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13-12-2019, 00:38 UTC
Current Affairs
 12.12.2019   Cyber-attack causes major disruptions to small-town Czech hospital
 12.12.2019   Czech firefighters being trained in extinguishing fires in electric-powered cars, as specialists work on new techniques
 11.12.2019   Řeporyje to build memorial honouring “Vlasov” troops who helped in liberation of Prague
 11.12.2019   Czech teenager builds second-largest ever Millennium Falcon LEGO model
 10.12.2019   Greenpeace activists urge PM Babiš to sign carbon neutrality agreement
 10.12.2019   Gunman kills six patients in Ostrava hospital, two more fighting for their lives
 9.12.2019   Expanded online archive offers information on Nazi victims – including many major Czech names
 9.12.2019   Challenging “elites” helps make Klaus Jr. party lower house contenders
 6.12.2019   Czech PM suffers a week of heavy blows as he is found in conflict of interest and criminal proceedings against him are restarted
 6.12.2019   One in four cars on Czech roads exceed emissions limits
 5.12.2019   Legendary Tatra 77 car showcased at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum
 5.12.2019   Recidivist large-scaled marijuana grower, medical cannabis advocate Dušan Dvořák gets 3-year sentence
 4.12.2019   Language exams for foreigners seeking permanent residency permit to become tougher
 4.12.2019   Czechs mark 30th anniversary of true freedom to travel to the West
 3.12.2019   Veronika Čáslavová: sex trafficking still a taboo topic in Czechia
 3.12.2019   Milan Kundera’s Czech citizenship renewed
 3.12.2019   Embattled Czech PM blasts European Commission for interpreting Czech legislation
 2.12.2019   PM insists European Commission audit allegedly finding him in conflict of interest not final, despite Commission saying otherwise
 2.12.2019   Czech hometown of snubbed Holocaust survivor George Brady renames street in family’s honour
 29.11.2019   Charges dropped against soldiers suspected of inadequate investigation of alleged Afghan killer’s death
 29.11.2019   Over 1,000 skeletons discovered during renovation of Kutná Hora “bone church”
 29.11.2019   Why are Russian and Chinese spying activities in Czech Republic so intense and how exactly do they do it?
 28.11.2019   Mixed reactions from Czech MEPs as von der Leyen outlines far-reaching plans to fight climate change
 28.11.2019   Great-niece: If Jan Masaryk planned suicide, he would have done it elegantly
 27.11.2019   HistoryLab: Czech app aims to foster historical literacy among digital generation
 27.11.2019   “It’s still revolutionary”: Věra Chytilová’s Daisies comes sixth in BBC poll of films by women
 26.11.2019   Abortion rate drops as more Czechs plan parenthood
 26.11.2019   Venus of Dolní Věstonice, Czechia’s Stone-Age treasure, to be displayed for first time in five years
 25.11.2019   Czech troops wind up Bagram base security mission, will focus on supporting Afghan special forces instead
 25.11.2019   Pekarová Adamová elected head of TOP 09, becoming sole female leader in Parliament