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6-6-2020, 21:58 UTC
Current Affairs
 5.6.2020   Free movement between Czechia, Austria and Hungary restored
 5.6.2020   Marian column returns to Old Town Square after more than a century
 5.6.2020   Bertha von Suttner
 4.6.2020   Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra unveils plans for the upcoming season
 4.6.2020   Czech “Machu Picchu” becomes popular wedding location
 4.6.2020   Bank chief says Europe’s highest inflation rate no cause for concern
 4.6.2020   Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
 3.6.2020   I thought location made New Zealand safest place during crisis – but it’s also about people’s behaviour, says Czech
 3.6.2020   Economist Danuše Nerudová: coronavirus crisis has also brought opportunity for ‘smart’ reform
 3.6.2020   Božena Němcová
 2.6.2020   Czech restaurant in Washington reopens after two months of lockdown
 2.6.2020   Czech Republic ready to “normalize” travel with twenty European countries
 2.6.2020   Anna Náprstková
 1.6.2020   Compensation claims over Czech anti-coronavirus measures rise, along with frustration
 1.6.2020   Negrelli Viaduct — Prague’s second oldest bridge — re-opens after major renovation
 1.6.2020   Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová
 29.5.2020   “Tens of thousands of US soldiers are in the process of occupying Europe” – The coronavirus fake news in the Czech Republic
 29.5.2020   Czech PM slams EC recovery plan as overly generous and unfair
 29.5.2020   Maria Theresa
 28.5.2020   Czech government moves to granting medical marijuana production licences to multiple growers
 28.5.2020   Czech state to provide loan for nuclear unit due to launch in 2037
 28.5.2020   Polyxena of Pernstein and Lobkowitz
 27.5.2020   Czech experts recognised for water project aimed at returning landscape to mid-19th century
 27.5.2020   Official: Covid-19 not primary cause of death in 60 percent of those who have died with disease
 27.5.2020   Finance Ministry plans to hike cigarette taxes, revamp popular meal vouchers (stravenky) benefit scheme
 27.5.2020   Agnes of Bohemia
 26.5.2020   Czech government reopens borders sooner than planned, special regime with Slovakia
 26.5.2020   Exhibition of facemasks at Prague’s National Museum
 26.5.2020   Abbess Mlada
 25.5.2020   Princess Ludmila

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