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21-10-2018, 13:06 UTC
Current Affairs
 19.10.2018   Djokovic and Agassi among stars to attend Štěpánek farewell in Prague
 19.10.2018   PM Andrej Babiš halts work on promised Code of Ethics
 18.10.2018   First official visit to Russia by Czech MPs in over a decade aims to reestablish ‘standard relations’
 18.10.2018   New film recreates encounter between Masaryk and Karel Čapek
 17.10.2018   New electric scooters invade Prague’s pavements
 17.10.2018   Ten academics rewarded for research and popularisation of science
 16.10.2018   Annual drumming session recalls first Jewish transports from Prague
 16.10.2018   Tomáš Petříček officially named foreign minister
 15.10.2018   Analyst: Poor ANO showing reflects Senate’s counterweight role – and Babiš’s lack of respect for chamber
 12.10.2018   Bear's quest for honey scares locals in Beskydy mountains
 12.10.2018   Why are there so few Roma politicians?
 11.10.2018   Prague Signal Festival looks into the future
 11.10.2018   Impact of EU emissions cut target on Czech carmakers ‘mitigated’ by incentives
 10.10.2018   Friends of Tibet group established in Czech Parliament
 10.10.2018   Skripal suspects believed to have followed him in Czechia long before attempted poisoning
 9.10.2018   Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ to open Strings of Autumn festival
 9.10.2018   Czech counterintelligence helps uncover Hezbollah hacking scheme
 8.10.2018   Political scientist Jiří Pehe: Babiš must be feeling he has hit his limits
 7.10.2018   Ano wins elections in all regional capitals except Prague and Liberec
 5.10.2018   Ballot boxes open up across Czech Republic as communal and senatorial elections commence
 5.10.2018   First abdication of Edvard Beneš recalled on 80th anniversary
 4.10.2018   Foreigners can vote in Czech local elections, but show little interest
 4.10.2018   Green mamba scare in Prague
 3.10.2018   Czech archaeologists discover tomb of important Egyptian dignitary
 3.10.2018   Czech Republic to apply “reverse charge” VAT mechanism as broadly as possible
 2.10.2018   Czechs gear up for 100th birthday bash
 2.10.2018   ČTK photographs in centre of Prague tell story of Czech century
 1.10.2018   Minister at UN: Chicago connections were key to foundation of Czechoslovakia
 27.9.2018   New centre to oversee landscape management
 27.9.2018   Epic silent-film era biopic “Saint Wenceslas” screening with long lost musical score