2018   Czech nuclear regulator warns of European pressure to close reactors early