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15-12-2017, 12:18 UTC
Current Affairs
 15.12.2017   Eurostat: Czech Republic sixth among EU countries in ski and snowboard exports
 14.12.2017   Biggest Josef Lada exhibition in years now on in Prague
 14.12.2017   New Czech PM chooses Brussels and crunch EU Council for first foreign trip
 13.12.2017   New Czech government, headed by Andrej Babiš, sworn in at Prague Castle
 13.12.2017   Czechs and Germans submit joint UNESCO bid for Ore mountains
 12.12.2017   Architects of Czechoslovak divorce say 25 years on that it was inevitable
 12.12.2017   Prague tops survey for best place to live in the Czech Republic
 11.12.2017   Newly-appointed Czech prime minister ready to do battle over migrant quotas in Brussels
 8.12.2017   Czech president back US stand on Jerusalem
 8.12.2017   Czech Republic sticking to its guns on migrant quotas in face of EC lawsuit
 7.12.2017   Czech PM Andrej Babiš playing long game over confidence votes: analyst
 7.12.2017   Czech Catholic church seeks return of Cardinal Beran’s remains for 2018
 6.12.2017   ANO leader Andrej Babiš appointed Czech prime minister
 6.12.2017   New location gives London Czech Centre space for exhibitions
 5.12.2017   Czech TV to air ambitious miniseries about Empress Maria Theresa
 5.12.2017   2018 budget to be “load test” for newly-elected lower house of parliament
 4.12.2017   Collapse of Prague footbridge raises concerns regarding state of other bridges
 1.12.2017   Number of Czechs infected with HIV virus on rise
 1.12.2017   Crowdfunding helps Czech author tell Gnome story
 30.11.2017   No major improvement in Czech environment
 30.11.2017   Charity Advent Market brings Christmas spirit to Prague
 29.11.2017   What is the legacy of the Sobotka government?
 29.11.2017   Incoming Czech PM presents Cabinet team to president
 28.11.2017   Czech Republic seeks more Chinese investments and trade opportunities at 16+1 summit
 28.11.2017   Unique Czech underground museum wins architectural award
 27.11.2017   MEP Pospíšil elected new chairman of TOP 09
 24.11.2017   Council of Europe commissioner welcomes Lety pig farm deal
 24.11.2017   London Czech Embassy celebrates reopening with massive event
 23.11.2017   Guilty verdict in case that brought down Nečas government
 23.11.2017   London launch for new Petra Hůlová translation